UNIQUE Pull-Tab Condoms: Everything You Need to Know

UNIQUE Pull-Tab Condoms: Everything You Need to Know

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Your dick wasn’t made on an assembly line. There’s no other member quite like yours. So why would you use a run-of-the-mill latex condom?

There are loads of condoms with different names and features, but most are basically the same. That is until condom brand Unique Condoms produced a completely different type of condom.

Unique Condoms reinvented the condom from the ground up to deliver safer and closer-feeling sex. These condoms are made of a special, non-latex material called polyethylene resin.

No other condom in the world is made with this material.

Unique Condoms are thinner and safer than standard condoms. Even their packaging is different.

But most importantly, Unique Condoms feel fantastic—almost like nothing is there—thanks to their stellar heat transfer and uber-thin design.

Unique Condoms definitely live up to their name, but are they right for you?

We spoke to the founders of Unique Condoms to bring you the answer to that question and many more in our complete Unique Condoms FAQ.

Unique Condoms: Quick Look

Short on time? Here’s a look at Unique Condoms in a nutshell.

👉 Unique Condoms is a brand of non-latex condoms.

👉 Unique condoms are made of synthetic polyethylene resin—a material that is stronger and thinner than latex.

👉 Unique Condoms are popular because they are colorless, odorless, and have excellent heat transfer properties, so you feel as if you’re not wearing a condom at all.

👉 Unique Condoms protect against pregnancy and STIs. They are certified for safe sex by government regulators in Canada, The EU, and Australia.

👉 Unique Condoms come with pull strips that make them especially easy to put on.

👉 Unique Condoms are packaged in a credit-card-sized package that’s easy to carry discreetly in a purse or wallet.

👉 Unique Condoms have fantastic reviews, averaging 4.7/5 stars around the web.

👉 You can’t find Unique Condoms at the store. The best place to buy them is online at Condomania.com.

Top Unique Condoms to Try

Ready to try a Unique Condom? Here are a few of the most popular Unique products to try.

Unique Pull: Standard-to-large size non-latex condoms

Unique Secure Fit: Slim fit non-latex condoms

Unique XXL: Large-size non-latex condoms

Everything You Need to Know about Unique Condoms

What Kind of Condoms are Unique Condoms?

Unique Condoms are non-latex condoms. That means they are not made with natural rubber latex.

Most condoms (about 80%) are made with latex. But people who have latex allergies can’t use these condoms.

Unique condoms are safe for latex-allergic people to use, though many people without latex allergies also love Unique Condoms.

Unique Condoms are made with a synthetic polyethylene resin that is about 3x thinner than the average latex condom.

A thinner condom means you feel way more sensation no matter what type of sex you’re having. The material is also better at transferring heat, so you can feel more of your partner’s natural warmth and moisture.

Many people say that wearing a Unique Condom feels like wearing nothing at all.

Unique Condoms are completely unique in their make and material.

No other condom features the sensational feel and closeness of this brand—so yes, Unique does live up to its name.

How Many Types of Unique Condoms are There?

There are currently four different Unique Condoms for sale.

You can find them all at Condomania now for a special discounted price.

Here’s an overview of each Unique product...

👉 Unique "Pull"

This is Unique’s flagship non-latex condom. It features pull strips for an easy-on fit. Perfect for average-to-large-sized guys.

Unique "Pull" Latex-Free Condoms


$8.49 $8.99

Unique "Pull" Condoms No more fumbling in the dark. Unique's Pull condoms allow you to take them straight out of the package and pull the tabs, allowing the condom to easily roll onto your penis. Quick and easy and you’re ready… Read More

View Product

👉 Unique "Secure Fit"

Unique Condoms aren’t stretchy like latex, so a narrower condom like Unique SecureFit can provide the extra confidence and safety you need in the bedroom.

Unique "Secure Fit" Latex-Free Condoms


$8.49 $8.99

Unique "Secure Fit" Pull Tab Condoms Introducing Unique SecureFit, the latex-free condom that offers a comfortable and secure fit for narrow girth men. Experience more pleasure and higher sensitivity with these vegan and odorless condoms that are 3 times stronger… Read More

View Product

👉 Unique "Plus"

This is a longer fit of the classic Unique Pull. With a 60mm width and 7.5” length, it’s ideal for bigger guys.

Unique "Plus" Latex-Free Condoms


$8.49 $8.99

Unique "Plus" Large Size Condoms Experience more pleasure and higher sensitivity with Unique Plus for large-size men. Unique condoms are vegan and odorless. They are 3 times stronger and thinner than latex. Condomaniacs LOVE Unique "Plus" Condoms because... 👉 Latex-free: Made from a strong and thin material that… Read More

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👉 Unique "XXL"

The largest of Unique’s non-latex condoms and the second-most popular Unique condom after the Unique Pull. At 66mm wide and 8.3 inches long, this is the thin XL condom you’ve been looking for.

What’s the Most Popular UNIQUE Condom?

The most popular Unique Condom is the Unique Pull. This is the flagship non-latex Unique condom, featuring pull strips for easy-on comfort and Unique’s proprietary polyethylene resin material.

At 3x thinner and 3x stronger than the average condom, Unique Pull offers more sensation and confidence in the bedroom no matter what type of sex you’re having—oral, anal, or vaginal.

Unique Pull is also a popular option because it provides a comfortable fit for both average and above-average-sized guys. While it isn’t stretchy like latex, it’s remarkably versatile for a non-latex condom.

If you find it too tight, you may want to upgrade to a Unique Plus or Unique XXL.

What’s Special about Unique Condoms?

Unique Condoms are unlike any other condom on the market. From their packaging to their material to their skin feel, they are truly unique.

Here’s a breakdown of how Unique Condoms are changing the game.

👉 3x Thinner: Unique are some of the thinnest condoms ever made. The average condom is about .07mm thick. The thinnest latex condoms are about .045mm thick. Unique Condoms are a remarkable .03mm thick. At .03mm, you can barely feel the condom.

👉 3x Stronger: Despite their thinness, Unique Condoms are up to 3x stronger than latex. During tests, Unique’s polyethylene resin surpassed the burst pressure requirement imposed by Health Canada by 6x. Most condom brands only surpass the requirement by 2-3x. Extra strength means less risk of pregnancy and STIs—and more confidence between the sheets.

👉 Unrivaled heat transfer: Unique’s non-latex material transfers the natural warmth of your partner much more effectively than latex, allowing you to feel everything—heat, moisture, and friction—as if you were wearing nothing at all.

👉 Easy-on pull strips: Some non-latex condoms are hard to put on, but not Unique. Each condom comes with pull strips, making it easy to slide the condom on. Simply use the strip to pull the condom to the base of your shaft. Once the condom is unrolled, the strip detaches.

👉 Wallet-friendly packaging: Unique Condoms are ridiculously thin—and so is the packaging. Packaged in a slim, credit-card-sized box, you can slide a 3-pack into your wallet safely and discreetly. It doesn’t get more convenient than that.

👉 Vegan-friendly: Most latex condoms are not vegan, which can severely limit the selection for vegan condom shoppers. Unique condoms are cruelty-free and 100% vegan—plus, they feel way better than standard latex.

What are Unique Condoms Made Of?

Unique Condoms are made of synthetic polyethylene resin. This plastic-like material is incredibly thin and strong, allowing for maximum sensation and confidence when engaging in all types of sex.

Polyethylene resin is clear, odorless, hypoallergenic, and 100% latex-free. It’s body safe for men and women, and it’s vegan-friendly. Unique Condoms have a neutral pH.

Unique Condoms contain a bit of silicone lube to facilitate sex. They contain no sugar, glycerin, glycols, hormones, parabens, or formaldehyde-releasing preservatives.

Unique Condoms do not contain latex.

Who Should Use Unique Condoms?

Unique Condoms are premium non-latex condoms for those who want to upgrade their sex life. They aren’t just for latex-allergic people. Here are a few reasons why you may want to choose Unique.

👉 If You Have a Latex Allergy: It goes without saying that latex-allergic people need a latex-free condom. Unique are some of the highest-rated non-latex options.

👉 If You Want an Ultra-thin Condom: Condoms don’t get much thinner than Unique’s non-latex offerings. At .03mm thin, Unique condoms are about 50% thinner than the THINNEST latex condoms on the market.

👉 If You Prefer Oral with a Condom: Using a condom for oral sex is a smart move during hook-ups. Unique Condoms provide the protection you need without reducing the sensations of heat and moisture.

👉 If You Want to Feel More Secure: Worried about making a baby or getting an STI? Unique Condoms are up to 3x stronger than latex. When you feel more secure in the bedroom, your confidence goes through the roof.

👉 If You Prefer Oil-based Lube: You can’t use oil-based lube like the popular Boy Butter or coconut oil if you wear a latex condom. But Unique condoms are compatible with all lube varieties, including the ever-slick oils.

👉 If You’re a Bigger Guy: Large and XL-sized latex condoms are usually extra-thick, limiting sensations for bigger guys. Unique Plus and Unique XXL provide security in a large package without sacrificing thinness.

👉 If You’re Vegan: Latex condoms contain casein, which is an animal byproduct. If you want to go cruelty-free without downgrading performance, choose a Unique condom.

What’s the Best Unique Condom for New Users?

If you’re new to Unique Condoms—or non-latex condoms in general—you should start with the Unique Pull.

Non-latex condoms can be tough to put on at first because they aren’t stretchy and elastic like latex condoms. But Unique Pull simplifies the process so you can don your condom in seconds and get down to business.

Unique Pull features a pull strip with written instructions to help you pull the condom over your shaft with ease.

How Do You Use Unique Condoms?

You put on Unique Condoms a bit differently than you do latex condoms. This is because Unique’s polyethylene resin material is ultra-thin and not as easy to roll down your shaft as latex.

Unique condoms feature a pull strip that helps you to pull the condom over your shaft. Just position your shaft over the condom and pull the strip to apply. It only takes a second before you’re ready to do the no-pants dance.

You can see a video of how Unique Pull condoms work here.

Can You Use Unique Condoms with Lube?

Yes, you can use Unique Condoms with lube. Even better, Unique Condoms are safe to use with all types of lube, including water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based lubes.

This is not true of latex condoms, which are not safe to use with oil-based sex lube.

Looking for the best lube to use with Unique Condoms? Shop the internet’s best lube selection at Condomania’s lube shop.

Are Unique Condoms Safe?

Yes, Unique Condoms are very safe. They are approved for safe sex by government regulators in Canada, the EU, Australia, and Colombia.

This ensures that Unique Condoms are at least 98% effective at preventing pregnancy and STI transmission.

In fact, Unique Condoms may be safer than other condoms on the market. In independent pressure tests, Unique Condoms were found to be up to 3x stronger than the average latex condom.

Are Unique Condoms Good?

Yes, Unique Condoms are some of the highest quality condoms. Unique is a premium condom brand, so you can expect a big upgrade to your sex life in terms of sensation, safety, comfort, and convenience.

Unique states on its website that it is not interested in mass-producing condoms or making condoms for young people who are just trying to get off.

They produce condoms for adults who are interested in a higher-end product that improves sex and intimacy.

Of course, this means that Unique Condoms cost more than your average condom. However, the brand’s near-perfect review record across the web indicates that these condoms are worth the money.

Are Unique Condom Reviews Good?

Yes, Unique Condoms is one of the highest-rated condom brands. It boasts an average of 4.7/5 stars in reviews across the web.

Most reviews claim that Unique Condoms drastically improve sensation thanks to their ultra-thin design and excellent heat transfer.

Here’s what a few reviewers have to say about Unique.

On Unique Plus XXL:

“Great for girth. These are the closest thing to not wearing anything I have found. They don’t cut off feeling or feel odd. I will gladly pay more for a quality condom.”

On Unique Pull:

“We love these!!! This is the most comfortable condom we have ever used. Fit and feel. And they go on SO EASY once you get the hang of it. My husband says he forgets he even has a condom on. We will never use traditional condoms again. Thank you, Unique, for a unique but FANTASTIC product!”

“This is the greatest condom in the history of mankind. Take all the excuses away and put this on. Feels like almost nothing. Strike that; feels amazing! With this, I release my load with the utmost confidence and during my last love making session I had the longest most incredible orgasm. And yes I’m a man. Lol. Thank you Unique Condoms.”

How Long has Unique Condoms Been Around?

Unique Condoms formally launched in 2013. Though the story of Unique Condoms began in the early 90s when the founder, Don Max, sought to develop a better latex-free condom.

Max has a latex allergy and found that the non-latex condoms at the time were not up to his “Don Juan” standards.

Max got to work experimenting with various plastic films, shaping them into condoms and testing them for tensile strength and pressure.

After years of prototypes, he finally hit gold with a brand new condom material called polyethylene resin.

This body-safe material is 3x thinner and stronger than latex, it’s safe for all types of heterosexual and homosexual encounters, and it’s compatible with all types of lube.

Unique Condoms finally hit the market in 2013. Since then, the brand has been racking up 5-star reviews around the web and winning over customers around the globe.

Unique Condoms now has four non-latex polyethylene resin condoms for sale in various sizes.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Unique Condoms?

Unique Condoms are not mass-produced, and they are not sold in stores. You can only find them online at retailers who have a trusted relationship with Unique.

The best place to buy Unique Condoms is Condomania. Condomania is America’s first condom shop, established in 1991 in NYC.

We’ve been a supporter of Unique since the brand launched, and Condomania customers benefit from special prices and offers from Unique.

When you shop for Unique Condoms on Condomania, you’ll also get:

👉 Discreet packaging and billing

👉 Special offers on Unique Condoms

👉 The best selection of premium condoms, lube, and sex toys on the web

👉 Loads of FREE guides and resources to improve your sex life

Shop Unique Condoms at Condomania now to find out how this one-of-a-kind condom can take your sex life off the assembly line and make it something truly unique.

Looking for more premium condoms to upgrade your sexy times? Check out our best-selling condoms to see what other Condomaniacs are going wild over.

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