What is a Dental Dam? (...and how to use them)

What is a Dental Dam? (...and how to use them)

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What's a Dental Dam?

Dental dams are oral STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) shields that everyone is aware of, but nobody really uses.

I mean, really, do you know anyone who puts a little sheet of rubber over their hoo-ha before getting tongue-tickled?

Probably not. But the times are changing, and dental dams are becoming more popular.

The truth is that dental dams are not for prudes who want to keep their cobbler pristine.

They provide real protection against herpes, gonorrhea, hepatitis, and syphilis. Yes, you can get ALL of those STIs from oral sex!

So, if you’re with a new or casual partner and vaginal-oral or anal-oral is on the table, it’s best to protect yourselves with a dental dam.

Don’t worry; dental dams are way less restrictive than you think. And sometimes, you’ll even be glad you had one! We’ll explain why below.

But first, for those of you who are already pants-less and ready for a tongue-lashing, here’s how to use a dental dam.

How to Use a Dental Dam

Luckily, using a dental dam is super easy. Just follow these steps.

👉 Remove the dental dam from the package and unfold it completely. Check for any holes or tears. If you see any, toss it and get a new one.

👉 Place the dental dam over the vulva or anus and make sure it covers the area completely. Don’t try to stretch the dam or secure it in place with anything. Just lay it there!

👉 Go to town! Pleasure your partner over the dental dam with your mouth.

You can use your fingers under the dental dam (if your partner consents), but don’t put them in your mouth or around your genitals after.

How to use a Dental Dam

Make sure the top of the dam stays free of vaginal or anal fluids.

👉 When the deed is done, carefully fold the dental dam and throw it away. Be careful when folding it to avoid getting fluids on your hands.

Wash your hands and mouth area and return to your partner for cuddles.

That’s it! It’s pretty tough to look like a noob when using a dental dam, even if you haven’t used one before.

It’s super easy, and dental dams are cheap, so they’re worth trying, even if you aren’t sure whether you’re into them or not.

You’ll be glad you did if it saves you from a nasty case of gonorrhea!

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How NOT to Use a Dental Dam

If you try to use a dental dam for anything besides anal-oral and vaginal-oral protection, you may be putting yourself at risk (or, at the very least, you’ll have sub-par oral).

Here are a few dental dam no-nos:

👉 Don’t use a dental dam on a penis: A dental dam for a penis is called a CONDOM.

Condoms are designed to hold in dude fluid and dental dams are not, so if you want to protect yourself from STIs while sucking a sausage, use a condom.

Flavored condoms are the best for oral!

👉 Don’t finger a vulva or butt with a dental dam: A dental dam should not go inside the anus or vagina, so don’t push your fingers (and the dental dam along with them) inside any of your partner’s holes. Instead, try a finger condom.

👉 Don’t turn a dental dam over after oral has begun: It might seem obvious, but it must be said.

If you place a dental dam over the vulva or anus and then turn it over, you’ll be exposing yourself to potential infection.

👉 Don’t use the same dental dam for vaginal and anal oral: Moving a dental dam from the anus to the vulva may risk infection for the person receiving oral.

When anal bacteria gets into the vagina, bad things can happen. If you want to switch holes, switch dental dams too.

👉 Don’t reuse a dental dam: Why…just why would you do this. Reusing a dental dam is gross. And they only cost like $1.50.

Throw away the dental dam immediately after oral and use a new one every time.

Need a Dental Dam But Don’t Have One? Try These Dental Dam Life Hacks

Dental dams are one of the only sexual health tools that you can safely DIY. That means if you don’t have one, you can make one pretty easily. Here are a few ways to do it:

👉 Use a Condom: Unravel a condom and cut it from tip to base. Lay it flat over your partner’s naughty bits.

Condoms are not very big, so we recommend using this hack for anal-oral as opposed to vaginal-oral.

👉 Use rubber gloves: Have any latex gloves lying around? You can cut one open and lay it flat (like the condom hack above) to create a DIY dental dam.

👉 Use plastic wrap: Non-porous plastic wrap can make a decent dental dam as long as you’re gentle—it can be easy to stretch and puncture with an overzealous tongue.

All of the items above can be used to make a dental dam if you don’t have a real dam at hand.

Just make sure they are clean and unused (don’t use the plastic wrap from the sandwich you had at lunch).

To be clear, real dental dams are much better than these options. After all, they are made specifically for oral sex.

They are thinner and safer, and they come in fun flavors that make oral even more of a treat.

Only make a DIY dental dam if the only other option is having unprotected oral with a casual partner.

Here’s Why You Want to Use a Dental Dam

We get it. You don't really want to use a dental dam. And your partner probably wants to use one even less. But don’t knock it till you try it.

Dental dams are actually a lot better than you think they are. In a lot of ways, they can even improve oral sex.

Don’t believe us? Here are a few reasons why you actually want to use a dental dam.

👉 They make oral taste better: Ever have one of those days when you feel like your snatch is stanky? Or maybe you’ve been at the club all night, and your partner is a little ripe.

A flavored dental dam allows you to satisfy your oral cravings without worrying about funky smells or tastes.

👉 They stop you from eating poop: Eating ass comes with inherent risks—most of which are poop-related.

Even if your partner washes up beforehand, there's always the risk of ingesting fecal residue, and nobody wants that.

Dental dams allow you to enjoy a healthy butt while avoiding what lurks within.

👉 They give you options on a period: If you think you’re about to start your period or you’re in the low-flow zone, oral sex is still on the table, thanks to dental dams.

👉 Oh, and they protect you from incurable STIs: Most importantly, dental dams can keep you STI-free.

That includes STIs like herpes and hepatitis, which are incurable.

Herpes is widespread in the US, and most people don’t even know they have it.

So, don’t take your chances just to munch the box of someone you’ll never see again. Use a dental dam!

On top of all these excellent reasons to use a dental dam, they actually feel pretty good. Dental dams are VERY thin, so you can still feel the warmth and texture of your partner.

If you’re receiving oral, you may not even notice the dental dam is there after a few minutes.

For those on the giving end, the taste is the only sense that doesn’t pass through the barrier, but in many cases (especially when butts are involved), that’s actually a good thing.

Learn How and When to Use a Dental Dam

Learning how to use a dental dam is easy. The reals skill is learning when to use one. For many, the answer is never.

But that’s not a game you want to play for long.

It will almost definitely end with you getting an STI.

We’re not going to tell you to use a dental dam every time you have oral sex. That’s not very realistic.

But you should always use a dental dam when engaging in oral sex with a one-night partner or casual partner.

As a general rule, if you’d use a condom with a particular partner, you should also use a dental dam with that person.

Luckily, dental dams are affordable, and you can store them with your condoms. If you run out, you can even DIY your own with a condom or some plastic wrap.

So, there’s no excuse to put your health at risk by engaging in unprotected oral sex!

Ready to try a dental dam? We stock only the best dental dams for oral sex here at Condomania.

All of our products are tested for safety, so you can sit back, relax, arch your back, and…well, you know.

Check out our selection of dental dams here!

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