The 10 Best Vibrators for Your Vulva (Updated 2024)

The 10 Best Vibrators for Your Vulva (Updated 2024)

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There are thousands of vibrators out there to choose from. But only a few of them are worth your time and money.

I know—I’ve been working with sex toys for over a decade, and I’ve tried over 100 different vibrators.

I also spend a lot of time on sex toy forums. One thing I’ve noticed is that while people use a lot of toys, the conversation always comes back to certain vibrators and brands that have achieved GOAT status.

These are the vibrators that vulva-havers swear by—the vibrators they can’t live without.

So, I thought it was time to compile these legendary wands, rabbits, clit-suckers, and more into a definitive list of the greatest vibrators.

If you’re looking for a new vibe, why take your chances on a random toy?

Choose one of the following and know you’re getting a toy that’s safe, reliable, durable, and, yes—cataclysmically orgasmic.

Types of Vibrators

What type of vibrator are you into? That depends on the kind of stimulation that brings you to climax.

All of the toys below are legit goddesses of the ‘gasm, but that doesn’t mean they’re all suited for your body and your needs.

I’ve included vibrators that buzz, vibrators that rumble, vibrators that suck, and vibrators that penetrate. Some women prefer one kind of stimulation to another.

For example. I love penetration by a partner, but when I masturbate, I prefer solo clit stimulation.

One of my colleagues loves giant dildos. And that’s awesome.

We all have different bodies and pleasure preferences. If you don’t know how your needs correlate to different vibrators, check out the brief guide below.

If you know exactly which type of vibrator you’re looking for, you can skip ahead to the list of top vibrators in the next section.

👉 Bullet Vibrators: A bullet vibrator is a clitoral vibrator that delivers targeted, buzzy vibrations. These vibrators are compact, affordable, and travel-ready. If you’ve never owned a vibrator before, a bullet is the perfect starting point.

👉 Wand Massagers: Wands are another kind of clit vibrator, but these deliver big, rumbly vibrations as opposed to the buzzy vibes of bullets. Wand vibrations resonate deeply into your pleasure zones. They’re also convenient for grinding and hands-free play.

👉 Air-suction Vibrators: Air-suction vibrators stimulate the clit with rapid air pulses. The sensation feels like someone is sucking your clit. Unlike other vibrators, nothing touches your clit but air—but that doesn’t mean air-suction vibrators are any less powerful. They deliver intense orgasms quickly.

👉 G-spot Vibrators: These vibrators penetrate the vagina and massage the G-spot. They usually have a curved shape and a large head, making it easy to rub and apply pressure to the G-spot.

👉 Rabbit Vibrators: If a bullet vibrator and a G-spot vibrator had a baby, it would be a rabbit vibrator. Rabbits have two vibrating arms. One penetrates the vagina and stimulates the G-spot, and the other rests on the clit. Rabbits are used to unleash incredibly intense dual orgasms (simultaneous G-spot and clitoral orgasms).

👉 Wearable Vibrators: Wearable vibrators are hands-free toys that stay put on your vulva so you can use your hands for other naughty activities (or, you know, just checking your email). Many of these toys feature remote controls or app controls that allow you to play at a distance.

The Top 10 Vibrators for Your Vulva

I’ve included many types of vibrators on this list, so they’re listed in no particular order. I’ve used each one of these vibrators, and I’ve spent time researching what other people think of them, too.

Some, like the Satisfyer Pro 2, have been on this list for years, while others are new arrivals. If this list arouses your inner shopper, you can find Condomania’s complete collection of vibrators here.

VeDO Boom Rechargeable Warming Bullet Vibrator - Pink

VeDO Boom Rechargeable Warming Bullet Vibrator - Pink

$49.99 $54.99

VeDO Thrill Rechargeable Warming Bullet Vibrator Hello, pleasure seekers! Get ready to be thrilled with the VeDO Thrill in the enchanting hue of Pink Euphoria. This isn't just a sex toy; it's a carnival of ecstasy, and our Condomaniacs are… Read More

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The VeDO Boom is nothing fancy. It’s just a solid bullet vibrator at a great price. But that’s something that every woman needs.

These days, even bullets can cost an arm and a leg. And the sad thing is, many of the $100+ bullets aren’t even that good.

This bullet has everything you need and it won’t break the bank. It’s got loads of vibration modes and settings, it’s made of high-quality silicone, it’s rechargeable, and it’s waterproof for shower-friendly fun.

As a bonus, it has a warming function for those chilly nights. That’s something you won’t find even in high-end bullet vibrators.

We-Vibe Touch X Coral Bullet Vibrator

We-Vibe Touch X Coral Bullet Vibrator


We-Vibe Touch X Coral Bullet Vibrator Touch X is one of the worlds most versatile multi-purpose vibrators. From blissful clitoral stimulation to deep, rumbly head-to-toe massages, Touch X pampers the whole body. Its shape is perfectly sculpted to sensually stimulate… Read More

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If you’re looking for a top-notch bullet and are willing to pay, the We-Vibe Touch X is currently one of the highest-rated across the web.

It’ll cost you twice as much as the VeDO Boom, but it improves on the former in every way.

Most bullets are shaped like pens, which can make your fingers feel cramped after a while. The Touch X has a much more comfortable palm-friendly shape which also allows you to put more pressure on your clit.

Oh, and you can use this toy internally, too, making it much more versatile than your average bullet.

It has 8 vibration modes, and the high-quality motor creates deeper, more penetrating vibrations for more profound pleasure. I know it sounds weird, but the difference matters!

Another thing I love about this one is that it’s really quiet. If you have roommates or live at home with family, there’s no price you can put on privacy.

Magic Wand Rechargeable HV-270 Personal Massager

Magic Wand Rechargeable HV-270 Personal Massager

$129.95 $189.95

Magic Wand Rechargeable Vibrator Say hello to the Magic Wand Rechargeable Vibrator, your new best friend in the bedroom! 🎉🔥 For over 30 years, this powerhouse has been delivering mind-blowing, toe-curling vibrations that will leave you breathless. And now, with… Read More

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The Magic Wand by Hitachi is the original wand vibrator, and it’s still the best, in my opinion.

Sure, there are more advanced and feature-rich wands out there, like the LELO Smart Wand 2. But the original Magic Wand still delivers incredibly intense vibrations—and it costs about half as much.

This rechargeable version lasts about 2 hours, which is plenty of time as long as you remember to keep it charged up. Some people prefer corded wands, which are more reliable in the long run.

But if you like to use your wand in different positions, with a partner, and under your blanket while watching TV (like I do), then it’s worth going cordless.

The wand has four vibration speeds and five patterns—not a ton, but plenty to get the job done. It’s kind of big and clunky, but that’s part of its charm. Plus, big wands are easier to straddle!

Satisfyer Pro 2 Air Pulse Stimulator

Satisfyer Pro 2 Air Pulse Stimulator

$49.99 $55.99

🚀 Meet the Pro 2: Your Pleasure Party's Sexy Sidekick! 🚀 Get ready to introduce the Pro 2 – the gadget that's not just a toy; it's a mood-setting maestro designed to make your clitoris the VIP guest at the… Read More

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The Satisfyer Pro 2 is probably the most famous air suction vibrator of all time, and it will likely never leave this list. I’m 100% a believer in this toy, and I think every woman should try it.

Why? Well, air-suction vibrators are the future of clitoral pleasure. They’re simultaneously gentle on the clit while delivering super intense stimulation.

Secondly, The Satisfyer Pro 2 is stupidly affordable. Most air-suction toys are not.

This a rare occasion when one of the cheapest toys is the best in show.

When using the toy, air pulses glide along the clit to create the sensation of suction. You can boost the speed and intensity as you near your O (you’ve never had one like this!).

I always recommend these to women who have trouble reaching orgasm. Most of them end up seeing stars within minutes.

LELO SONA Cruise Sonic Wave Clitoral Massager (Black)

LELO SONA Cruise Sonic Wave Clitoral Massager (Black)


Pleasure like You’ve Never Felt Before Using contactless Sonic Pulse technology, SONA creates a sensation the likes of which you’ve never quite felt before. It has 8 pleasure settings to bring you from a teasing murmur to a satisfying pulse… Read More

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The LELO Sona is a variation of the air suction vibrator design. But instead of using air, it uses sound waves.

Pretty high-tech stuff.

For me, sound waves are superior to air suction because they penetrate the clit. You can’t tell where the vibrations are coming from—it’s like your entire clit and surrounding area are bumping with pleasure.

I also find the SONA to be more comfortable in the bath. While air-suction vibrators are waterproof, they’re also loud. They make it sound like you replaced your rubber ducky with a motorboat.

SONA works just about the same way as an air-suction vibrator, so if you like air-suction toys, consider upgrading to SONA. The only thing in your way is the price, which is somewhat restrictive.

Hot Octopuss Kurve - G-Spot Vibrator

Hot Octopuss Kurve - G-Spot Vibrator


The mystery of the G-spot is solved! KURVE features Hot Octopuss patented dual-motor Treble and Bass technology, offering the ultimate in user customization. Boasting a soft gel tip that provides a broad surface area and ergonomic contours that ensure the right kind… Read More

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Hot Octopuss is one of my all-time favorite sex toy brands, and the Kurve is the vibrator I use if I’m feeling into internal play.

The design is beautiful, durable, and not too curvy, so I can easily put pressure on my G-spot or penetrate a bit deeper with little effort.

But the real magic of the Kurve comes from its dual motors. One motor is buzzy, and the other is rumbly.

You can choose the vibration you prefer, which might depend on what part of your body you’re using the toy on (you can also use G-spot vibrators for clit stimulation).

Or, turn both motors on at once to experience a “treble and bass” sensation that I like to refer to as the ultra-rumble.

If you’re looking for a single-arm vibrator for penetration, The Kurve should be at the top of your list.

Satisfyer Petting Hippo G-Spot Vibrator

Satisfyer Petting Hippo G-Spot Vibrator


Strong vibrations and a playful design: The Satisfyer Petting Hippo The Petting Hippo's playful design invites the deepest G-spot stimulation you've always wanted. With deep vibrations coursing through the voluminous tip and flexible shaft, this G-spot vibe massages you to… Read More

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If you're looking for a G-spot vibrator that’s serious about the G-spot, this is the one.

The Petting Hippo doesn’t f*ck around. It has a big, angled nub of a head that looks like an adorable hippo but does real work on the G-spot.

You don’t have to do ANY work for this toy to put big-time pressure on your G zone. And it has 12 different settings for sending vibrations to your core.

If you find G-spot play intense, this might not be the toy for you—start with the Hot Octopuss Kurve above. But if you’re looking for a toy with maximum G force, get the Satisfyer Petting Hippo.

Lovense Nora Bluetooth-Controlled Rabbit Vibrator

Lovense Nora Bluetooth-Controlled Rabbit Vibrator


Introducing Nora: Your New Pleasure Pal! Meet Nora, your new best friend in Pleasure Town! 🎉 Smart and Sexy: Bluetooth Bliss This ain't your grandma's vibrator – this baby's got brains and beauty. With Bluetooth smarts, you can control Nora… Read More

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Lovense toys are among the most trusted and highest-rated on the web, and their rabbit vibrator is a no-brainer buy.

It features 2 powerful and reliable motors (one in each arm) and Bluetooth connectivity for long-distance play.

Yep, you can control your rabbit with an app (or let someone else control it…) and even sync the vibrations with your favorite tunes.

Lovense did a lot of work on the design here, which pays off big time in the bedroom. The thick, nubbed internal arm puts pressure on the G-spot and actually stays put. Other rabbits can’t quite hit the spot and maintain it.

The external arm is gentle on the clit, making it easy to find a comfortable position for dual stimulation.

I won’t lie—I don’t use the Bluetooth features very often. But this rabbit’s comfortable, ergonomic design and its powerful motors make it worth a buy.

Womanizer Duo 2 Rabbit Air Pulse Vibrator (Black)

Womanizer Duo 2 Rabbit Air Pulse Vibrator (Black)


Womanizer Duo 2: Air Pulse Clitoral Stimulator The mindblowing clitoral stimulation of a Womanizer blended with deep G-Spot stimulation that's what! Revel in 14 escalating (independently operated) intensity levels to bring the user to explosive, climactic bliss. 👉 Unique "Pleasure Air" technology… Read More

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The Womanizer Duo 2 is a new addition to this list. Like a rabbit, it’s another dual-stimulation toy (for simultaneous clit and G-spot play). But instead of a vibrating external arm, there’s an air-suction vibrator.

So, the large arm penetrates the vagina and stimulates the G-spot while the air suction vibrator works the clit at the same time. The Womanizer Duo 2 is waterproof and surprisingly quiet—more so than most rabbits.

I wouldn’t recommend it for first-timers—it’s veeeery intense. Though it has 14 settings, so you can work your way up from mild stimulation to multiple orgasms.

Even for me, this toy is kind of insane. But I can’t deny that it’s something special. If you’re looking for the new frontier of sex toys for women, you’ll find it here.

Lovense Lush 3 Egg Vibrator

Lovense Lush 3 Egg Vibrator


Lovense Lush 3 Egg Vibrator Meet the Lovense Lush 3 – the egg vibrator that's here to shake things up! 🥚 Egg-citing Innovations: Bluetooth Magic Forget everything you know about ordinary toys because Lush 3 is in a league of… Read More

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Another Bluetooth-controlled vibrator by Lovense, this wearable toy is kind of like a vibrating paper clip for your coochie.

Shaped like a horseshoe, you slide the thicker arm inside your vagina and let it rest on your G-spot. The thinner arm remains outside of your body.

Once it’s in position, just turn it on and enjoy the ride—or hand the controls to a partner via the Lovense app.

Another cool aspect of the Lush 3 is that you can create and save your own vibrating patterns on the app, so there are literally unlimited settings to choose from.

Like the other Lovense toy on this list, the Bluetooth aspect is just the icing on the cake. The Lush 3 is fantastic because it delivers strong, deep vibrations exactly where it’s supposed to.

Yes, you can have hands-free orgasms without having to adjust the toy constantly!

If you’ve ever been intrigued by a remote-controlled or hands-free toy, get this one.

Don’t Forget Lube

There’s nothing worse than unboxing a brand-new sex toy and realizing you forgot the lube.

You cannot use vibrators without lube, so don’t forget to stock up.

Without lube, intense vibrations may create extra friction and cause micro-tears on your vulva. That’s no fun, and it boosts your risk of infection.

Toys with delicate materials can also get damaged without lube, which, again, increases your risk of infection.

Remember, before using your vibrator, slather it with a generous amount of lube and rub some lube on your lady bits, too.

What kind of sex lube should you use?

For most vibrators, you must use water-based lube. All water-based lubes are sex-toy safe. My go-to lube is Sliquid H2O. It’s made from natural ingredients and lacks all the synthetic chemicals and irritants you want to avoid.

You can find more water-based lube here.

Remember to NEVER use silicone lube with silicone toys (most vibrators are made of silicone). Silicone lube degrades and damages silicone toys. 

Damaged toys can become porous and infected with bacteria or mold.

Are You Feeling The Vibe?

Choosing a new vibrator can be tough. Not only are they costly, but your new toy will go in and around your vulva, so you’ve really got to trust it.

Do yourself a favor, and don’t buy off-brand vibrators from random sellers and auction sites. It’s just not worth it. At best, they’ll be decent, and at worst, they’ll be cheap materials that could harm you.

I’ve tried a lot of sh*tty vibrators over the years, and they’re just frustrating. Either they feel ok but not great. Or, they feel good but can’t get you to the finish line.

You won’t have those problems if you choose one of the vibrators on my list. Plus, I guarantee you’re going to have a LOT of fun.

If you need any more information about any of the vibrators on this list, feel free to get in touch. We love to chat!

Or, you can learn more about all things that vibrate in my 101 Beginner’s Guide to Vibrators.

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