The 5 Best Ultra-Thin Condoms (I Tested Them All!)

The 5 Best Ultra-Thin Condoms (I Tested Them All!)

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Ultra-thin condoms are for people who want to feel more pleasure during sex.

A thinner condom barrier allows both partners to feel more heat, friction, and moisture—all the good stuff that makes you moan.

To put it simply, a thinner condom makes for BETTER SEX*.

There’s just one problem.

Loads of condom brands insist that they make the THINNEST condom ever and that you’ll “feel like nothing’s there” (they literally all use that same line).

And they charge wildly different prices while making the same “ultra-thin” claim.

So, which is really the best ultra-thin condom for your bang and your buck?

I decided to test them all in the field to find out. It was hard work…but someone had to do it.

I tested about 20 different thin condoms. And at the end of the day, 5 made my list of condoms I would buy again.

Below, I’ll let you know my top picks. And later, I’ll go into the saucy details about my experience with each condom.

Let’s roll.

*Unless you want to last longer. Thinner condoms make you feel more and give you less control over your O. If you want to go all night, try a climax-control condom.

The Ultra-Thin Condom Breakdown: My Top Picks

Here are the condoms that made my list of the best ultra-thin condoms. They’re all a bit different, but that’s not a bad thing.

Each one brings something special to the table, so I’d recommend trying them all.

👉 The Original: Kimono MicroThin

"I feel like I can feel more of my partner."

-C.W. (Real Review)

Kimono MicroThin Condoms

Kimono MicroThin Condoms

$3.99 $4.99

Kimono MicroThin Condoms Kimono MicroThin condoms are in the ULTRA-thin category of condoms. They’re thinner than the thinnest Trojan condoms. They’re thinner than the thinnest Durex condoms. In fact, they’re just about the thinnest latex condoms you can buy.  … Read More

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👉 The Thinnest (latex): Trojan BareSkin Raw

"It feels like there's nothing there, highly recommend!"

-K.S. (Real Review)

Trojan Bareskin Raw Ultra-Thin Condoms

Trojan Bareskin Raw Ultra-Thin Condoms

$5.49 $6.99

Trojan Bareskin Raw Condoms If you want to get closer, look no further. This is America’s thinnest latex condom. In our latest innovation, we pulled out all the stops to bring you BareSkin™ Raw™. New from Trojan™, the thinnest condom… Read More

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👉 The Budget Option: Crown Skinless Skin

"These condoms are great with plenty of feeling. They are thinner than most but very strong and I have much more confidence they will hold up and not rip unlike other thin condoms of other brands that I have purchased.

I know these are manufactured well and I can go rougher when desired without the condom ripping. 😉"

-A.S. (Real Review) 

Crown Skinless Skin Ultra-Thin Condoms

Crown Skinless Skin Ultra-Thin Condoms

$5.49 $7.99

Crown Skinless Skin Condoms: Like Riding Bareback! The super-strong Japanese latex used in the Crown Skinless Skin Condom is the closest to wearing nothing at all you’ll find. At only .05mm thin, these condoms provide the most natural feel without… Read More

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👉 Non-Latex (And Thinnest EVER): Unique

"Unique pull condoms are great. The heat transfer is wonderful, and they’re so thin I had to keep checking to make sure it was still in place. Never had a condom feel so close to nothing as these do."

-M.P. (Real Review)

Unique "Pull" Latex-Free Condoms


$8.49 $8.99

Unique "Pull" Condoms No more fumbling in the dark. Unique's Pull condoms allow you to take them straight out of the package and pull the tabs, allowing the condom to easily roll onto your penis. Quick and easy and you’re ready… Read More

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👉 The Premium Option: LELO Hex

"Great fit, texture, strength…but I could swear I’m bare!"

-J.J. (Real Review)

Lelo Hex Original Ultra Thin Condoms

Lelo Hex Original Ultra Thin Condoms

$10.99 $11.99

Lelo Hex Ultra Thin Condoms A truly unique condom experience. You'll instantly notice the hexagonal shapes throughout the condoms. This honeycomb structure reduces slippage... sort of in the same way a wet weather tire grips the road. Try the most talked… Read More

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Don’t want to blow your cash on 5 boxes of condoms? You can try some of my picks and a bunch of others in Condomania’s Ultra Thin Condom Sampler.

It contains 12 different ultra-thin condoms for the price of one box of standard condoms.

By the time you’ve worked your way through this sampler pack, you’ll have found your new favorite ultra-thin condom.

Quick Verdict: Buy this Ultra-thin Condom

If you’re short on time, let me tell you which ultra-thin condom to buy now.

Buy Crown Skinless Skin ultra-thin condoms. They represent the optimal blend of quality and cost.

At .046 mm thin, they are REALLY thin. Latex condoms don’t get much thinner than this.

And you can buy 36 of these bad boys for the cost of 10-12 thin condoms from other brands.

And yes, they are just as safe and effective as other condoms (they’re 98% effective at preventing pregnancy and STI transmission).

If you like thin condoms, I promise you that Crown will be your new go-to rubber.


Crown Condoms were not the best ultra-thin condoms I tried.

If money is no object, get Unique condoms. These non-latex condoms are over 3x thinner than Crown. At .015 mm thin, they are the thinnest condoms EVER.

I HATE to say this…but Unique condoms really do feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.

The only issue is that they cost a pretty penny.

Learn more about Unique condoms here.

The Best Ultra-thin Condoms for Your Bang and Your Buck

So you want the deets, do ya? Below, I’ll break down my experience with each ultra-thin condom.

1. The Original Ultra-thin Condom: Kimono MicroThin

👉 Material: Latex

👉 How thin: .045 mm

👉 Why I loved it: Comfy, soft latex and confident security

Kimono Microthin

Kimono MicroThin is a Japanese condom that’s been big in the States for over 30 years. This is America’s original ultra-thin condom.

When these were released, they were the thinnest condoms ever. And at .045 mm thick, they’re still thinner than most other thin condoms.

I hadn’t used a Kimono condom before, but when I tried one on, I realized why they are still so popular today.

Kimono is a premium brand, and you can feel the difference immediately. Made with super soft latex, these condoms make your D feel as if it’s wearing an actual kimono.

This condom is soft, comfy, and not restrictive at all. Yet, the fit is still extremely confident.

How does it feel?

During sex, this condom lived up to its ultra-thin name. I could feel the condom, but the sensation was noticeably better.

I could really feel the difference around the base of my shaft when doing deeper positions like doggy. Kimono condoms got a thumbs-up from my partner as well.

Another thing I really like about Kimono is that they go through much more rigorous safety testing than other condoms.

Even major brands like Trojan and LifeStyles don’t test as comprehensively as Kimono does. So, even though Kimono condoms are super thin, you can go to town without worrying about a slip or a tear.

When you feel safer in a condom, you feel more confident in the bedroom.

And that leads to better performance. If safety is critical for you, buy Kimono MicroThin condoms.

2. America’s Thinnest Latex Condom: Trojan BareSkin Raw

👉 Material: Latex

👉 How thin: .044 mm (?)

👉 Why I loved it: Next-level thinness, great heat transfer

Trojan Bareskin Raw

Trojan BareSkin Raw condoms are as thin as latex condoms get.

How thin? I’m not actually sure because Trojan doesn’t release this information.

But Trojan claims that they are 40% thinner and that they are America’s thinnest latex condoms.

So, I can say with a degree of certainty that these condoms measure less than .044 mm thin.

They may be even thinner than that because WOW. You really feel like you’re plowing the way the good lord intended.

Many say that this condom is the closest you can get to nothing. That’s not true (see the Unique review below). You can still feel the condom.

But that doesn’t really matter, because you feel a lot more of your partner too.

The heat transfer was particularly impressive. Both my partner and I felt closer…and hotter.

The boosted sensation of heat and moisture got my blood pumping a bit too fast if you know what I mean.

Trojan BareSkin Raw was one of my partner’s favorite ultra-thin condoms on this list—she couldn’t feel the condom at all.

So, if you’re looking for a thin condom for her, try Trojan BareSkin Raw.

3. The Budget Ultra-thin Condom: Crown Skinless Skin

👉 Material: Latex

👉 How thin: .046 mm

👉 Why I loved it: Comfortable fit, amazing value

Crown Skinless Skin

I hate referring to Crown Skinless Skin condoms as a “budget” option because it makes them seem like something you’d find in a bin at the dollar store.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Crown condoms have it all. The value is incredible. They’re amazingly thin. And they’re as comfortable as a premium condom.

The only drawback is that they are not quite as thin as the other condoms on this list.

But the difference is so small that it’s nearly negligible. And they cost at least 3x less than the other options.

I’ll tell you right now: Crown condoms are my new go-to ultra-thin condom. For me, they are the best ultra-thin condom for your bang and your buck.

Wearing the condom made me feel comfortable and confident. And the sensation was similar to other condoms on this list, like Kimono and Hex.

If you’re looking for the best all-around ultra-thin condom ever, stop reading now and buy Crown Skinless Skin.

4. The Best Non-Latex Ultra-thin Condom (and Best Ultra-thin Condom EVER?): Unique Condoms

👉 Material: Polyethylene resin (non-latex)

👉 How thin: .015 mm

👉 Why I loved it: LIKE. NOTHING’S. THERE. Mind blown.

Unique Condoms

Where have Unique condoms been all my life? These are hands-down the best ultra-thin condoms you can get your D on.

And there’s one main reason for that: they are the thinnest condoms ever.

And it’s not even close. The thinnest latex condoms you can find are around .043-.045 mm thin. Unique condoms are .015 mm thin. That’s 3x thinner than the THINNEST latex condoms.

Because they’re so thin, you need to put them on differently than normal condoms.

Instead of rolling one onto your shaft, you use pull tabs to pull the condom down. It’s actually really easy (and kind of fun) to do.

Anyway, how do they feel? Unique condoms are skin-tight, and they are so thin that you really can’t feel them at all.

My partner agreed. This is the true “like nothing’s there” experience I’ve been waiting for. Heat, moisture, friction, pressure—you feel it all as if you were raw.

Unique condoms are also transparent (kind of like cling wrap), so it also looks as if you’re wearing nothing.

If you’re into visual stimulation like I am, that’s a huge plus.

But are they safe? Yes! Unique condoms are actually SAFER than latex condoms. They surpassed burst pressure requirements by 6x, while most other brands only surpassed them by about 2x.

This means that Unique condoms will not break under even extreme pressure.

The only downside is the price. 12 of these condoms will cost you about 3x more than the other brands.

But if the price is not an issue, Unique is the ultra-thin condom you should buy. No contest!

5. The Premium Ultra-thin Condom: LELO Hex

👉 Material: Latex

👉 How thin: .045 mm

👉 Why I loved it: Natural fit, feels great

Lelo Hex

When you pay more for ultra-thin condoms, you don’t always get a better product.

But you won’t regret spending a few extra bucks on Lelo Hex condoms.

LELO is one of my all-time favorite sex toy brands, and they’ve brought the same standards of quality to these stylish ultra-thin condoms.

Made with hexagonal plates, this condom form fits to your junk and doesn’t slip or bunch up.

Personally, that’s one of the most annoying things about condoms for me.

I hate those little things that cause you to notice the condom. With LELO Hex, you can expect an extra confident fit.

The form-fitting hold on your D combined with a super-thin barrier, makes the sex that much better.

You can really feel the quality of this condom because of what you don’t feel during sex.

I often forgot I was even wearing a condom. It felt like part of me.

Along with a better fit, you get higher-quality latex for more comfort and premium lube to keep you going longer and stronger. LELO Hex is an all-around better thin condom.

The price is a bit restrictive, but LELO Hex are not as expensive as Unique.

If you're looking for a premium ultra-thin condom that’s a step above the rest, try LELO Hex.

How to Try the Best Ultra-thin Condoms

That’s it. You’ve got my definitive verdict on the best ultra-thin condoms to buy now.

Next, you’ve just got to choose which one to try first. Or do you…?

If you pick up Condomania’s Ultra-thin Sampler Kit, you can try 12 different ultra-thin condoms for the price of a box of standard condoms.

It’s a great way to test out some of the condoms on this list and other ultra-thin options for cheap.

You won’t find Unique condoms in the sampler because those are just too darn special. But you can get a lil’ discount on a 3-pack of Unique condoms here.

If I have to recommend just one condom on this list, I’d go with Crown Skinless Skin.

They’re everything you’d want from an ultra-thin condom at a stupidly low price.

Looking for more condom recommendations from prophylactic professionals? Check out our articles on the best-flavored condoms and the best large-size condoms.

Ultra-thin Condoms FAQ

Have more questions about ultra-thin condoms? Find the answers below.

What are ultra-thin condoms?

Ultra-thin condoms are condoms that have a thinner barrier than standard condoms. “Thin” refers to the thickness of the condom wall and NOT the size of the condom.

Thin condoms allow you and your partner to feel more sensation—heat, moisture, and friction—because they leave less space between you.

Think of it like shaking someone’s hand while wearing a latex glove vs a mitten.

If you’re looking for condoms in a thinner shape, you’re in the wrong place. You’re looking for snugger-fitting condoms.

Are ultra-thin condoms better?

If your goal is to feel more sensation during sex, then yes, ultra-thin condoms are better than standard condoms.

Ultra-thin condoms transmit the sensations of heat and moisture better than standard condoms.

The thinnest condoms, such as Unique Condoms and Trojan BareSkin Raw, feel almost like you’re not wearing a condom at all.

If you want to limit the sensation you feel during sex and gain more control over your climax, then ultra-thin condoms probably would not be better for you. Instead, try climax control condoms.

Are ultra-thin condoms safe?

Yes, all of the ultra-thin condoms sold by Condomania are just as safe as standard condoms.

They are all approved by the FDA for safe sex, meaning they are 98% effective at preventing STI transmission and unwanted pregnancy.

However, you’ve got to use condoms responsibly to ensure maximum protection.

That includes wearing the right condom size and using plenty of lube.

What is the best ultra-thin condom?

The best ultra-thin condom is Unique. At .015 mm thin, it’s at least 3x thinner than even the thinnest latex condom.

When you wear a Unique condom, it really feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. Unique condoms are also stronger than other ultra-thin condoms for additional safety.

The only downside is that Unique condoms are pricey.

The best all-around ultra-thin condom for price and quality is Crown Skinless Skin.

These condoms are super thin and super affordable. They’re my go-to ultra-thin condom.

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