Top 50 Sex-Positive Websites We Love


What does it mean to be truly sex-positive? We believe this widely talked about term means embracing one’s own sexual identity and being comfortable with the sexual behavior of others. It means to be accepting of all sexual orientations, lifestyles, and perspectives without judgment. Sex-positive individuals won’t judge you for how and where and how often you want to have fun – and we at LubeZilla think that’s not always easy!As huge advocates of sex and sexual health awareness, we took it to ourselves to recognize the warmest sex-positive spaces on the web. These blogs encourage healthy conversations about sex and offer helpful examinations into the complexity of relationships and intimacy.

Here are 50 handpicked blogs that could possibly change the way you think, or leave you feeling less weird, at least.

1 Single Girl Blogging

Single Girl Blogging goes against all the unspoken rules of dating. Through her uncensored, hilarious, and honest storytelling of the highs and lows of dating, you’re captivated. Nothing is left to the imagination; she spills all the beans (and much more!). If you love witty humour with a sprinkle of sass and random anecdotes, then this blog is just for you!

2 Sexologist Vixenne

A person with many hats. From sexologist to blogger, to sex toy reviewer and speaker, Dr. V will have you captivated with the wonderous topics of not just sex, but finding your inner ability and exploring your creativity.

3 Life on the Swingset

If you’re curious about exploring different sexual options or already experienced, than Life On The Swingset is just for you. The title gives it all away, to discover the diverse ways open and sexual lifestyles. Like a rare gem on the internet, it provides a ton of helpful (and detailed!) advice through writing and podcasts for clueless newbies and experienced pros alike.

4 Dating Goddess

Have you ever imagined what dating after 40 is like? Dating Goddess is a best-selling author. She calls herself the “dating philosopher and giving date-a-vational speeches” As she continues to search for “the one,” DG captivates through life experiences and lessons which we can all learn from.

5 Blog With Benefits

From first time dating and break-ups to searching for love or finding creeps. A young single blogger living in LA gives great advice to singles - that no matter what, everything is going to turn up fine.

6 Single Dating Diva

Are you struggling with dates? Why do so many things go wrong? The Single Dating Diva is coaches you through dates - it's the Internet's ultimate “dating bible.”

7 Vagina Antics

Confessions of a personal journey in kinky sex as a divorced mother over 40. VA writes without holding back and bravely explores sexuality and kink, moonlighting as an assistant in a private BDSM dungeon.

8 F Dot Leonora

Magical, extraordinary, and intoxicating. Writing erotica like no other, helping readers escape normality and enter a captivating world of sexual dreams.

9 Feminista Jones

This is a website not for the ordinary. If you're in the mood for some troublesome and daring fun - then take the leap of faith and dive into Feminista Jones' sexual fantasies.

10 Tabitha Rayne

Tabitha Rayne is filled with erotic tales, sensual art, and helpful toy reviews. Quirky meets sinful - exploring and opening up to all her sexual areas in life.

11 Dirty in Public

A mind-blowing blog that will notably improve your life. From dishing the dirt on masquerading to candid advice on dating, sex, and relationships. Both men and females will enjoy reading the pages of witty genius humour.

12 Miss Ruby Reviews

Looking for your first sex toy? Or looking for the next “big thing” - Miss Ruby Reviews will have all your sex toy dreams covered. After years of collecting sex toys, Miss Ruby shares frank, honest and unbiased reviews on all kinds of toys to explore behind closed doors.

13 Senior Planet

Seniors are officially taking to their “new planet” with Senior Planet. A organisation that supports seniors who are aging with attitude. Allowing those who born long before the digital revolution to stay relevant in the new digital-age. Covering all areas including health, sex and dating, art and design, senior style, travel and entertainment!

14 Dangerous Lilly

Salty Sex Toy Critic, Dildo Burner, Sex Toy Myth Buster. Lilly is a blogger-activist promoting and educating about body-safe sex toys and lubes.

15 In Bed With Married Women

In Bed With Married Women is a place to talk about sex in all its hilarious, strange, hot glory! If you're looking for a pick me up, one post can leave you feeling much better about yourself!

16 Smut for Smarties

Learn to embrace your inner sex goddess with Smut For Smarties. Anyone and everyone is made welcome here, holding back in no areas in sexuality.

17 Kinky Kitten Kim

A straight talking “kinky kitten” doesn’t hold back in writing about her sex toy addiction. Honest and straightforward reviews filled with erotic writing for some excitement along the way.

18 Cara Sutra

The Queen of Sex, Cara Sutra, is a multi award-winning sexuality magazine. Enjoy erotic writing, sexuality chat, a diverse range of sex tips, relationship advice, sex toy reviews and a whole lot more!

19 Girly Juice

Girly Juice writes about sex that you can relate to like no other. Not hiding anything about herself, she brings everything to the table with her quirky, smart, and honest writing.

20 Modesty Ablaze

Read an inspiring diary about a monogamous marriage that changed a woman’s life forever. In her blog, Modesty reveals how couples can enjoy life to the fullest by exploring each other’s inner sexual desires, emotions and fantasies.

21 Round and Round Rosie

Rosie originally started writing about her journey of divorce. Read on as her journey unfolds, and get a glimpse of her honest perspective on all life topics as a woman in her 40s.

22 Science of Relationships

Did you know relationship scientists really exist? Science Of Relationships is written by true experts who have earned their PHDs and teach about love and dating at academic institutions. Science doesn’t lie, learn from the experts today!

23 Relationships Reality

Meet Sarah and Sophia, your new love life coaches. If you find your relationship is on the rocks, this dynamic duo gives uplifting guidance to achieving the relationship you deserve and desire.

24 Role Reboot

Role Reboot is a movement that embraces the changing realities of all our lives and supporting one another. Empowering, insightful and encourages readers to live life “off the script”.

25 My Pixie Blog

An engaging never-ending journey told by a woman in transition. A natural storyteller, taking you with her on her thoughts through love and relationship advice.

26 Kimchi Cuddles

A delightful and unique storyteller, Kimchi Cuddles is a webcomic spreading awareness about poly, queer, and genderqueer issues. Drawing from real life experiences, in a humorous way.

27 Literate Perversions

Literate Perversions is bold and brave. Saying how it is and speaking out on controversial topics such as sex, politics, religion and lifestyle.

28 Oh Joy Sex Toy

OJST creates weekly informative sex education pieces through a web comic. Discover playful, quirky and diverse sexual content that you can’t help but relate to!

29 Sex Love Liberation

Discover your inner erotic power and become at peace with your sexaulity. A refreshing, liberating writer that shares her journey of becoming truly sexually free.

30 Paging Dr. NerdLove

Making “nerdy” the new “sexy”! Harris O’Malley is a dating coach who gives dating advice to self-proclaimed geeks. As one of the top 10 geek dating blogs around, there is nothing that Dr. NerdLove can’t help you with.

31 Dodson and Ross

This duo talks about feminism, self-love, and empowerment. Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross help women overcome negative body issues and pleasure anxiety.

32 My Sex Professor

My Sex Professor gives entertaining sex education and relationship advice. Providing all the answers to your most sexually desired and slightly embarrassing questions!

33 Why Are People Into That?

Ever wonder why people have unusual sexual fantasies and fetishes? Tina openly discusses through her styled podcasts, topics of human sexuality in a non-judgmental way. Kinky, indie and totally cool.

34 The Dirty Normal

Explaining better sex through science, Emily Nagoski is a best-selling author, educator and speaker. Exploring topics around issues of sexual health, consent, relationships - around cutting-edge research that helps you understand the “science” behind it all!

35 Ann St. Vincent

R-rated content - Ann St Vincent shares her open marriage, divorce, sexual rebirth, relationships and lots of sex. True, inspiring and uplifting storytelling.

36 Genderfork

Run by a team of wonderful volunteers, Genderfork is a supportive community for identities across the gender spectrum, uniting differences and supporting one another through life’s journey.

37 Ashley Manta

Bubbly, Confident and Radiant - Ashley Manta talks about her favourite topics sex (and cannabis). Helping people interact, love, and feel their best in and out of the bedroom!

38 Red Lipstick Project

Feminism at its best. Emily Straubel writes responsibly about sex and relationships and empowers women through her writing. She thinks everyone should know what turns them on.

39 I’m Boy Crazy

Kinky, flirty and somewhat crazy. I’m Boy Crazy discovers her inner desires and shares her discoveries to anticipating readers regularly.

40 Kinsey Confidential

Removing the taboo surrounding sex, Kinsey Confidental opens sex with open arms. A community geared towards students providing accurate information and holding no judgement to any question.

41 Melanie Curtin

Starting a global movement to replace shame, guilt, and trauma around sexuality. Joyful, empowering, inspiring and healing for the soul - Melanie sparks conversations and leads you through a captivating tunnel.

42 Girl on the Net

How do bad girls fall in love? Girl on the Net is explicit, erotic and controversial. Naughty but nice, she will get you going in for a treat!

43 Dating, Love, and Sex Tips

The title says it all - this is the Internet’s ultimate guide and manual to relationships and sex. Pop a question and they will surely have it covered!

44 Down To There

Down To There coaches individuals and couples to explore what is possible emotionally and erotically in their relationships.

45 Sex, Death, Rock n’ Roll

Edgey, fascinating and hilarious. Violet, owner of Sex, Death, Rock’n’Roll, conveys creativity and individuality at its best!

46 Sugarcunt Writes

If you have a fascination for swearing, witty humour and a lot of sex talk, this is a blog you can’t miss out on. Hilarious from start to finish, SW honestly talks about their sexual experiences, making every detail count.

47 My Tiny Secrets

MTS promotes health, sex, and happiness by giving advice for women from women. No taboos, just providing honest and empowering sexual and life education.

48 Better Sex Ed

Realising there is a lack of sex education resources on the Internet, Nikita Coulombe created Better Sex Ed along with Keeley Rankin. Offering objective information and candid discussions about sex, relationships, dating, and related topic - not just discussing one side of the story!

49 Regina Lynn

Regina Lynn talks about the connection between sex and technology, openly discussing the unusual areas of sexual technology and making sense of how it all works!

50 Dave Glenn

Helping men make sense of how women are wired differently through one man’s adventure. Dave Glenn provides comical and insightful stories of his journey with “dangerous” women!