The 5 Best Non-Latex Condoms (2024 Edition)

The 5 Best Non-Latex Condoms (2024 Edition)

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If you’re looking for a comfortable, safe, and reliable non-latex condom, you’re in the right place.

I spent the past few weeks trying over a dozen different non-latex condoms and scouring the web for reviews to bring you this list of the best non-latex rubbers of the year.

All of the condoms on this list are suitable for people with latex allergies.

They’re also just great condoms. I personally do not have a latex allergy, but a few of the condoms on this list are among my all-time favorites.

One of them is even my go-to condom for all occasions. That’s a pretty big deal, because as someone who’s worked for Condomania for the past decade, I’ve tried A LOT of condoms.

If you’re not sure what a non-latex condom is or have questions about non-latex materials, check out my Non-Latex Condoms 101 Guide.

Now, let’s get to the list of the 5 best non-latex condoms of the year.

The 5 Best Non-Latex Condoms

I’ve tried almost every non-latex condom on the market, and these were the rubbers (or non-rubbers?) that scored the highest in terms of sensation, comfort, and reliability.

These condoms feel different than latex condoms, and that’s a good thing.

They allow you to feel more of your partner’s natural heat and moisture for closer, more pleasurable sex for you both.

I recommend giving the following condoms a try, even if you don’t have a latex allergy. 

LifeStyles SKYN Elite Large Condoms (Latex-Free)

LifeStyles SKYN Elite Large Condoms (Latex-Free)

$14.99 $16.99

Large SKYN Latex-Free Condoms LifeStyles SKYN Large Non-Latex Condoms are the first and only large-sized premium condom made from polyisoprene – a scientifically formulated non-latex material that delivers the ultimate sensitivity closest thing to wearing nothing. Polyisoprene condoms feature a softer, more… Read More

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Material: Polyisoprene

Skyn Elite is part of the Skyn line of non-latex condoms, which includes many styles and sizes of non-latex rubbers.

The original Skyn condom has always been popular for its realistic feel (hence the name) and its ability to transfer heat better than latex.

Superior heat transfer allows you to feel more of your partner and less of the condom.

Skyn Elite takes the sensation of the original Skyn to the next level. Skyn Elite is thinner and softer for an even more natural feel.

If you prefer a thin condom that maximizes sensation, you’ll love Skyn Elite.

Skyn Elite is my #1 go-to condom despite the fact that I do not have a latex allergy.

They’re just that good. The material is super comfortable and I never have issues with the fit, such as bunching. Even my partner feels the difference in sensation.

Skyn condoms are just as affordable as latex condoms, which is rare among non-latex brands. There’s no reason not to give them a try!

Tip: If you’re looking for a large-size non-latex condom, try Skyn Elite Large. Or, if you want to test the best of the Skyn lineup, grab a Skyn Variety Pack.

Unique "Pull" Latex-Free Condoms


$8.49 $8.99

Unique "Pull" Condoms No more fumbling in the dark. Unique's Pull condoms allow you to take them straight out of the package and pull the tabs, allowing the condom to easily roll onto your penis. Quick and easy and you’re ready… Read More

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Material: Polyethylene resin

Unique condoms are a technological marvel. They’re the thinnest condoms ever made—thinner than all latex and non-latex competitors.

Unique’s non-latex material, polyethylene resin, is both thinner and stronger than latex.

And when I say thin, I mean it.

The thinnest latex condoms are around .045mm thin. Unique condoms are about .015mm thin. That means Unique condoms are about 3x thinner than ultra-thin latex condoms.

The difference in sensation is massive. I know it’s cliche, but these condoms actually feel like nothing’s there.

They’re so thin that you need to use two convenient pull tabs to put the condom on. It’s pretty fun to do. You can see a video on how to put on a Unique condom here.

Unique condoms allow you to feel more natural sensation than any other condom I’ve tried. They’re fantastic.

So, you’re probably wondering why Skyn Elite is my go-to brand and not Unique Pull.

Unique condoms are on the pricey side, so I save them for special occasions. But if you can spare the cash, they are 100% worth it.

Tip: Want to learn more about Unique Condoms? I did a deep dive into the brand here.

Trojan Raw Non-Latex Condoms

Trojan Raw Non-Latex Condoms

$12.99 $15.99

Trojan Raw Non-Latex Condoms As close to Raw as you can get! Trojan Raw Condoms are made with polyurethane, an excellent material for those with latex allergies. Non-latex condoms are good at heating up to body temperature, making the experience… Read More

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Material: Polyurethane

Trojan Raw is another excellent non-latex condom for heat transfer.

Raw’s polyurethane material is thinner than latex, and transfers heat much better. When you feel more of your partner’s heat, you feel less of the condom barrier between you.

Polyurethane is also better at transferring heat than polyisoprene (the material used in Skyn and Durex Real Feel condoms).

And it’s thinner than polyisoprene. This, combined with the reliability of the Trojan brand, makes for a chart-topping non-latex condom.

It’s hard to go wrong with Raw, and it’s certainly easy to forget you’re wearing a condom when you’re between the sheets.

The only downside is that polyurethane is not as soft or stretchy as polyisoprene. So, you’ve got to keep them well-lubricated.

Luckily, Trojan Raw is compatible with all types of lube, including uber-slick and gooey oil-based lube. Oil-based lube is not safe to use with polyisoprene and latex condoms.

Durex Avanti Bare Real-Feel Condoms (Latex-Free)

Durex Avanti Bare Real-Feel Condoms (Latex-Free)

$3.99 $4.99

Durex Real-Feel Latex-Free Condoms Durex has mastered the non-latex condom with this polyisoprene alternative that mimics the feel of real skin. This synthetic rubber isn’t quite as stretchy or thin as latex, but it has a major advantage—it transfers heat… Read More

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Material: Polyisoprene

Durex Real Feel is another polyisoprene condom similar to the Skyn line. These are among the top-rated non-latex condoms online, and for good reason.

The material is soft, stretchy, and natural—condoms don’t get much more comfortable than this.

Real Feel are not as thin as the Skyn Elite, but they are just as comfortable.

They fit like a glove (for average-sized guys at least—there is only one Real Feel size), and they transfer heat better than latex.

Plus, they’re a bit cheaper than Skyn. So, if you prefer a thicker rubber that gives you more control over your O, Durex Real Feel is the non-latex condom for you.

Trojan Naturalamb Latex-Free Condoms

Trojan Naturalamb Latex-Free Condoms

$11.99 $14.99

Trojan Naturalamb Condoms TROJAN Naturalamb Luxury Condoms are ideal for the couple that desires heightened sensitivity with trusted pregnancy protection. All about Naturalamb Condoms... They're latex-free Water-based lubricant for comfort and sensitivity For pregnancy protection ONLY. Does not protect against… Read More

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Material: Lamb intestine

Things are about to get a little weird. Yes, Trojan Naturalamb condoms are made from real lamb intestines. It’s safe to say that these are not vegan condoms.

Why would Trojan make a condom from lamb gut?

Lamb gut is one of the OG condom materials. It’s been used for centuries to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The crazy part is that these condoms feel AMAZING.

Naturalamb are semi-porous, so there is virtually nothing between you and your partner. You can feel all the heat, moisture, and friction as if you were au naturel.

They’re not porous enough to allow sperm through, so they are just as effective at preventing pregnancy as the other condoms on this list (and latex condoms, too).

However, they are NOT effective at preventing STI transmission, so you should never use Naturalamb condoms with casual partners.

These condoms are not stretchy, and there’s a little string attached to the condom you can use to cinch it to the base of your shaft.

It’s a little strange at first, but once the condom gets moist it form-fits to your D, and then it basically feels like nothing.

Trojan Naturalamb is truly a luxury non-latex condom, and it has a price tag to match. If you can get over the lamb gut thing, I highly recommend giving them a go.

Which Non-Latex Condom Should You Try?

It can be tough choosing a non-latex condom. Here are a few tips to help you out: 

👉 If money is no object, buy Unique non-latex condoms. These are the thinnest condoms ever, which means they maximize sensation. They protect against pregnancy and STI transmission, and you can use them with any lube. They’re among the most versatile and pleasurable condoms you can buy today. They also come in all sizes.

👉 If you’re looking for an affordable go-to option, I recommend Skyn Elite or Trojan Raw. Skyn is made from polyisoprene, so it’s softer and stretchier. Raw is made with polyurethane, so it’s thinner and better at transferring heat. Both are great, affordable options.

👉 If you’re in a relationship and want a real skin-on-skin feel, try Trojan Naturalamb. They have the best heat transfer of any condom, and most people who try them agree that they are the most natural-feeling condoms on the market.

Still having trouble choosing? Why not try all of the best non-latex condoms in one go with a non-latex condom sampler pack? It includes a variety of non-latex condoms from top brands. It’s the easiest way to find your new favorite condom.

Who Should Use a Non-Latex Condom?

Many people think that non-latex condoms are made exclusively for people who are allergic to latex, but this is not true.

Yes, people with latex allergies should use non-latex condoms.

But latex is far from the only suitable condom material. Non-latex condoms are made from different materials, and that means you’ll experience new sensations when wearing them.

For example, some non-latex materials can be thinner than latex, allowing you to feel more of your partner’s body.

Many people find non-latex materials to be more natural-feeling or comfortable than latex. Others like to add some variety to their sex lives by trying new condoms.

The point is: If you haven’t tried non-latex condoms, you’re missing out. It’s kind of like eating only one flavor of ice cream your entire life. There are many condom materials, and each has its perks.

Skyn Elite is my condom of choice, and I’m not allergic to latex. They just feel great. I also love Unique Pull, another non-latex option, because they’re so unbelievably thin.

So, whether you have a latex allergy or not, get out there and start exploring non-latex condoms.

Are Non-Latex Condoms as Safe as Latex Condoms?

Yes, non-latex condoms are just as effective at preventing pregnancy and STI transmission as latex condoms.

All of the non-latex condoms on this list are approved by the FDA for safe sex, meaning they have a 98% effectiveness rate.

The only exception is Trojan Naturalamb, which does not protect against STI transmission.

Here are a few safety tips to remember when using non-latex condoms:

👉 Use lube: Always use lube with condoms—latex and non-latex. Lube helps prevent breaks and slippage. Remember never to use oil-based lube with polyisoprene condoms (the same applies to latex condoms), as it can increase the chances of a break. Instead, try a water-based lube or a silicone lube.

👉 Wear the right size: Non-latex condoms are less elastic than latex, so it’s important to wear the right size. Wearing the wrong size may increase the chances of the condom slipping off or breaking. Brands like Unique and Skyn make condoms in multiple sizes. Don’t know your size? Find out how to measure your manhood here.

👉 Check the date: Non-latex materials may have a different shelf-life than latex, so check the date on the packaging before ripping open a rubber.

You don’t have to doubt the effectiveness of non-latex materials. Brands like Trojan, Durex, and LifeStyles (the makers of Skyn) are the largest and most trusted condom manufacturers in the world.

Other non-latex condoms, like Unique, have been found to be 3x stronger than latex condoms in stress tests.

When wearing a non-latex condom, you can feel just as confident as you do in a latex rubber—or even more so.

Where to Buy Non-Latex Condoms

Non-latex condoms are not as popular as latex condoms, which means you won’t find a very good variety at your local pharmacy.

You might find one lonely condom option, but it probably won’t be one of the best non-latex condoms of the year.

The condom you choose can have a big impact on your sex life, so you don’t want to choose the only one you find on the shelf.

You’re better off shopping for non-latex condoms online at Condomania. Condomania is America’s first-ever condom shop.

We’ve been slinging non-latex condoms for over 30 years, and we know a thing or two about quality and safety.

Plus, you get FREE shipping on orders over $49 and FREE discreet billing and packaging, so nobody will know your condom business but you.

We might even toss some freebies into your box if we’re feeling extra saucy…. 🎁 😛

If you’re allergic to latex or just hunting for new sensations in the bedroom, it’s time to buy non-latex condoms at Condomania.

Remember, you don’t have to choose just one. You can try them all in our non-latex condom sampler kit!

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