The 8 Best Lubricants for Male Masturbation

The 8 Best Lubricants for Male Masturbation

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The Best Masturbation Lube for Guys

Are you searching for the best way to lube up before you crank down? You’ve come to the right place.

Condomania’s guide to the best lubricants for male masturbation was compiled by masturbation experts.

Yes, they put in the hard work, day in and day out, to bring you this definitive guide.

It wasn’t easy, but somebody had to do it. 

So without teasing any further, let’s get to our list of the best masturbation lube for penis-havers.

WARNING: This article contains a dangerously high number of masturbation puns. Read at your own risk.

Your Guide to Lubrication for Men

Below, we’ve got your crank covered with the best types of masturbation lube in every style. Chances are, there are sensations you’ve never felt before.

No matter how much you’ve tenderized your tube steak, you are still a virgin to the feel of premium and specialty lubes. The following masturbation lubes are game-changers for your solo thrills.

1. Pjur Original

Lube Type: Silicone
Feels Like: Ultra slick and silky
FYI: Don’t use with silicone sex toys

Pjur Original lube is made for masturbation, and it’s the go-to for our experts’ self-love sessions. Why? It feels incredible and it goes the distance.

Pjur Original BodyGlide Silicone Lubricant

Pjur Original BodyGlide Silicone Lubricant

$12.99 $18.99

Pjur Original Bodyglide Silicone Lubricant Pjur Original Bodyglide is the world's best-selling pure silicone lubricant for a good reason: it feels absolutely fantastic.     The super-concentrated formula doesn't wear out, and it never changes in texture or consistency. It's slippery, soft, and… Read More

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This 100% silicone formula is thick and oh-so-smooth. It’s like draping your dong in silk. Silicone is known for lasting a LONG time, so you won’t have to reapply for a while.

The most popular lube is a water-based lube, so you may have never tried a silicone product. Water-based lubes feel fine, and they are convenient during sex.

But when you’re ready to spend a long evening with your shlong in your hand, silicone-based lubes are a big step up.

Pjur Silicone is safe to use with condoms, and it’s perfect for all types of masturbation. Just keep a towel handy because silicone lube can stain fabric.

2. Sliquid H2O

Lube Type: Water-Based
Feels Like: Natural & Long-Lasting
FYI: Safe for all sex toys and condoms

Ever wonder what it feels like to go au naturel? Sliquid H2O is a premium water-based lube that mimics the feel of natural lubrication.

When paired with a stroker toy like the Tenga Spinner, it’s hard to tell the difference between wanking with Sliquid lube and the real deal. 

Sliquid H2O Water-Based Lubricant

Sliquid H2O Water-Based Lubricant

$10.99 $11.99

Sliquid H2O: The Premier Water-Based Lube Looking for a lubricant that's long-lasting and safe for your body? Look no further than Sliquid H2O Water-Based Lubricant. This adult lubricant is formulated with purified water and plant cellulose to provide a natural,… Read More

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This vegan lube goes on smooth and never-gooey, and it’s super easy to clean up.

It’s a great lube for quickies, and it’s ideal for guys who like to masturbate before bed—you won’t have to worry about this lube staining your sheets. 

Sliquid lubes contain zero parabens, glycerine, or fragrances. You can say goodbye to those funky lube odors common in other products. And, guys with sensitive skin can rest easy—no irritation here.

3. Spunk Lube Hybrid

Lube Type: Hybrid (water + silicone)
Feels Like: Wet and silky
FYI: Don’t use with silicone sex toys

Spunk Lube Hybrid is a masturbator’s best friend. It comes in a super convenient bottle, so it’s easy to pump out some lube before you pump on your Dockers dumbbell.

SPUNK Hybrid Lubricant

SPUNK Hybrid Lubricant

$8.99 $10.99

SPUNK Lube Hybrid SPUNK Lube Hybrid is a water-based silicone lubricant that resembles the look and feel of natural body lubrication (ie: cum). It lets you feel the sensation of skin-to-skin contact.   Why we LOVE SPUNK Hybrid SPUNK Lube… Read More

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With Spunk Lube, you get the best of both worlds from its hybrid blend of water and silicone. Silicone provides an extra-silky glide that doesn’t go bust until you do.

The water base keeps it easy to clean up, unlike 100% silicone lubricants that may stain.

This hybrid lube is great for all types of masturbation—especially butt stuff.

If you’re into prostate massage, try Spunk Lube Hybrid has the long-lasting slickness you need for backdoor fun thanks to added silicone.

Apply some to a prostate massager and get ready to experience the mind-bending prostate O. Spunk Pure is also an AMAZING silicone-based option for anal fun.

4. Boy Butter Original

Lube Type: Oil
Feels Like: Thick and creamy
FYI: Don’t use with latex condoms

Boy Butter Original may become the only lube you use to butter your biscuit. An oil-based lube, this isn’t the watery gel you’re used to.

It’s got the thick, gooeyness of Crisco shortening and a long-lasting slickness that feels like the real deal.

Boy Butter Original Lubricant with Coconut Oil

Boy Butter Original Lubricant with Coconut Oil

$11.99 $15.99

Boy Butter Original Lubricant Boy Butter Original is an oil-based lubricant consisting of two powerful yet gentle ingredients: coconut oil and an organic silicone blend.     The ingredients are homogenized like real butter. The result is a personal lubricant… Read More

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Boy Butter lasts forever and its feeling is truly unique. Its buttery thickness envelops your schlong in sensation, making it especially fun to use with masturbation toys for men.

You can also use this lube during vaginal and anal sex. But remember, you can’t use an oil-based lube with condoms.

Another benefit of Boy Butter is that unlike other oil-based lubes, this one washes out with water. It’s a bit messy, but it won’t stain your sheets.

5. Gun Oil Silicone

Lube Type: Silicone
Feels Like: Smooth and slippery 
FYI: Don’t use with silicone toys

Gun Oil created a truly premium silicone-based lube. It costs a bit more than other masturbation lube, but it’s worth every penny. Gun Oil was made with a special formula giving it a feel that no other lube has.

Its three-molecule silicone blend has a texture like velvet, and it lasts all night long.

GUN OIL Silicone Lubricant

GUN OIL Silicone Lubricant

$20.99 $22.99

Gun Oil Silicone Lubricant Attention, private! At ease. Designed to meet the needs of the most hardcore bedroom soldiers, Gun Oil Silicone provides slick, long-lasting lubrication thanks to its proprietary three-molecule silicone blend. You won't find a lube with the same texture… Read More

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This is a lube for masturbators who soldier on and go the extra mile. If you’re a marathon man or an edger, Gun Oil is the lube you want by your side.

While you can’t use this lube with silicone toys, you can use it with condoms. So, don’t be afraid to try it out with a partner too.

6. Wet Cool Tingle Arousal

Lube Type: Cooling (water-based)
Feels Like: Tingly and minty fresh
FYI: Safe for all toys and condoms

When things get hot, why not cool down with Wet Cool Tingle Arousal lube? It might seem strange to use a lube that makes your junk feel cooler, but icy sensations can be just as tantalizing as hot ones.

Plus, it can make for a refreshing wank on a sweltering summer day.

Wet "Cool Tingle" Arousal Lubricant ❄️


$11.99 $12.99

Sex is hot! It's sweaty, it's steamy and we love it that way. If, however, you'd like to offset all that sexy warmth with a super-sexy chilly tingle, this shivery lube by Wet is the one for you. Instantly eliminating… Read More

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Wet Cool Tingle Arousal is our favorite cooling lube. It’s water-based, so it won’t make a mess and you can use it with any condoms and toys.

It’s also got just the right amount of tingle. It won’t make your dick feel like an ice cube—it cools the perfect amount to perk up all those nerve endings for a big finish.

7. Tenga 'Mild' Hole Lotion

Lube Type: Water-Based
Feels Like: Thick & Slick
FYI: Perfect for use with Tenga sex toys 

Tenga has perfected the water-based lube formula with its line of Tenga Hole lubricants. Each lube has a different consistency, but we think Mild is the best for male masturbation. Mild is the second-thickest lube formula by Tenga—a perfect middle ground between viscous and wet. 

TENGA Hole Lotion "Mild" Lubricant

TENGA Hole Lotion

$15.30 $17.99

If you haven't tried a TENGA toy... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Well, anyway, TENGA Hole Lotion Mild isn't a TENGA sex toy, but it is a specially formulated water-based lubricant to help you slide into your toy with ease.… Read More

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When you’re masturbating, you don’t always want your lube to stray from its primary target (getting your shorts all skeezy). Tenga Hole Lotion Mild stays where it’s supposed to, making for easy application and quick cleanup. 

Tenga is one of the most reputable manufacturers of male sex toys, and Tenga Hole Lotion was made to accompany their strokers and masturbators. We highly recommend that you check out Tenga's selection of premium adult toys to use with this premium sex lube. 

8. Wet Original Water-Based Gel

Lube Type: Water-Based
Feels Like: Classic Slick Feel
FYI: Safe for all toys and condoms

Super slick, very affordable, and eternally versatileWet Original Water-Based Gel is the masturbation lube that you shouldn’t go without. Sure, silicone and oil-based lubricants might last longer, but they come with a few restrictions. A classic water-based lube is perfect for any occasion. Keep it around for solo play, use it during sex—hell, you can even eat it (though it doesn’t make a very tasty snack). 

Wet Original Gel Water-Based Lubricant

Wet Original Gel Water-Based Lubricant

$5.99 $7.99

Wet Original Gel Personal Lubricant If you’re looking for a little something to whet your appetite while you get down and dirty, Wet Original is the perfect slick pick! This long-lasting lube is thick, smooth, and - because it is… Read More

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Wet Original is a classic lube, but it’s made with very high standards, which is why we put it on this list. Wet has been around for over 30 years, and they’ve racked up some impressive certifications. All of their lubes are made in FDA-compliant facilities with medical-grade standards.

You won’t find any additives or shady ingredients here—Wet does not cut corners. Oh, and it also feels great. Wet lubes feel…well, they feel wet. They’re made to perfectly imitate her natural wetness. What more could you want in a masturbation lube for guys?

Why Masturbate with Lube?

Ummm… because masturbating with lube feels WAY better than doing the deed dry or with lotion.

In fact, masturbating with random oils and soaps can actually hurt you! You’re much better off using lube—a slicker and smoother substance that’s made specifically for your dick.

If you’ve never used lube to masturbate, you’re missing out.

Masturbation Lube

Using soap or spit to lube up is like eating the same meal every day—and a bad one at that. With masturbation lube, you can choose from a vast menu of different sensations every time you squeeze your sausage.

  • Monday warming...
  • Tuesday tingling...
  • Wednesday creamy oil-based lube...
  • and so on...

Lube turns masturbation into more than a moment of bliss. You enjoy more stimulation from the first moment to the final pump during every self-love session.

Even better? Most masturbation lube costs a lot less than the lotion in your bathroom cabinet, especially when you shop at Condomania (check out Condomania's Best-Selling Lubes).

Lube also has far fewer chemicals and additives than lotion. You don’t want that stuff near your boys.

Next time you’re feeling frisky, make the smart choice for your pants pendulum and stroke it with masturbation lube.

Wait... are you still using your hands to stroke?

If you're still using a hand to beat yer meat, we need to have a chat... It's 2024 and time to start using a stroker toy

A penis stroker is the best thing you didn't know you needed. Seriously. 

Just put a dab of lube on the inside of the stroker and GO TO TOWN. Give your damn hands a break!

Tenga Spinners are our favorite kind of strokers.

Invest in your masturbation... you'll thank us later.

Buy Masturbation Lube at Condomania

Next time you shop for masturbation lube, choose from the list above. Better yet, curate your own collection of sex lube and enjoy a different sensation every time you shake hands with the man downstairs.

It’s easy to buy lube from Condomania’s massive selection, which 9 out of 10 professional masturbators agree is the best on the web. Find your masturbation lube here.

To get the most out of your fap time, partner your lube with a male masturbation toy!

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