Condom Brands

Getting to Know the Best Condom Brands

You’ve probably heard of a few major condom brands—Trojan, Durex, and maybe LifeStyles—but the world of condoms is much bigger than what you see on the shelves of your local grocery or drug store. There are dozens of condom brands to choose from, and each brand offers something special. 

Some condoms are made with premium latex and lube, such as LELO Hex, and deliver a much closer experience. Others, like Kimono Condoms, are ultra-thin, so you can feel more heat, moisture, and friction from your partner. 

There’s a condom out there for everyone, and if you’re only shopping a few condom brands, you may be missing out on better sex. 

At Condomania, we showcase the best condom brands from around the world. We only list FDA-approved and medically tested condoms, so you don’t have to worry about any unsafe knock-offs here. And, each condom brand on our shelves brings something unique to the bedroom.

Go ahead and click a condom brand above to explore new sensations like ribbed condoms, flavored condoms, vegan condoms, and even glow-in-the-dark condoms. 

Or, if you can’t pick just one, grab a Condomania condom sampler kit for a smorgasbord of condoms spanning all of the above brands. 


What are the Best Condom Brands?

The best condom brands from around the globe are found at Condomania. We have super high standards regarding the brands we carry, so no one brand is superior to another. The best condom brand for you depends on your body and your preferences. 

For example, if you prefer a snugger/smaller fit, LifeStyles and CautionWear are likely the best brands for you. LifeStyles Snugger Fit is one of our top-selling small size condoms!

If you’re looking for the best condom brand on a budget, you can’t do better than Crown brand with their super thin Skinless Skin condom.

For Ultra-thin condoms, Japanese brands Kimono and Okamoto can’t be beat. 

For more info on how to choose the right condom brand for your needs, check out our handy Condoms 101 guide here.


How Do Condom Brands Differ?

Condom brands differ in their materials, size, shape, style, testing standards, and more. There are so many ways to make a condom, which is why there are so many condom brands to choose from. 

The variety of condoms has its ups and downs (just like in the bedroom). Lots of variety means there’s a condom out there that fits you just right. On the other hand, there are many condom brands that are not very trustworthy. That’s why Condomania does the heavy lifting to ensure our condom manufacturer partners meet the highest standards and achieve top safety certifications.

One thing is for sure: not all condoms are created equal. So if you haven’t found a condom brand you like, don’t give up. Buy a condom variety pack from Condomania to try a dozen (or more) different condoms in your preferred size or style for the price of one standard box of rubbers.

That’s what we call getting a lot of BANG for your buck. 


Which Condom Brand is the Safest?

Every condom brand carried by Condomania has the same safety guarantee. Any condom you buy from Condomania is 98% effective at preventing pregnancy and STI infection. 

The only exception is Trojan Naturalamb condoms. These non-latex lambskin condoms do not prevent STI transmission. 

But just because your condom is FDA-approved and tested for safety doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to be safe. The safest condom is a condom that fits you right. If you wear the wrong size condom, your chances of infection or baby-making go way up. Don’t know your size? You can learn how to measure up in a few seconds here

You also have to use a condom correctly to ensure it does its job. For example, you need to roll the condom all the way to the base of your shaft when putting it on, and always use lube to prevent breaks.  


Which Condom Brand Sells Small Condoms? 

Most condom brands sell condoms of varying sizes, including small condoms (also called snug condoms or snugger fit condoms). 

The highest-rated small condoms include:

👉 Snugger Fit by LifeStyles

👉 Iron Grip by CautionWear

👉 True Fit by Atlas

👉 SlimFit Strawberry Flavored by Glyde

👉 Secure Fit Latex-Free by Unique


    Which Condom Brand is Vegan? 

    There are a few different vegan condom brands. They include Sustain Natural, Glyde, and One condoms. 

    Sustain Natural is the most eco-friendly condom brand. Not only are their condoms vegan, but they also source their materials from Free Trade farms and donate 10% of their proceeds to supporting women’s reproductive health. Fun fact: Sustain Natural are the only condoms that can give you a good karma-gasm. 

    Most standard condom brands are not vegan. They contain an animal product called casein, which softens latex and makes it a bit comfier. If you’re looking for a cruelty-free condom, choose from the vegan condom brands above. 


    Which Condom Brands Have Spermicide?

    The best condom brand for spermicidal condoms is Trojan. Trojan makes a number of different styles of spermicidal condoms, so you don’t have to stick with just one condom if you want to be extra safe. 

    Trojan’s spermicidal condoms include:


    Where Can You Shop for the Best Condom Brands?

    You’ll find the best selection of vetted and trustworthy Condom brands on the web at Condomania. Condomania is America’s first-ever condom shop. We opened in 1991 in New York City, and for the past 30+ years, we’ve been working with the best condom brands around the globe to bring you better and safer sex. 

    We’re proud to offer hundreds different of condoms from over 20 brands to Condomaniacs from all 50 states. Every brand on our shelves undergoes third-party testing and has full approval by the FDA for safe sex. And, we make it easy to find the right brand for your needs with loads of resources such as original articles (beware of memes), easy search tools, and even a condom quiz

    Are you ready to try a new condom brand? If you’re not super satisfied with your usual rubber, choose a condom brand from the list above and start exploring the wide world of condoms. If you need some suggestions, check out our guide to some obscure (yet exceptional) condom brands here