2021 State of the Unit: Penis Size Ranked by State

2021 State of the Unit: Penis Size Ranked by State

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Welcome to Condomania’s State of the Unit address!

It’s the time of year when we compile condom sales data from across the nation to find out which states have a surplus of “natural resources” and which are a bit understaffed in the dong department. 

How do we rank penis size by state?

It’s all very scientific…sort of. At Condomania, we sell hundreds of thousands of condoms to every state in the union each year. We were America’s first condom shop (est. 1991 in New York City), and we’ve since become one of the nation’s favorite places to buy condoms online

We sell condoms in a range of shapes and sizes, including slim, standard, large, and extra-large.

To find out which states are packing the most heat, we look at the numbers: How many of each condom size ships to each state? Then, we create a weighted average between all the condom sizes to assign a rank.

To create the official ranking, we used sales data from 2013 to the present.

That’s a lot of dick data, but it helps us to paint a more detailed picture of America’s diverse landscape of love muscles. 

Without further ado, here is the official penis size by state ranking...

Penis Size by State

The Ranking: Penis Size by State

  1. Maine

  2. Missouri

  3. Arkansas

  4. Washington

  5. Wyoming

  6. North Carolina

  7. Iowa

  8. Tennessee

  9. Wisconsin

  10. Idaho

  11. New York

  12. Arizona

  13. Washington DC

  14. Massachusetts 

  15. Pennsylvania

  16. Vermont 

  17. West Virginia

  18. California

  19. Minnesota

  20. North Dakota

  21. Colorado

  22. Mississippi

  23. Nebraska

  24. Oregon

  25. South Carolina

  26. Montana

  27. Louisiana

  28. Georgia 

  29. Alabama

  30. Maryland

  31. New Hampshire

  32. Ohio

  33. Virginia

  34. New Jersey

  35. Florida

  36. Michigan 

  37. Rhode Island 

  38. Nevada

  39. Connecticut

  40. Oklahoma

  41. Kentucky

  42. Illinois

  43. Hawaii

  44. Utah

  45. Texas

  46. Delaware

  47. Indiana

  48. Kansas

  49. Alaska

  50. New Mexico

  51. South Dakota

State of the Unit: Wrapping it Up

How did your state stack up in this year’s State of the Unit? Not everyone can snag one of the coveted top 10 spots. To those noble states that did, we salute you for standing tall where it counts…in your pants.

To the states who didn’t climb as high on the list, don’t be upset. Not everyone can sport a Washington Monument in their jeans. 

Besides, there’s always next year! The best way to support your state in the next State of the Unit is to buy your condoms online at condomania.com*. The more data we have, the more accurately we can represent the knobs of this great nation. 

*WARNING: Shameless marketing plug

Does Condom Size Even Matter?

We know what you’re thinking: 

“What does condom size have to do with penis size? All condoms are basically the same, right?”


Condoms are made in different sizes for a reason. Wearing the wrong condom size will affect your game in the bedroom and increase your risk of pregnancy and STI transmission. It’s a big f*#cking deal.  

Getting the right condom is the difference between wearing a tailored suit to a wedding or showing up in some hand-me-downs you got from your second cousin. Guess who’s going home with a bridesmaid (or groomsman)? 

Luckily, Condomania gives you the resources to find the perfect condom as you shop. You can easily shop condoms by size right from the homepage. You’ll find the measurements of every condom on the product page too. And, this helpful guide will show you how to measure your manhood so you can find a condom that fits perfectly. 

There’s even a condom quiz you can take to find the right condom in less than a minute. There’s never been an easier way to have better sex. 

Why America Loves Condomania

Condomania is a pioneer of condoms and safe sex in this great nation. But what keeps Americans coming back are the loads of perks you get while shopping for condoms. Here are just a few:

👉 Cheaper condoms: We have cheaper condoms than the grocery store, pharmacy, or wherever else you usually get them. That’s what 30 years in the condom biz gets you!

👉 Lube, sex toys, and more: Waaay more than condoms! Upgrade your sex life with premium lube, sex toys, and a lot more kinky stuff you have to see to believe

👉 Guaranteed safe: All of our condoms are approved by the FDA and NHS for safe sex, and 100% of our sex toys are medically tested for your safety. You’ll never find sketchy off-brands or toxic materials at Condomania.  

👉 Discreet packaging: Don’t want the mail carrier to see your glow-in-the-dark piña colada flavored condoms? All orders ship in discreet packaging. 

Ready to find out why America LOVES shopping at condomania.com? Click here to find your next condom

And don’t forget to check out the Condomania Blog for more fun, sexy, and educational resources such as how to have sex in an elevator, how to master the oral arts, and everything you ever wanted to know about cock rings.

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