Condomania Reviews

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Snug sample

Good variety and helpful to pick a go to


These are very thin, strong, AND they are compatible and safe to use with oil-based lube!

Teeny Tiny

This was so much smaller than I realized. Not a good value at all.


So far, beat condoms I've ever tried, no rips, easy to put on and closest feeling to not having anything on!

Best in class

After learning that I needed wider condoms than can be found in stores, I ordered more than a dozen different sizes and brands, and these were the clear winners by a XXL margin. The thinness and material make if almost feel like bareback. My partner also likes the feel! I'm on my 3rd large order and will place another when I get down to the last couple packs

Cream of the crop

I've tried a number of products - I have maybe six options in my medicine cabinet right now. THIS is the one I go to when I want it to be over the top incredible. I might start with a different one then bring this on for the grand finale. It's truly special; worth every penny.

Deluxe Lube

I have used Fuckwater before and have cum back to it after a fling with another brand. Aside from the name, which is delightfully direct, it works as advertised. Just a few days after this bottle arrived, I was confronted by a big dick that was intent on penetration. I put just a modest amount of Fuckwater on it, and it slipped right into my ass. I’ll take it with me on trips, just in case I need it while away from home!

Sample pack

Great variety

Slick for any size….

A perfect lubricant that invokes sex the moment it’s applied. Feels extremely natural wherever it’s placed.

Lots of fun

Great variety, was able to find the kind of condoms I like with less time, money, and effort!

Thin and scentless!

Thin, no issues with strong scent, able to feel a lot!

They do the job

Sometimes you just want a regular one

condom purchase

exactly what i ordered and reasonably priced


Most lubricated condoms create irritation and pain for me. These are one of the few non lubricated options out there and they're pretty great! No pain and still pleasurable sensation.

Gave ID Condom a Try

Just received this free sample and my wife and I gave it a good try out. Felt great and no issues whatsoever. Was not mindblowing different, but felt very good and had no trouble holding my load. Would try again on my next order.

Would recommend!

They work and feel great!
My partner is on the slightly less-endowed end of the spectrum and they stay on nice and securely without slipping off, even after starting to go soft. They're safe for silicone toys too, so I don't have to worry about ruining expensive toys with bad materials or lubricants.

Had a little mistake with my order. They fixed it right away. Very satisfied with everything.


Very smooth! Love using it


Works great as expected

Feels like nothing.

I love how they come and putting it on is easy. Feels like nothing is on. I wish they had these in stores.

Nice secure fit!

Great option for guys like myself where regular size condoms can be hit and miss as far as fit. These things aren't going anywhere once you put one on!

Great product

Works great.

Game changer

I don't know why I didn't get this sooner.