Condom Quiz: Get Custom Condom Suggestions

Condom Quiz: Get Custom Condom Suggestions

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There are LOTS of condoms out there. And knowing just which one to choose isn’t easy. Getting the right size, shape, texture, and materials can make the difference between great sex and your partner thinking that you’re just “meh” in the bedroom.

Here at Condomania, we’re on a crusade against “meh” sex, so we built a tool to help you hone your condom selection skills in seconds flat.

Take our condom quiz now to find the perfect condom for your body and your kinks. It takes 60 seconds, and it can totally change your game.

You don’t have to provide any personal info. Just answer a few multiple-choice questions and our algorithm will suggest condoms in your size and comfort preference.

It’s 100% the easiest way to have better (and safer) sex.

Why Take the Condom Quiz?

Our condom questionnaire makes it super easy to find a condom in your size and for the type of sex you like most. If you’re already an expert about condom sizing, materials, lubrication, etc., then good for you!

But if not, our quiz will help you up your game in the sack by finding a condom that fits like a second skin.

If you’re just wearing any old condom or buying rubbers based on the packaging alone, you’re probably wearing the wrong size. In fact, about 80% of guys wear the wrong condom size. Not only does this make sex worse for both partners, but it also boosts the risk of pregnancy and STI infection. Not good.

Luckily, you don’t have to go back to sex ed to brush up on your condom etiquette. Just take our 60-second condom quiz and get recommendations for condoms that fit like a glove.

Learn More About Condoms

Condomania’s condom quiz is the quickest way to find a better, more comfortable condom. But if you really want to be a condom guru who’s prepared to please any partner in any situation, you’ve gotta stimulate your brain too.

Condomania has loads of resources to help you become a sexual savant. Our pros cover topics such as how to measure your penis, which types of condoms are best for every type of sex, how to have a quickie in an elevator (for real!), and so much more. Here are a few resources to get you started:

👉 Condoms 101

👉 The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Lubricants

👉 Condom Sizes: Everything You Need to Know

👉 Condom Brands You’ve Never Heard of (and MUST Try)

Once you know a bit more about the hardware in your jeans and the options you have in the world of condoms and lube, come back and take the condom quiz again.

The more you know, the more accurate your results will be. This will be the only quiz in your life that you actually want to re-take!

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