Are Ultra-Thin Condoms Safe? (Here’s What Testing Has Revealed...)

Are Ultra-Thin Condoms Safe? (Here’s What Testing Has Revealed...)

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When you wear an ultra-thin condom, you feel more of your partner’s natural heat, moisture, and friction—and they feel more of you, too.

In other words, you both feel more pleasure during sex.

But are ultra-thin condoms worth the extra oomph to your O?

Thin condoms are made with less material and have a thinner barrier, which is why many people think that they’re not as safe as standard condoms.

But this isn’t true. Thin condoms are just as safe and reliable as standard condoms.

They are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy and STI transmission, so you can enjoy more pleasure with zero additional risk (don’t believe it? We’ve got the proof below).

For once, you can have your cake and eat it too.

But hold on, just a hot second. Before you slide into the nearest ultra-thin condom and make your way to plow town, there are some safety issues you should know.

Not every ultra-thin condom is reliable. And MOST people make mistakes that can drastically reduce the condom’s safety.

If you don’t want to end up with a screaming baby or a lifelong STI, read on to learn how to safely wear an ultra-thin condom.

We’ll also recommend some of the best ultra-thin condoms based on real safety testing.

Are Ultra-thin Condoms Safe?

Yes, ultra-thin condoms are safe. In fact, they are just as safe as standard condoms. So, when you’re shopping for condoms, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing safety for pleasure.

You can stock up on those ultra-thins and have better sex with no extra risk.

How does that make sense, though? Extra thin condoms should be weaker than standard condoms if the barrier is thinner, right?

Technically, yes. But that doesn’t mean you can break one more easily during sex—as long as you’re using the condom properly.

Imagine two walls, one made from solid steel vs. another made from solid wood.

Wood is technically weaker, but you’re going to have an equally hard time punching a fist through both materials (unless you’re Chuck Norris).

According to the FDA, ultra-thin condoms, standard condoms, and even extra-strength condoms are all 98% effective at preventing pregnancy and STI transmission.

If you don’t trust the pesky ol’ government, Consumer Reports performed its own independent tests on more than 500 condoms from dozens of brands.

Ultra-thin condoms were not found to be any less effective. In fact, out of the seven condoms that got perfect safety scores, two were ultra-thin ( LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Lubricated and Trojan Ultra Thin ).

So, you can let those worries melt away as you enjoy an intimate moment of reverse wheelbarrow-style sexing with your sweetheart. Your ultra-thin condom won’t let you down.

However, you might let your condom down. Human error is the primary reason that condoms fail. It’s worth doing a quick recap on how to have safe sex with an ultra-thin condom.

Ultra-thin Condoms are Safe, But…

Ultra-thin condoms are as safe as can be. But only if you know how to use them. Wearing a condom improperly can drastically reduce its effectiveness—a drop from about 98% to 85%.

That might not seem like much, but it increases your chances of making a baby or catching an STI from about 1/50 to 1/7. That’s huge.

What can you do to get maximum protection from your ultra-thin condom? Follow these tips to prevent rips, tears, and pregnancy scares.

👉 Wear the Right Condom Size: Over 80% of guys wear the wrong size condom. Not only does this make sex feel worse, but it also boosts your chances of a baby or an infection.

Plus, your partner definitely notices when your condom is wonky. Find out how to measure up and choose the right condom here.

👉 Use Lube: Condoms are meant to be used with lube. Lube makes sex feel sooo much better for both partners, and it prevents friction that can lead to issues like tears or the condom sliding off.

A water-based lube is your best bet—you can use it for every kinky act in the book. Remember never to use oil-based lube with latex condoms.

👉 Choose the Right Brand: Not all condom brands are equal. You should never buy ultra-thin condoms from a gift store or a sketchy website.

Reliable retailers, such as Condomania, only sell FDA-approved condoms with the highest ratings for strength and safety.

The Most Reliable Ultra-thin Condoms

Ultra-thin condoms are all about maximum pleasure and maximum performance. When you find the right one, you won’t just have better sex.

You’ll also gain more confidence in bed—and that’s something your partner really notices.

The following condoms have the highest safety ratings by watchdogs like Consumer Reports. And the brands that make them employ the most rigorous testing to keep you safe no matter how rough you like it.

LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Lubricated Condoms

LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Lubricated Condoms


LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Welcome to the world of pleasure perfection, where LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Condoms reign supreme! Let's talk about sensitivity. These condoms take it to a whole new level. We're talking ultra-thin, so you can feel every little nuance… Read More

View Product

How thin: ~0.06 mm

How safe: One of only 7 condoms to earn a perfect safety score from Consumer Reports

Trojan Ultra Thin Lubricated Condoms

Trojan Ultra Thin Lubricated Condoms


Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms are one of Trojan's thinnest condoms are designed to increase sensitivity. You'll love the natural feeling Thinner than standard Trojan Condoms, the Trojan Ultra-Thin condoms will give you that au natural feeling… Read More

View Product

How thin: ~0.05 mm 

How safe: One of only 7 condoms to earn a perfect safety score from Consumer Reports 

Kimono MicroThin Condoms

Kimono MicroThin Condoms


Kimono MicroThin Condoms Kimono MicroThin condoms are in the ULTRA-thin category of condoms. They’re thinner than the thinnest Trojan condoms. They’re thinner than the thinnest Durex condoms. In fact, they’re just about the thinnest latex condoms you can buy.  … Read More

View Product

How thin: 0.049 mm

How safe: Kimono tests 5x for safety and strength—more than almost any other condom brand

Durex Invisible Super Thin Condoms

Durex Invisible Super Thin Condoms


Meet one of the first condoms to be thin enough to compete with the Japanese condoms, the top of the line in technology. This is the best ultrathin we have seen from Durex. Like the Okamoto 004, it is almost… Read More

View Product

How thin: 0.045 mm

How safe: Need we say more? 

Unique "Pull" Latex-Free Condoms



Unique "Pull" Condoms No more fumbling in the dark. Unique's Pull condoms allow you to take them straight out of the package and pull the tabs, allowing the condom to easily roll onto your penis. Quick and easy and you’re ready… Read More

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How thin: 0.015 mm 

How safe: 6x stronger than the FDA’s requirements and 3x stronger than most other condoms

Ultra-Thin is In

Do you want to feel more pleasure during sex?

Who doesn’t?

Ultra-thin condoms are ultra-safe, so there’s no reason not to try one. Remember, it’s not just the condom wearer that feels way more sensation.

Your partner also basks in more heat from your meat. That means buying an ultra-thin condom might be the easiest way to up your game in bed right now.

For one of the highest-rated ultra-thin condoms for safety, go for the Trojan Ultra Thin.

But if you want the true GOAT thinnest condom of the thin, you must try Unique Condoms. They’re over 3x thinner than the Trojans above—and totally safe, too!

Can’t decide? Why not try an ultra-thin condom sampler? You’ll get 12 different ultra-thin condoms by 12 different brands for the cost of a normal box of rubbers.

It’s the fastest way to find your new favorite super-thin condom!

Here’s what one customer had to say about Condomania’s ultra-thin sampler pack:

“A few of the condoms in the pack were so good I had to check a couple times if it was still on because it felt like nothing was there.”

Don’t keep using the same old thick-walled condom. Shop ultra-thin condoms now to feel more of your partner and have better sex.

Want to learn more about ultra-thin condoms? We tried and tested over 20 different ultra-thin condoms and chose our favorites in this guide.

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