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Unique "Pull" Condoms

No more fumbling in the dark. Unique's Pull condoms allow you to take them straight out of the package and pull the tabs, allowing the condom to easily roll onto your penis. Quick and easy and you’re ready to go.

Experience more pleasure and higher sensitivity with Unique Pull for medium to large-size men. Unique condoms are vegan and odorless. They are 3 times stronger and thinner than latex.

Condomaniacs LOVE Unique "Pull" Condoms because...

👉 Latex-free: Made from a strong and thin material that is free from latex, these condoms are a great option for those with allergies or sensitivities to latex.

👉 Vegan: Unique condoms are made without the use of animal products, making them a vegan-friendly choice.

👉 Odorless: These condoms are free from any strong smells, allowing for a more enjoyable and intimate experience.

👉 Pull tabs: Unique condoms feature pull tabs on the base of the condom, making it easy to unroll and adjust for a secure fit. Simply place the condom on an erect penis and pull the tabs toward the base of the penis. The tabs will detach once the condom is fully unrolled.


How to use Unique-brand condoms:

These condoms are a bit different than others on the market.  They have pull tabs!

1. Place the condom on an erect penis.

2. Pull the pull tab strips toward the base of the penis. (Hint: Don't pull the tabs outward/sideways)

3. The pull tabs will detach once the condom is fully unrolled onto the penis.



  • Includes: 3 lubricated latex-free condoms in a credit card-sized package.
  • Length: 170 mm (6.69 inches)
  • Width: 60 mm +/- 2mm
  • Thickness: 0.015 mm
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Since we purchase condoms in bulk from manufacturers, they are usually shipped to you in our bulk packaging. This helps to keep prices super low.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Like a Second Skin!

These condoms are fitted and that's very important here because they do not stretch. For me, the condom length was a little short and was also just a tad tight (should've read the dimensions beforehand). Nonetheless this condom felt like a second skin, like nothing was there. Even though the fit wasn't 100% perfect, this is still the best feeling condom I've ever used by FAR. I had to check multiple times to make sure I was still wearing one. Thats how good it felt for me. My partner agrees.

I might buy the "plus" next time, but I'm more than happy at this point. I bought other "thin" condoms (P.S., Okamoto, etc...) to try but I might as well throw them away because they don't come close.

Disregard negative reviews! Check the dimensions to make sure they fit, buy accordingly, and have fun :)

If your larger than 5 inches this is absolutely not for you.

I tried Yes it's thin.But, No good. Doesn't even go all the way down for a full stroke. The ring around the base is thick can be unrolled a little more but super difficult. Can be uncomfortable for your partner.

Didn't fit.

These condoms are basically fitted. The material is, admittedly, very thin. And that's obvious, even without putting one on. And that's good, because they might not go on. They have very little stretch and are a bit on the short side for a large condom (this site doesn't list them as large, but the manufacturer does). The result is that they might not fit around, or they might stop short of full coverage if they do. The pull tabs seem like they would be helpful for quick donning if the fit is right, otherwise there's a potential broken bootstrap kind of situation to deal with. Not much lube, but the material allows for oil bases, so that's cool. Maybe worth a try for those who can fit themselves to the condom. Those who want the condom to fit to them might want to reconsider.

Like nothing is there!

Definitely different when putting on, but feel amazing in actual use. Highly recommended!

Surprisingly great

This condom is very thin and surprisingly great. While it looks like plastic and isn't your 'typical' condom, it feels amazing. I forgot my husband even had it on.