Top 5 Lubes for Amazing Shower Sex

Top 5 Lubes for Amazing Shower Sex

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Shower sex is like potato salad. It always sounds good, but when you actually try it, you find that it’s not as enjoyable as you thought it would be.

You bash your elbows into the walls, shower jets blast you in the face, and for some reason, water actually makes sex drier

But shower sex doesn’t have to be disappointing. There is a secret to making your shower sex dreams come true. 

All you need is the right lube—a waterproof lube that keeps everything slick, steamy, and ready for action. 

With an amazing lube for shower sex, you don’t have to contort yourself to find the right position or force anything into a perplexingly dry place. 

Whether you’re using a toy or having fun with a partner, getting clean in the shower may become your new favorite place to be dirty 😈. 

Lube is always a good idea during any sex, no matter how creative you get or where you decide to do it. Lubrication makes for better sex.

It’s safer, more comfortable, and lowers health risks, allowing you to focus on the fun.

That’s why we made a list of the best lubes for shower sex. Here’s what you need to know to have the most fun while you rub-a-dub in the tub.

The Top 5 Amazing Lubes for Shower Sex

What makes a great lube for shower sex? Well, it needs to be waterproof, which means water-based lube is a no-go.

Silicone and oil-based lubes are the best, but not all of them are good enough to go the distance. Of all the lubes we tried in the moistest of conditions, these are the products that went the distance. 

👉 Pjur Original Bodyglide Lubricant 

Pjur offers a stripped-down, no-frills silicone lube that you can rely on. It’s basic, yes, but it’s also pure and simple (pun intended). Oh, and it lasts a really long time.

Pjur is the result of German engineering, and their medical-grade lubricants are well worth the slightly higher price you pay. No BS—just real silicon slickness. 

Pjur Original BodyGlide Silicone Lubricant

Pjur Original BodyGlide Silicone Lubricant

$12.99 $18.99

Pjur Original Bodyglide Silicone Lubricant Pjur Original Bodyglide is the world's best-selling pure silicone lubricant for a good reason: it feels absolutely fantastic.     The super-concentrated formula doesn't wear out, and it never changes in texture or consistency. It's slippery, soft, and… Read More

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Pjur Lube also comes in much more discreet packaging than the other lubes on this list, so you can keep it in your shower at all times and be ready for anything.

👉 Swiss Navy Silicone Lubricant

If you’re spending time in the water, you can’t go wrong with a lube with “Navy” in its name!

Swiss Navy Silicone Lubricant is an award-winning lube containing the highest-grade silicone on the market. That means just a little bit goes a long way.

It also contains vitamin E for skin nourishment and protection. This is a big deal for guys who are lubing up in the shower for a wank. 

Swiss Navy Silicone Lubricant

Swiss Navy Silicone Lubricant

$15.99 $18.99

Swiss Navy Silicone Lube Looking for a lube that lasts and lasts? Swiss Navy Silicone Lubricant is a silicone-based lube that goes on smooth and stays slick for a long time. Condomaniacs LOVE Swiss Navy Silicone because... 👉 Lasting Glide:… Read More

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Swiss Navy produces the most affordable silicone lubricants, so if you’re just testing the waters when it comes to shower sex, this makes a good starter silicone lube.

👉 Sliquid Naturals Silver Silicone Lubricant

Sliquid is one of the most awarded and best-known lubes out there—and for good reason.

Sliquid makes fantastic, additive-free, and long-lasting lubes in pretty much every category (for non-shower sex, try their water-based Sliquid H2O!).

Sliquid Silver was basically made for shower sex. It features three pharmaceutical-grade silicone ingredients that don’t just keep everything slick—they also feel luxuriously soft and silky.

Sliquid Naturals Silver Silicone Lubricant

Sliquid Naturals Silver Silicone Lubricant

$18.99 $23.99

Sliquid Naturals Silver Silicone Lubricant Gold's nice, but sometimes silver is better. Sliquid Naturals Silver is a premium silicone lubricant that stays incredibly slick; whether or not you've tried silicone lubes before, the excellent quality of this product will blow you away.  Ultra-concentrated… Read More

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Sliquid Silver is a premium lube at a not-so-premium price, so if you’re looking for a go-to silicone lube to stick with, this is it.

👉 Boy Butter Oil-based Lubricant

We only included one oil-based lube on this list because you can’t use an oil-based lube with latex condoms.

However, you can use it with silicone toys, so if you are bringing your silicone vibrator or stroker into the shower, Boy Butter is the lube you want. 

Boy Butter Original Lubricant with Coconut Oil

Boy Butter Original Lubricant with Coconut Oil

$10.99 $14.00

Boy Butter Original Lubricant Boy Butter Original is an oil-based lubricant consisting of two powerful yet gentle ingredients: coconut oil and an organic silicone blend.     The ingredients are homogenized like real butter. The result is a personal lubricant… Read More

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Boy Butter delivers on its name—it has a creamy, buttery consistency and a slick, silky feel on your naughty bits.

It’s made with coconut oil, so it won’t wash off, and it’s amazing for your skin. Coconut oil is also kind to the vulva and vagina, making this one a good choice for internal toys and PiV sex.

 👉 Gun Oil Silicone Lubricant

Gun Oil is unlike any other silicone lubricant out there. It’s made with an ultra-premium silicone that has a thin consistency and a never-ending slickness.

There’s no goop or gunk to get in the way here. And a tiny bit goes a long way, so you don’t have to worry about slippery drips of silicone on your shower floor (that can be dangerous!). 

GUN OIL Silicone Lubricant

GUN OIL Silicone Lubricant

$20.99 $22.99

Gun Oil Silicone Lubricant Attention, private! At ease. Designed to meet the needs of the most hardcore bedroom soldiers, Gun Oil Silicone provides slick, long-lasting lubrication thanks to its proprietary three-molecule silicone blend. You won't find a lube with the same texture… Read More

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Gun Oil is a bit pricier, but for good reason. One small bottle lasts for ages. If you’re looking for a premium lube and you don’t like sticky goo and globs, get Gun Oil.

What Type of Lube Works Best in the Shower?

Most sex lubes do their job well enough when you’re in bed. But the shower is a different story. You'll need to pick a lube that won't wash away with water.

That means if you pick a water-soluble lubricant, you'll have to stop in the middle of the action to re-apply. Like, constantly.

This isn't ideal in the heat of the moment, so water-based lubricants aren't a good pick for the shower. They're better than nothing if you don't have any other lubes on hand.

But you’re going to end up wasting a lot of lube (and $$$). 

You want to choose an oil-based lube or silicone lubricant. But there are a few things you need to know about both.

Oil-based lubricants can be difficult to clean if you have sex in a bathtub or hot tub, so you may need to do a bit of clean-up once you’re done to prevent slippery spots in your shower.

More importantly, oil-based lubes will break down latex condoms, which puts you and your partner at risk. 

So, no oil-based lube with latex condoms! If you want to use condoms with oil-based lube, try a non-latex condom like Trojan Supra or Unique.

Silicone is the way to go if you want to add waterproof slickness to your junk, whether you are sporting a peen or a vageen (it’s also great for anal!).

It’s silky smooth and won’t irritate your skin. All you have to do is lube up once, and you’re good to go. 

Silicone lubes are basically water-resistant, so they’ll last as long as you do in the shower. You can also safely use silicone lubes with condoms.

However, silicone lube is not safe to use with silicone sex toys. Not even once! They cause silicone toys to break down, which can lead to a bacterial infection.

If you want to play with toys in the shower, use an oil-based lube. 

Flavored lubes also don't make much sense to use in the shower, since most of them are water-based and will wash away almost instantly.

Is Shower Sex Safe with Lube?

Don’t worry; It is safe to get busy in the bath. But that doesn’t mean you should hop into the shower without taking any precautions.

Here are a few safety tips to prevent you from taking a spill (or worse) during shower sex.

👉 Use lube: The body's natural lubrication gets washed away in the shower, and water isn't a suitable replacement. Too much water can actually have a drying effect, making penetration uncomfortable, particularly for those with vaginas.

This can even cause injury, so always use lube in the shower (start with one of our recommendations above!).

👉 Lube up outside the shower: One of the biggest risks of shower sex is slipping on the lube and falling. One easy way to solve this is to lube up outside the shower and then hop back in. No drips, no drops, no falls!

👉 Keep 4 on the floor: Depending on the size of your shower, you may need to turn yourself into a pretzel to achieve penetration. Just remember that both partners should keep both feet planted on the floor.

Lifting just one leg can lead to a nasty fall pretty quickly. The easiest way to do this is to have one partner bend over, and the other enter from behind.

👉 Never lube up with soap: The quickest way to ruin shower sex (and your entire day) is to use soap instead of lube. Don’t do it. Soap will make your urethra burn like a motherf*cker.

And it can wreak havoc on the delicate pH balance of the vagina, which could cause an infection. 

👉 Don’t bother with spermicide: If you’re planning on using a spermicidal substance in the shower, don’t bother. Water washes away the spermicidal protection, so you’re basically asking the stork to send you an unexpected delivery.

👉 Use a condom: It might seem strange to wear a condom in the shower, but water does not reduce your chances of transmitting sexually transmitted infections or getting pregnant.

This applies to salt water and chlorinated water, too.

👉 Clean up after: If you’re using waterproof lube in the shower, there’s a chance that some residue will remain on the shower floor after everything has dried. Make sure it gets into the drain so that you don't have a slippery surface.

This can make your shower floor unexpectedly slippery the next time you hop in. Take a soapy washcloth to your shower floor after shower sex to get rid of any slippery spots. 

Can I Use a Condom in the Shower?

Yes! You can definitely use a condom in the shower. All condoms are shower-friendly—but not all lubes are condom-friendly. Here are a few factors to consider when wearing a condom in the shower.

👉 Watch for Slippage: Condoms are safe to use in the shower, but be careful. The constant water flow can cause the condom to slip off.

To reduce this risk, put the condom on before getting into the shower. And remember to always wear a condom in your size. You can also consider female condoms, which don't slip out of place as easily.

👉 Choose a condom-safe lube: Oil-based lube will break down latex condoms. If you love oil-based lube, consider trying non-latex condoms made from polyurethane, lambskin, or polyethylene resin.

When using a latex condom in the shower, your only real option is silicone lube. 

👉 Never use soap/body wash with a condom: Using shower/bath items like soaps and body wash as lube can weaken the condom and lead to a tear. That means you might be on the fast track to an infection or a baby.

Upgrade to a Shower-Safe Lube

If you want to make a big splash with your partner or enjoy some luxurious alone time with a toy in the bath, you need to choose the best lube for shower sex.

Choosing the right lube is not just about making sex more comfortable. It’s about having safer and better sex. 

And the best part? Premium lubes like silicone and oil-based products will make all of your sex better—not just shower sex. If a lube could change your sex game in an instant, wouldn’t it be worth trying?

Grab one of the lubes on this list now and experience what it’s like to have better sex no matter where you get down.

You’ll thank us—and your partner will thank you! They notice when you use a quality lube compared to that goo you get at the convenience store. 

You’ll find all of the top silicone lubes and oil-based lubes on our shelves at Condomania—and we’ve got a bunch on sale right now.

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