Condomania Reviews

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Not for oral, which is weird but that's what the bottle says

Gets sticky quick

Feels like the real thing!

I bought this with the Tenga Spinner, as it was recommended by just about everyone who used it, and according to my boyfriend, it works great! It's a little thicker and stickier than expected, but the nozzle on the bottle makes it super easy to just... squirt it in there, haha. The texture is great, there's no strong smell, and it feels like the real thing!

The only pocket pussy you should ever buy!

If you only buy one pocket pussy in your life, make sure it's this one!

I bought this for my boyfriend after researching A LOT of pocket pussies, and this one seemed like a good compromise between the simple manual masturbators and the crazy robot suckers. We used it together the first time, and it was really fun and easy to use (especially for him, haha). I felt like I was able to do more with it than with my hand, but I still got to control the speed and pressure, so it was more of an interactive experience. He's really appreciated the easy clean up and drying rack that came with it, and it's allowed him to masturbate more often without having to worry about the hassle. We both highly recommend it!

Quality masterbater

Made with Quality material, it is very slippery and stretchy, the tapered interior design is worthy.

Best condoms!

These are my fave bcuz they don’t have the typical toxic ingredients most condoms have! Plus they have a large fit!


This lube is super silky and slippery!
I absolutely love it!
It's not super thick or runny.
It doesn't leave a sticky residue, either!
Definitely worth the price!

these are amazing

I was hesitant at first bc they were very cheap but they feel very comfortable and there is no strong latex smell these are definitely worth buying

So so so thin yet so safe!

I recently had sex with my girlfriend for the first time, and was nervous since I had not used a barrier method for a while, but it feels as I could have imagined

Thin, but slide around

These feel good in that they are very thin, but because they don't have any stretch at all they slide around, which makes them not really suitable for intercourse. They are great for being able to feel more with oral though.

Works as intended

I received this free with a code. Good lube that doesn't have an overpowering smell, basically odorless. Also doesn't leave any sticky residue. Would recommend it.


This lube is amazing. The taste and smell are great. A cupcake like aroma and a slightly sweet taste that doesn't sit on your tongue like other flavored lubes.

Small down side is it sometimes leaves a sticky residue but regardless we still use it and will purchase again. Makes a perfect purchase when you need to hit that free shipping total.

They are 👍

They are awesome, if not fairly decent for their usage. I could perform better with my gf more than ever did before and we stay right next door to each other, she tells me that there are easy to use in the moment and she is right about 99.9999.5% of the time.

the best lube

I am allergic to everything and it's the only lube I can use. Even the organic and other types in this line burn my downstairs! This one is great for anything, even as a personal moisturizer.

best condoms ever

I am allergic to everything and these are literally the only condoms on earth I can use. My partner says they feel the best of all the kinds he's tried. Worth the $!

Great Stuff!

The condoms work great and for a great price!

Wited a long time to feel Jeff Stryker!

I fell in love with Jeff Stryker's cock in 1985.. fresh out of high school. I wanted to experience his huge cock with the fat fat middle of his shaft. I never had the chance to have him but when I found his clone dildo I knew I had to have it. I spent every dime I had and went home to feel the stretch of that cock! It was absolutely perfect! I recommend this item!

Little flimsy

Just a little flimsy where the extension and the head of your penis connect ! Not a fan!

They’re very thin feels raw. I use them with water based lube

As advertised.

I last longer and the Mrs. gets satisfied.

Lasts a long time

This is by far the longest lasting hybrid lube out there. It is safe for all toys and really lubricates well

Great products!

I’m mostly a coconut oil kinda guy, but this is a fun way to change tactics in the bedroom! Thanks guys!

This site has a little bit of everything!

Really appreciate all this site has to offer and the discretion they use! Thanks guys!

It feels so much like a real penis I am gay/crossdresser and love getting it in my ass daily

It feels so real I live dressing up and getting the feel of a real dick it is so amazing.