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Condomania's #1 Best-Seller: LifeStyles Snugger Fit

Lifestyles Snugger Fit condoms are smaller size condoms for guys that need an extra confident fit. Measuring about 7" long and 49mm wide, these rubbers are made for men who are a bit shorter and less girthy than average or guys who like a skin-tight fit for more sensation.

If you’ve tried other snug fit condoms without success, give this condom a try. It’s the most popular snugger-fitting condom at Condomania, and it’s one of the top-rated online for a comfortable fit and reliable protection.

A More Confident Fit

Are you tired of condoms that bunch up, slip off, or feel baggy? LifeStyles Snugger Fit holds you tighter and doesn’t budge no matter what kind of kinky stuff you get into. Smaller guys will appreciate a condom made for their dimensions, but this condom is also popular among standard-sized guys who like a slimmer fit.

Be Closer to Your Partner

LifeStyles Snugger Fit condoms provide a skin-tight fit, allowing you to get closer to your partner. You feel more heat and friction with every movement, increasing sensation, and pleasure for you both.

Safety that doesn’t Slip

LifeStyles Snugger Fit condoms provide a tight fit that doesn’t slip off or bunch up. That means more confidence and better protection from pregnancy and STIs. LifeStyles has been a global leader in sexual health for over 100 years, and their condoms are tested multiple times during production for maximum safety.


LifeStyles Snugger Fit Condoms FAQ:

Are LifeStyles Snugger Fit smaller size condoms? Yes, LifeStyles Snugger Fit condoms are shorter and narrower than standard size condoms. They are made for smaller guys and for men who prefer a tighter fit.
Are LifeStyles Snugger Fit condoms comfortable? Yes, LifeStyles Snugger Fit condoms are comfortable if you are slightly less girthy than average or if you like a snug fit. If you’re a bigger guy, you may find them too tight. For a larger LifeStyles condom, try LifeStyles Lubricated or LifeStyles Kyng.
Do LifeStyles Snugger Fit break easily?  No, Caution Wear Iron Grip Condoms have been 100% electronically tested and don’t break easily.
Do LifeStyles Snugger Fit protect against pregnancy and STDs/STIs? Yes, LifeStyles Snugger Fit are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy and STD/STI transmission.
Can I pay for LifeStyles Snugger Fit with my FSA or HSA? Yes. LifeStyles Snugger Fit are eligible for reimbursement with FSA, HSA, and HRA accounts.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Stayed on with no slippage

Perfectly secure. The snugness kept it on even through vigorous sex.

Great Fit

The sizing is great.

Great fit

It's so important to have a condom that actually fits. I've been using these for years, and I can't imagine using anything else. They fit great and feel great.