Rabbit Vibrators 101: Everything You Need to Know

Rabbit Vibrators 101: Everything You Need to Know

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All about Rabbit Vibrators

You don’t need to be a sex guru to be curious about rabbit vibrators. They’re some of the most popular sex toys for women. But why?

Rabbits are cute and cuddly, of course. Oh, and they deliver intense orgasms via simultaneous clitoral and G-spot stimulation.

Double the pleasure = Double the fun.

But there’s another reason rabbit vibrators are so popular. Only about 18% of women report being able to achieve orgasm through penetration alone. They need clitoral stimulation too.

Rabbit vibrators allow you to stimulate the clitoris and penetrate the vagina at the same time with just one hand—and at the intensity of your choice.

Sound good? We’re just getting started. Most women agree that you should have a rabbit vibrator as part of your sex toy collection. In this article, we’re going to tell you why.

You’ll learn:

Ready? Let’s hop to it.

What is a Rabbit Vibrator?

A rabbit vibrator is a sex toy for vagina-havers. It is a dual-stimulating sex toy, which means it stimulates two erogenous zones at the same time. In this case, the clitoris and the G-spot.

A rabbit vibrator is shaped like a standard vibrator, but it has a second shaft extending off the main shaft, which stimulates the clit during penetration.

The main shaft is slightly curved and may feature a bulbous end. This increases the pressure and intensity on the G-spot.

The external shaft often has a split end that looks a bit like rabbit ears. This lets you nestle your clit between the vibrating “ears” for toe-curling bliss.

Rabbits feature two separate vibrations “zones”—one in the main shaft and one in the external shaft. This allows you to control the vibration intensity of each shaft separately.

So, if your clit is very sensitive, you can turn down the vibration on the external shaft without affecting the internal one (or vice versa).

Rabbits come in a bunch of shapes and sizes, and many have additional functions like thrusting, pulsing, and app-based controls.

The overall versatility of rabbits is what makes them so popular. No matter which sensation gets your juices flowing, a rabbit can deliver.

Why Buy a Rabbit Vibrator?

Is a rabbit vibrator right for you? Most vagina-havers rave about rabbits because they’re so easy to use and deliver so many levels of pleasure. Here are the main reasons why you might want to invest in a rabbit.

  • It works: Rabbits get the “job” done better than most other sex toys. This explains why they are by far the most popular sex toy for women, outselling all other types of female sex toys. If you have a vagina and you want a satisfying orgasm, a rabbit is your best bet.

  • It’s versatile: You’re not locked into one type of pleasure with a rabbit. You can choose vaginal, clitoral, or both Y every time you have a little solo fun. No matter your mood or your needs, you can always count on your rabbit.

  • It’s customizable: With multiple vibrational settings on each shaft, you can find the perfect level of stimulation for a sheet-soaking orgasm. Many rabbits have other actions too, including pulsing and thrusting settings.

  • It’s easy to use: The most critical innovation of the rabbit vibrator isn’t the dual-stimulation—it’s being able to dual-stimulate with just one hand. No more double-handing with a dildo or twisting your wrist just to hit the right spot.

  • It’s great for foreplay: Rabbits love company, and you will too when you discover just how much fun a rabbit can be during foreplay and sex. With one hand on the rabbit, the rest of your hands and tongues will be free to roam.

The Best Rabbit Vibrators

Curve Gossip 'Serena' Rabbit Vibrator - Magenta

Curve Gossip 'Serena' Rabbit Vibrator - Magenta

$28.99 $35.99

Curve Gossip Serena Rabbit Vibrator  Powerful rabbit vibrator with 7 Gossip-worthy functions. Dual motors in the shaft and stimulator deliver double the pleasure. Ultra-premium Silicone Silk feels like velvet on your skin. Deliciously smooth Lush Touch handle. Features: 3 speed,… Read More

View Product

The Curve Gossip Rabbit is a solid budget rabbit. It’s ideal for beginners who don’t want to drop a lot of cash without seeing what all the hype is about (rabbits can be expensive!).

Despite the price, the Curve Gossip is sturdy and safe to use. It features 3 speeds and 4 functions—not quite as many as other models, but enough to take you to pleasure town.

B Swish Bwild Classic Marine Rabbit Vibrator - Purple

B Swish Bwild Classic Marine Rabbit Vibrator - Purple


Purple Rabbit Vibrator Looking for a playful and versatile vibrator that's perfect for solo or partner play? Look no further than the B Swish Bwild Classic Marine Rabbit Vibrator in purple! Here are some of the features that make this… Read More

View Product

The B Swish Bwild Classic Marine Rabbit is thicker than the Curve Gossip for those who appreciate more girth. It’s also got a precise clit stimulator as opposed to rabbit ears, which provides more intense stimulation directly to the clitoral hood.

With 5 functions and two motors, the B Swish is a bit more advanced than the Curve Gossip but still very affordable.

VeDO Eva Mini Vibrating Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator - 'Orgasmic Orchid'

VeDO Eva Mini Vibrating Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator - 'Orgasmic Orchid'


VeDO Eva Mini Vibrator Vedo Eva Mini Vibe teases and pleases all your hot spots. Designed to indulge your G-spot with a gently curved head while you electrify your clitoris with a flexible rabbit tickler. This mini vibe packs a… Read More

View Product

Rabbits are not known to be travel friendly—but the VeDO Eva is a different story.

This mini rabbit may not have much room for thrusting, but it’s got everything you need for intense G-spot stimulation and clitoral vibes.

Its miniature size makes it handy for weekends away or sleepovers, and it’s easy on the wallet too.

VeDO WILD Duo Rabbit Vibrator Purple

VeDO WILD Duo Rabbit Vibrator Purple

$51.99 $59.99

Unleash Your Wild Side Are you ready to unleash the wild side of pleasure? Introducing the VeDO WILD Duo Rabbit Vibrator in mesmerizing purple! This isn't just any ol' vibrator; it's your ticket to an electrifying journey through pleasure paradise.… Read More

View Product

Another rabbit from VeDO, this model takes it up a notch with 7 speeds and extra comfy silicone.

What we love about VeDO WILD Duo Rabbit is the ergonomic design that makes it easy to use and to hold with one hand.

For the price and the quality, this is our recommendation for a go-to rabbit you’ll fall in love with.

Ready for some high-tech frisky fun with a partner? The OhMiBod Rabbit is Bluetooth-enabled and fully interactive at any distance.

Using the OhMiBod app, your partner can control your pleasure from afar. Or, you can do the work yourself while your partner experiences the same pleasure.

Fun Factory 'Miss Bi' Rabbit Waterproof Vibrator - Grape

Fun Factory 'Miss Bi' Rabbit Waterproof Vibrator - Grape


Miss Bi Rabbit Vibrator This is Fun Factory's first rabbit-style vibe with dual motors and 49 different vibration combinations. FORTY-NINE. It even has a memory holder to save your favorite combination... this thing is HIGH END. Both the thick shaft and the clitoral… Read More

View Product

This high-end rabbit is one of the most versatile. With 49 vibration combinations, you’ll never get tired of the same old sensation.

The Fun Factory Miss Bi Rabbit isn’t just for vaginal and clit stimulation—it can be used for anal play too.

This rabbit is extra thick and sturdy, so it will last a while. And, you can save your vibrational settings for easy access.

Femme Funn Essenza Pink Rabbit Vibrator

Femme Funn Essenza Pink Rabbit Vibrator

$174.99 $209.99

Embody the essence of climax. The pulses of life. The beating of the heart. thrusting users into undiscovered territories. Essenza offers thrusting sensations along with vibration for intense sensation. 7 Thrust Modes 3 External Vibration Modes Standby Mode Magnetic Charging… Read More

View Product

For those who want the very best, there’s the Femme Fun Essenza. This premium rabbit vibrates, pulses, and thrusts for unrivaled versatility during solo play.

The ergonomic design and buttons make it easy to use and even easier to adjust the sensation during your solo sessions. The ultra-smooth silicone is dreamy soft against your sensitive parts.

Types of Rabbit Vibrators

Not all rabbit vibrators are the same. In fact, it’s possible to get one that doesn’t fit your body or your preferences.

Get to know the types of rabbit vibrators before you buy to ensure you find one that rubs you the right way.

Classic Rabbits

These rabbits are the best all-around choice for dual stimulation. They feature a separate motor in each shaft and at least 3 vibration settings.

They’re typically about 8 inches long (or longer) and cost from $30-$75. These rabbits are recommended for first-time buyers.

Try the VeDO Wink Rabbit Vibrator.

Mini Rabbits

Mini rabbits are a lot shorter than classic rabbits, but they have the same function. What you lose in length, you gain in convenience.

These rabbits are light and easy to travel with. They’re also quiet, so you can take them on your business trip without waking the person in the next hotel room.

Try the Fun Factory Ocean Baby.

High-Tech Rabbits

These rabbits are for those who want all the bells and whistles.

Not only do you get cool tech features like remote access and app controls, but these rabbits usually come with extra functions and more vibration options.

The only downside is that they cost a pretty penny—usually over $100.

Try the LELO Soraya 2.

Couple’s Rabbits

Want to use your rabbit with a partner? Buy a rabbit vibrator with couples features like remote control access.

Rabbits with large heads and wider vibrational surfaces can also be used to massage him, making male-to-female foreplay much more interesting.

Try the OhMiBod Fuse.

Anal Rabbits

Rabbits that are suitable for anal stimulation can add another element of pleasure to your solo fun.

Some even have a third shaft for double penetration, upgrading the sex toy from dual-stimulation to triple-stimulation.

Try the Fun Factory Miss Bi.

Thrusting Rabbits

Rabbits with thrusting action will thrust automatically via a separate motor.

The benefit here is that the clitoral stimulating shaft can remain in the same position while the main shaft thrusts.

If your thrusting motion with a classic rabbit causes the external arm to deliver uneven stimulation to the clit, then a thrusting rabbit is for you.

Try the Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion.

Which Rabbit Vibrator is Best for You?

It’s hard to say which rabbit vibrator is best for your body. Everyone’s body is different, and so are the ways we experience pleasure.

The best way to find out is to start with a classic rabbit and see what you like. From there, you can upgrade to rabbits with different shapes, sizes, and functions that cater to your unique pleasure preferences.

While we can’t help you find the best rabbit for your body, there are some factors that can help you choose a better rabbit vibrator for your needs.

Consider the following rabbit features to help you make your choice:


Rabbits come in different lengths and girths.

If you’ve never used a penetrative sex toy before (such as a dildo), make sure you start with a standard length of around 8 inches and a girth of 6 inches or less.

Ladies who are used to larger toys may need a girthier rabbit to feel satisfied.

Power Source

Some rabbits are powered by alkaline batteries and some are rechargeable via USB cable.

We recommend the more modern rechargeable rabbits, but some ladies prefer the original battery-powered rabbits so they don’t have to keep track of another charger.

Vibrational Settings

The more control you have over the intensity of your rabbit’s vibrations, the easier it will be to hit your sweet spot.

Rabbits have from 3 to 50+ vibrational settings and combinations.

More expensive rabbits tend to have more vibration settings.


Rabbit vibrators come with a range of extra functions and features depending on the brand you buy and how much you’re willing to spend.

They include warming, pulsing, thrusting, remote-controls, rotating beads, and more.


Rabbits can get a bit loud because they have (at least) two motors controlling the vibrations in each shaft.

If you live alone, this won’t matter much. But if you value your privacy, consider spending a bit more on a premium rabbit—they’re usually much quieter.


Pay special attention to the waterproof rating of your rabbit.

All rabbits will be waterproof enough to handle lubrication, but many are not waterproof enough to use in the shower.


Rabbits are the most popular female sex toys, so there are a lot of cheap products out there.

Only buy rabbits from trusted brands, and we recommend only using rabbits made of medical-grade silicone.

Condomania only partners with major brands, and all of the rabbits we sell are medically tested for your safety. We make it easy to shop for rabbit vibrators!

How do You Use a Rabbit Vibrator?

One of the best things about rabbit vibrators is that they’re so versatile. You can use them in a number of ways to experience different levels of pleasure.

But let’s start with the basics. Here’s how to use a rabbit vibrator:

  1. Make sure the rabbit vibrator is clean and charged
  2. Add some water-based lube to both shafts
  3. Choose your vibration settings (test the intensity with your hand or finger)
  4. Sit in a reclined position or lie on your back in a comfortable place
  5. Insert the main shaft into your vagina. You can press on the G-spot, thrust, or just enjoy the vibrations.
  6. Let the external armrest on your clitoris for dual-stimulation
  7. Adjust the intensity as needed, and enjoy!

Here are some other ways to use your rabbit vibrator:

  • G-spot jiggy: Turn the external arm off and use your rabbit like a G-spot vibrator. Great for getting in the mood without overstimulating.

  • Solo clit quicky: Use the main shaft to massage the clit or the external arm to hug it. Perfect for quickies with easy clean-up.

  • Couples play: When your partner can stimulate your G-spot and clit with just one hand, it frees up their other hand and their tongue for further exploration….

Why is it called a Rabbit?

Most people believe that rabbit vibrators got their name because the external shaft looks like a bunny’s head, with its forked ends resembling the ears. But the truth is much more scandalous….

The rabbit vibrator was invented in Japan, where obscenity laws prevent sex toys from appearing “too realistic” (or, resembling actual body parts).

So, the makers of the rabbit (and other sex toys) disguise their products as cute and cuddly animals. This way, they can sell their toys to women around the nation without getting in trouble with the law.

Restrictive sex toy legislation is changing, but sex toys are still banned in many countries and even one US state!

The rabbit name is a constant reminder that you can’t legislate away a woman’s right to pleasure.

So, when you buy a rabbit vibrator, you’re not just indulging in one of the most tantalizing sex toys for women ever made. You’re also fighting the power!

Where is the Best Place to Buy a Rabbit Vibrator?

The best place to buy a rabbit vibrator is Condomania, America’s favorite condom and sex toy shop.

Condomania has been dedicated to selling sex toys for adults and promoting sexual health and education for over 30 years.

From our original shop in NYC to our online collection of condoms, lube, and sex toys, we are proud to have the internet’s only curated collection of rabbit vibrators.

That means our rabbits are chosen by experts for their safety, reliability, and of course, their ability to deliver the pleasure you deserve.

Thanks to our decades-long partnerships with top rabbit brands like LELO, VeDO, and Femme Fun, we can offer low prices and exclusive specials on rabbit vibrators you won’t find anywhere else.

Why not start browsing for your new rabbit vibrator now?

Searching for a different sensation? You’ll find the internet’s best selection of sex toys for women here.

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