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Like a Second Skin!

These condoms are fitted and that's very important here because they do not stretch. For me, the condom length was a little short and was also just a tad tight (should've read the dimensions beforehand). Nonetheless this condom felt like a second skin, like nothing was there. Even though the fit wasn't 100% perfect, this is still the best feeling condom I've ever used by FAR. I had to check multiple times to make sure I was still wearing one. Thats how good it felt for me. My partner agrees.

I might buy the "plus" next time, but I'm more than happy at this point. I bought other "thin" condoms (P.S., Okamoto, etc...) to try but I might as well throw them away because they don't come close.

Disregard negative reviews! Check the dimensions to make sure they fit, buy accordingly, and have fun :)

Dildo is NOT body safe and harness is cheaply made

cons to this harness - not very adjustable past a certain size range, dildo is NOT a powerful suction base as they claim, the harness material is low quality 85% PVC/15% polyester and the edges aren't truly finished, inserting the dildo distorts the ring pad underneath
the dildo itself is also PVC so it's not body safe at all - this harness is literally only good for taking pictures if you use it as is, if you want it to be body safe for sexual use you will have to change to a non-PVC dildo

I wouldn't be happy if I had spent my own money on this, and I'm not happy that a fan spent their money on this but I'm going to try to make the best of it - this dildo from PipeDreams thru Throne was def not worth the 75$.

Perfect Fit

It was great to find this sampler. My husband is a little on the smaller side and this was our first time using the slim fit. They fit perfectly and it was nice to try several different brands. Discreet shipping. Will buy again!

If your larger than 5 inches this is absolutely not for you.

I tried Yes it's thin.But, No good. Doesn't even go all the way down for a full stroke. The ring around the base is thick can be unrolled a little more but super difficult. Can be uncomfortable for your partner.

Textured Tool.

A ribbed version of Magnum. Not much else to it. About the same size, shape and lube, just with ribs. It's unclear how useful they are, but no complaints either. Worth trying.

girl is addicted

I got this for my gf. Now she spends hours a day cumming and cumming. She can't get enough. She says it's unbelievable. Very long and intense orgasms and one after another.

Sausage party.

The fit on these condoms is pretty hit-or-miss. They don't stretch much, so if the fit isn't a match to the wearer there might be some serious cramming involved to get them on. Also, this size doesn't have the pull tabs. Instead there's a sort of flange, which is probably easier to use, but doesn't pull off like the tabs. So, the wearer ends up going into action sporting something thats looks like a repurposed shower cap with a little skirt at the base. However, if fit and appearance don't present a barrier to use, they are remarkably thin, and the feel is about as close to natural as it gets. A little more lube would be nice, but the material allows for many options, including oil-based. For those within tight size tolerances, and who don't mind relearning how to put on a condom or looking a little silly, these might be worth a try.

Didn't fit.

These condoms are basically fitted. The material is, admittedly, very thin. And that's obvious, even without putting one on. And that's good, because they might not go on. They have very little stretch and are a bit on the short side for a large condom (this site doesn't list them as large, but the manufacturer does). The result is that they might not fit around, or they might stop short of full coverage if they do. The pull tabs seem like they would be helpful for quick donning if the fit is right, otherwise there's a potential broken bootstrap kind of situation to deal with. Not much lube, but the material allows for oil bases, so that's cool. Maybe worth a try for those who can fit themselves to the condom. Those who want the condom to fit to them might want to reconsider.

Like nothing is there!

Definitely different when putting on, but feel amazing in actual use. Highly recommended!

When it hits, it hits

This pack is incredibly helpful if you don’t know where to start. I had tried the Trojan condoms but they just did not feel thin whatsoever and I found this on a review of different thin condoms. A few of the condoms in the pack were so good I had to check a couple times if it was still on because it felt like nothing was there. If you’re shopping for ultra thin condoms but don’t know which kind/brand would be best for you, do yourself a favor and buy this pack. You’ll thank me later.

Worth it!

This is a great way to test a variety of condoms without investing in a box for each brand!

Works Great

Perfect for my husband and me.

Nice and Thick

Works great and last long

Perfect for smaller guys

Let’s be honest a regular size is not safe and makes the sex worse. So go for this

Not big enough

This didn't fit the way I wanted. Had to add a hole because it wasn't adjustable enough. Smaller than I thought it would be

Worked well

Very satisfying and works well.

Found it to be satisfying

Work and fitted like a charm.

Decent Selection, Just Not Worth the Price

Got these as a free gift for my first order and the selection was ok. Definitely would not pay the regular price of $18.99, especially if you’re not into regular ol’ latex or ribs and ripples. Great for pranks, I guess? I hid most of them around my friend’s house.

Totally Weird but Totally Worth It

Idk if you’ll ever get used to how it looks but you won’t care once you feel the difference. You’re absolutely getting what you pay for.

Great product

These work great and are our favorite. They are slightly thinner in diameter which is nice but they stretch to size. Favorite out of all the breads we have tried.

Best I ever used

This honestly the best I’ve ever used before. Those major brands that’s on the market don’t even compare. They only popular because they’re more readily available. But these blow them out the water. They were very confusing to put on and looked a little weird at first. But these have the best feeling by far of any on the market. Will buy this wholesale if I could.

Fantastic Feel

Started using these a while back and love them. My condoms experience began with the old Trojan red package no nipple tip ones and these are like night and day. The softness of the material and the lightness is just off the charts A+++. Being an older man now, did not want the condom to interfere with my ability as some of the thicker condoms do and these hit the mark. Recommended to a friend my age and he said they are great for him too. Broke only one in many uses, but things were a bit active over a long event that time. I recommend these hands down.

Unique Condom Review

Overall, I am very impressed with the Unique brand condoms. While wearing them I still felt like I was wearing a condom. However, I was able to feel the warmth and wetness of my partner. I would give the Unique a rating of "five stars", but my partner could tell that I was wearing one. Overall, I have worn a few condoms and this one is by far closest product to not wearing anything at all and is worth the money. I will be purchasing this product again in the future.

It's great

The folks here upgraded me for free based on, um, other purchases. The one I'd chosen wouldn't have been big enough. This is great. It's a bit tough to get on, but once it's on its secure. It is wide, but I like how it fits. I go around the whole package, and it's supportive and comfortable. Easy to clean and use. Idk how folks say they need instructions, it's not rocket science.