Silicone Sex Lube 101: Everything You Need to Know

Silicone Sex Lube 101: Everything You Need to Know

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When it comes to sexual lubricant, slicker is better. That’s why many people who switch to silicone lube never go back.

Silicone lube is a type of sex lube made from a base of silicone (duh), which is an ultra-slick synthetic material.

Silicone isn’t absorbed by your skin, and it doesn’t wash or rub off surfaces easily. For this reason, it lasts a really long time—much longer than standard water-based lubes.

That’s a huge deal because it’s annoying to have to break your flow in the bedroom to squeeze out more lube.

Silicone also has a generally pleasant feel. It’s velvety and smooth but not greasy.

For these reasons (and more you’ll learn below), silicone lube is probably the best sex lube you can buy. Seriously, it’s like dousing your junk in silk.

However, silicone lube has a few downsides as well, and it isn’t recommended for every type of sex act. There’s also one big issue with silicone sex lube you need to know.

Read on for the full scoop on silicone sex lube, including safety tips, my favorite silicone lubes, and more.

Quick Look: What You Need to Know about Silicone Lube

If you don’t have time to take a deep dive into a sea of silicone sex lube, this quick look will give you the gist:

👉 Silicone sex lube is a type of sexual lubricant made from silicone, which is a synthetic material related to rubber and plastic. Most are made from multiple types of silicone.

👉 Silicone lube is super slick and long-lasting. It feels like velvet and makes your skin silky smooth.

👉 Silicone lube is body safe and safe to consume in small amounts. It doesn’t contain water, so it’s pH-neutral and won’t affect vaginal pH.

👉 Silicone lube is safe to use with all types of condoms (latex and non-latex)

👉 Silicone lube is safe for all types of sex—masturbation, vaginal, oral, and anal.

👉 Silicone lube is NOT safe to use with silicone sex toys. It can degrade them, causing cracks and pores where bacteria can grow.

👉 Silicone lube is far superior to water-based lube for comfort, duration, and slickness.

👉 On the downside, silicone lube is expensive, hard to wash off, and may stain fabrics.

👉 My favorite silicone lubes are Gun Oil, Sliquid Silver, and Pjur BodyGlide.

Top 5 Silicone Lubes (Yes, I Tested Them)

I tested over two dozen silicone lubes to find the absolute slickest concoctions.

And yes, there is a difference. Every silicone lube has a different formula, and different brands contain varying types of silicone.

But I’ll get more into that below when we talk about ingredients.

Here are the top 5 silicone lubes you MUST try:

1. Gun Oil Silicone

GUN OIL Silicone Lubricant

GUN OIL Silicone Lubricant


Gun Oil Silicone Lubricant Attention, private! At ease. Designed to meet the needs of the most hardcore bedroom soldiers, Gun Oil Silicone provides slick, long-lasting lubrication thanks to its proprietary three-molecule silicone blend. You won't find a lube with the same texture… Read More

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Why I love it: Gun Oil is the slickest and most comfortable silicone lube I’ve tried. It’s made with aloe and vitamin E, so you’re doing your skin a favor too.

2. Sliquid Silver

Sliquid Naturals Silver Silicone Lubricant

Sliquid Naturals Silver Silicone Lubricant


Sliquid Naturals Silver Silicone Lubricant Gold's nice, but sometimes silver is better. Sliquid Naturals Silver is a premium silicone lubricant that stays incredibly slick; whether or not you've tried silicone lubes before, the excellent quality of this product will blow you away.  Ultra-concentrated… Read More

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Why I love it: A gentle, premium lube made with pharmaceutical-grade silicone. Sliquid is formulated to enhance your natural lubrication, so it’s great for vaginal sex.

3. Pjur BodyGlide

Pjur Original BodyGlide Silicone Lubricant

Pjur Original BodyGlide Silicone Lubricant


Pjur Original Bodyglide Silicone Lubricant Pjur Original Bodyglide is the world's best-selling pure silicone lubricant for a good reason: it feels absolutely fantastic.     The super-concentrated formula doesn't wear out, and it never changes in texture or consistency. It's slippery, soft, and… Read More

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Why I love it: Pjur makes a number of silicone lubes, and all of them are fantastic. This is the original medical-grade formula, courtesy of German engineering.

4. Spunk Pure Silicone

SPUNK Pure Silicone Lubricant

SPUNK Pure Silicone Lubricant


SPUNK PURE Silicone Lube Pure silicone is really something special. SPUNK Silicone is a combination of four high-quality silicones, and from the gentle, soft residue it leaves on your skin to its long-lasting slippery texture, it's a truly advanced personal… Read More

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Why I love it: Spunk has all the slickness of silicone in a thick and gooey formula that looks and feels like…well, you get it.

5. Intimate Earth Elite

Intimate Earth Elite Shiitake Glide - Silicone-Based Lube

Intimate Earth Elite Shiitake Glide - Silicone-Based Lube


Intimate Earth Elite Shiitake Glide Intimate Earth, love naturally! Elite Ultra Soft Silicone Glide with Shiite Extract has created the most advanced ultra-light silicone glide formula. Silicone of the highest grade is infused with natural Shiitake extracts and nourishing Vitamin… Read More

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Why I love it: Don’t like feeling gooey and oily? This super light silicone formula provides the long-lasting slickness of silicone without the oily sensation.

Important: Warning about Silicone Sex Lube

Silicone sex lube is very versatile, and it’s safe to use in almost any situation.

Except one.

Never use silicone sex lube with silicone sex toys. When silicone lube comes into contact with silicone toys, it can cause the material to degrade.

This can lead to micro-tears or small pores forming in the silicone, which provides bacteria with the perfect environment to grow.

And if you use a sex toy infected with bacteria, you may soon have an infection too.

You may be thinking to yourself, “It’s fine to use silicone lube with silicone sex toys once and a while, right?”

Nope. Silicone lube can cause deterioration remarkably quickly in silicone toys. And because the initial damage is invisible, you won’t know if your toy has been affected.

What if you wash your toys super thoroughly?

That still doesn’t matter because the tiny crevices that appear in your toy may be so small that they are impossible to scrub—but still plenty big to fit colonies of bacteria.

So remember: No silicone lube with silicone toys. Instead, try a water-based lube.

What is Silicone Lube Made Of?

Technically, you could say that silicone lube is made with silicone. But it’s a bit more complex than that because there are a number of different types of silicone.

First off, what is silicone?

Silicone is a polymer made from a material called siloxane. It’s kind of like synthetic rubber (TIL: natural rubber is plant-based).

It can be made into liquid, solid, gel, paste, and other forms. Lucky for us, silicone sex lube is made from liquid forms of silicone.

Of the common types of silicone, most sex lube is made from the following:

👉 Dimethicone

👉 Cyclopentasiloxane

👉 Dimethiconol

👉 Phenyl Trimethicone

You don’t have to know much more about those barely-pronounceable words. Just know that these forms of silicone are safe.

Most silicone sex lubes are made with a blend of the above types of silicone. And others have extra ingredients added to alter the sensation or benefit your skin.

For example, Gun Oil includes aloe and vitamin E to moisturize your skin, which makes it a wonderful massage oil as well.

Sliquid Spark includes menthol for extra stimulation. And Pjur Med Soft Glide contains jojoba oil for added smoothness and soft skin.

Slick and Long-lasting: What Silicone Lube Feels Like

Silicone lube feels much different than the lube you’re used to—and much better.

You have to feel it yourself to truly understand how superior the sensation is. But I’ll try to give you a sneak peek.

👉 Lighter and thinner: Silicone lube looks more like a liquid than water-based lube, which typically has a gel-like consistency. It also feels thinner and lighter than water-based lube.

👉 Silky and smooth: This light and thin consistency is accompanied by a feeling of fine silk. It’s extremely soft and comfortable, and it makes skin irresistible to touch. I highly recommend it for erotic massages.

👉 Very slippery: Silicone lube has an incredible slickness because the material itself is slick. Water-based lube, alternatively, adds slickness by adding moisture. They are not the same.

👉 Sightly oily: Some silicone lubes can feel a bit oily because, like oil, silicone and water don’t mix. They also don’t wash off easily. They cling to your skin, which is great for long-lasting lube. But not everyone enjoys this feeling.

Silicone Lube Safety Issues and Allergies

Silicone sex lubricants are very safe. There are a few reasons for that...

First, silicone can’t be absorbed by the skin or by internal tissue. So, it will not absorb into the tissue in your vagina, mouth, or anus. And even if you eat it, it can’t enter your bloodstream.

However, this doesn’t apply to the non-silicone ingredients in silicone lube, so make sure you check the label to see what’s inside.

For example, if the lube has scents or flavors, those might absorb into your skin or affect vaginal pH (which could cause a yeast infection).

Silicone lube is hypoallergenic, so you’re very unlikely to have a reaction to it. It’s a good choice for people with sensitive skin and allergies.

But, a small number of people are allergic to silicone. These people may suffer from mild dermatitis or a rash.

For those with vaginas, silicone lube is an excellent choice because silicone is pH-neutral (which is not always true of water-based lube).

This means pure silicone lube will not affect the delicate pH balance of the vagina.

Silicone Lube and Condoms

Silicone lube is safe to use with all condoms, including latex and non-latex varieties. Silicone lube keeps condoms much slicker for much longer.

If you ever have issues with dryness during sex, it can cause the condom to bunch up or slip off. This rarely happens when you use silicone lube.

If you’re looking for the best lube to use with condoms, silicone is the choice, hands-down.

Silicone Lube and Sex Toys

Silicone lube is safe to use with sex toys. But it’s NOT safe to use with sex toys made from silicone. Silicone lube and silicone toys don’t mix.

Unfortunately, lots of sex toys are made from silicone, including strokers, dildos, vibrators, and many more.

Feel free to use silicone lube toys made from metal or glass. Otherwise, use a water-based lube. Luckily, there are some premium water-based lubes made specifically for use with sex toys, like Tenga Hole Lotion.

Silicone Lube vs. Other Types of Lube

Is it really worth ditching your standard water-based lube for silicone sex lube? In most cases, yes.

But it also depends on the situation. As we’ve said, you should use water-based lube with silicone sex toys.

Water is also easier to clean up, and it won’t stain, so it may be better to use a water-based lube if you’re banging on the sofa or having a quickie while partially clothed.

But in all other situations, silicone reigns supreme. Silicone is slicker and longer-lasting than water-based lube. And it feels better. The consistency is like draping your nether regions in silk.

Another big difference is that silicone is waterproof, which means it won’t come off in the shower, the jacuzzi, or the bath.

Just be careful in the shower because it won’t come off of the floor either, and it’s ultra slippery.

Here’s a quick look at the differences between silicone sex lube and other popular types of lubes.

Water-Based Lube

Silicone Lube

Oil-Based Lube



Easy to clean


Condom safe

Sex toy safe

✕ (depends)

✕ (depends)





Why You Should Try Silicone Lube

Let’s break down some of the reasons you might want to try silicone lube. If any of the following reasons sound good to you, it’s time to shop for silicone lube online.

👉 It feels better: This is about as clear as it gets. Silicone lube makes sex feel better—no matter which type of sex you’re having. It’s smoother, slicker, and silkier, and it feels great on your skin.

👉 It lasts longer: Reapplying lube during sex or masturbation really breaks your flow. And your partner isn’t a fan, either. Silicone lube gives you more freedom, comfort, and confidence in bed.

👉 It’s body-safe: Silicone is vagina-friendly, penis-friendly, and butt-friendly—you can even eat it, and it won’t hurt you. It’s also hypoallergenic and safe for your skin.

👉 It’s perfect for anal: Butts don’t lubricate themselves, which is why you need a really slick lube to stay safe. Silicone is the perfect solution. There are a bunch of silicone lubes made just for anal sex, like Pjur Backdoor.

👉 It’s waterproof: Sex in the bath or shower doesn’t work without a waterproof lube. Even your partner’s natural lubrication will wash off. Silicone lube opens up a world of aquatic possibilities!

A Word on Hybrid Lube

There’s another popular type of silicone lube called hybrid lube. This is essentially a mix of water-based and silicone formulas.

Hybrid lube aims to provide a best-of-both-worlds experience. It’s a lot easier to clean, and it doesn’t stain, yet it’s also much slicker than water-based lube.

It also tends to be more affordable because it contains less silicone (silicone is much more expensive than water).

So, why aren’t I talking more about hybrid lube? Because all the important information about silicone lube also applies to hybrid lube.

You still can’t use it with silicone sex toys*, the base ingredients are still body safe for all types of sex, and it’s still safe to use with condoms. And so on.

Hybrid lube is not as slick as silicone lube. But for some, the better price and easier cleanup are worth it.

And many of my top silicone lube brands also make hybrid versions, including Spunk, Gun Oil, and Sliquid.

You can find more hybrid lube here.

*Many brands claim that hybrid lube is safe to use with silicone toys. But as the lube still contains silicone, it’s not recommended. Better to be safe than sorry!

Where to Buy Silicone Lube

You should shop for silicone lube online. Most stores only sell water-based lube, and the selection is pretty terrible.

You’ll be lucky to find one silicone lube product at the pharmacy or grocery store (lube is usually sold near the condoms).

If you have an adult store in your area, they will likely have a much better selection. But you’ll find the best selection and prices for silicone lube online.

When you buy online from a retailer like Condomania, you get exclusive deals on silicone lube and low prices, thanks to our long-term relationships with top brands.

When you buy online, you also have the option to buy larger bottles for much cheaper prices.

For example, a 2 oz. Bottle of lube might cost $12 at the store. But online, you have the option to buy a 5 oz. Bottle for just $15. It’s a no-brainer.

When you buy silicone lube online at Condomania, you’ll also get:

👉 Free shipping on orders over $45

👉 Discreet billing and packaging

👉 FREE condoms (and other surprises)

👉 Top-rated customer service (that actually gives a sh*t)

Stop buying that basic lube at the pharmacy (and paying way too much). Shop silicone lube at Condomania and enjoy better sex with premium lube.

Silicone Lube: Slicker is Better

Lube is essential for good (and safe) sex, with or without a condom. If you want to plow for longer than 5 minutes, you’ve got to make sure everything stays wet and slippery.

Sex with lube feels better for both partners—especially the partner who is being penetrated. Dryness can be very uncomfortable and even painful, and that’s no good for anyone.

So, if slicker is better, then it only makes sense that the slickest lube is the one you want on your bedside table.

I promise you: when you try silicone lube, you will not go back to basic water-based lube for sex. And your partner will thank you. Seriously.

Upgrading to silicone lube might be one of the easiest ways to improve your sex life instantly. So, why haven’t you switched?

Get a bottle of the good stuff, like Gun Oil (that’s what’s on my nightstand right now), and start having better sex.

Whew! That was a load of info on silicone sex lube. But what about the other types of lube?

To learn more about the pros and cons of other lubes, such as water-based, oil-based, and hybrid lube, check our Ultimate Guide to Sexual Lubricant.

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