Flavored Lube 101: How to Tantalize Your Tastebuds During Sex

Flavored Lube 101: How to Tantalize Your Tastebuds During Sex

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Is your sex life feeling a little…vanilla? Why not try a new flavor tonight? One of the best ways to spice things up in the sack is with flavored sexual lubricant.

Flavored sex lube combines tasty flavors and sex into delicious harmony. It makes oral more fun and sex steamier.

I know what you're thinking: What’s the point of flavored lube? We don’t have tastebuds on our naughty bits!

That’s very true, but flavored lube isn’t about rushing into sex. It turns foreplay into an adventure.

And to be honest, it can be a godsend during oral when you’re worried that you may have a stinky sack or a noxious vagina.

If you’re ready to step into the Wonka-esque world of flavored lube, there are a few things you’ve got to know.

I'm going to introduce you to all of the gastronomical delights in this guide to flavored lube.

I’ll give you the inside scoop on the most delicious lubes on the market (I’ve personally tasted over 25 different lubes).

And you’ll learn exactly how to use flavored lube and how NOT to use it. There are some important safety tips you should know!

So, lick those lips and get ready to whet your whistle with some of the tastiest, slickest, creamiest, and sexiest flavored lubes.

What is Flavored Lube?

Flavored lube is exactly what it sounds like—sexual lubricant that tastes like a delicious snack. It comes in all sorts of flavors like strawberry, watermelon, cupcake frosting, and way more.

Whatever flavor makes your mouth water can now get all your juices flowing. Just be careful, or you might find yourself hot and bothered next time you go to the grocery store!

Flavored sex lube is safe to use in the bedroom (when you buy from a trusted retailer like Condomania). It won’t stain your sheets or leave a sticky mess.

Plus, it has barely any calories! You can’t say that about chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

But most importantly, flavored lube adds an element of surprise and excitement to your repertoire.

I guarantee that if you break out a bottle of flavored lube, your partner won’t be able to resist the urge to go exploring with their tongue. Just don’t forget to return the favor with your favorite flavor!

The Best Tasting Flavored Lube

There are more types of flavored lube than you could fit in a Baskin Robbins. These tongue teasers go far beyond strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla.

Here are some of our favorites. The following lubes are all water-based and body-safe (and they taste amazing).

Wet Desserts 'Chocolate Chip Cookie' Warming Lubricant 🍪 | 3oz

Wet Desserts 'Chocolate Chip Cookie' Warming Lubricant 🍪 | 3oz

$9.99 $12.99

Cookie-Flavored Lube! Raw cookie dough may be dangerous, but this Baked Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie Heating Lubricant from WET Warming Desserts is safe for consumption anytime, anywhere. Condomaniacs LOVE this Chocolate Chip Cookie-flavored lube because it's... SUPER tasty! Water-soluble and… Read More

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Sliquid Swirl "Tangerine Peach" Flavored Lubricant 🍑

Sliquid Swirl

$10.99 $12.99

Tangerine Peach Flavored Lubricant Sliquid Swirl Tangerine Peach is a water-based flavored lubricant by Sliquid (one of our favorite brands!) All Swirl formulations start with their original Naturals H2O water-based lubricant and add flavoring with a hint of aspartame to sweeten. The… Read More

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Swiss Navy Salted Caramel Flavored Lubricant

Swiss Navy Salted Caramel Flavored Lubricant

$4.99 $7.99

Salted Caramel Flavored Lubricant Meet Salted Caramel. A deliciously edible treat for your love life. Sweet and savory flavors combine to engage your taste buds and satisfy your senses. Decadently delicious, sugar-free, and paraben-free water-based flavored lubricants taste too good to… Read More

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Wet "Juicy Watermelon" Warming Lubricant 🍉


$5.99 $8.99

Watermelon-Flavored Warming Lubricant Wet 4-in-1 Fun Flavors are a Flavored, Warming, Massage Lotion and Lubricant all in one!   Wet Fun Flavors 4-In-1 Stain-Free, Sugar-Free, Flavored, Warming, Massage Lotion, and Lubricant All-In-One! Gently heats on contact and warms with motion…… Read More

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Intimate Earth "Banana Cream Pie" Natural Flavored Lube

Intimate Earth

$9.99 $19.99

Banana Cream Pie Flavored Natural Lubricant Delicate and lightly scented with bananas. If you do not have a sweet tooth, and instead prefer a delicate fruit flavor over a dessert, we highly suggest spoiling yourself and trying the seductive flavors offered… Read More

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Swiss Navy Passion Fruit Water-Based Flavored Lube | 1oz

Swiss Navy Passion Fruit Water-Based Flavored Lube | 1oz

$8.99 $10.99

Passion Fruit Flavored Lube Take a quick, delicious visit to the tropics with Swiss Navy H2O Passion Fruit. It's a stain-free, water-based lubricant that delivers plenty of slicknesses, and it adds a fun new spin to oral sex and foreplay.… Read More

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 What is Flavored Lube Made Of?

Flavored lube is made of a variety of different ingredients. This is important because some of those ingredients are safe to use internally (like, during PiV and anal sex), and others are not always safe.

The main ingredient in most flavored lubricants is water. Yes, plain old H2O. But don't worry; it's not like you're pouring a glass of tap water on your nether regions.

The water acts as the base and helps keep things nice and slippery. Water-based sex lube is also the easiest to clean, and you can use it with your sex toys too.

To give that extra punch of flavor, manufacturers add some natural or artificial flavors to the mix.

Think about it, like adding vanilla extract to your favorite cookie recipe. These ingredients are typically body safe.

They can range from fruity flavors like strawberry or watermelon to more adventurous options like caramel or even chocolate-covered bacon (but really, do you even need sex if you have access to choco-bacon?).

Many flavored lubes also contain sweeteners to enhance the taste. This is where things get a little tricky.

Many flavored lubricants contain glucose (or sugar) which can upset the pH balance of the vagina and cause a yeast infection.

Luckily, not all flavored lubes contain sugar. The lubes we recommended above are sugar-free and body safe.

Even so, we recommend using flavored lube only for external activities like oral sex and foreplay.

Is Flavored Lube Safe? 

Yes, flavored lube is safe to use—if you use it correctly. Here are a few safety tips to follow when using flavored lube.

👉 Never buy flavored lube from a sketchy source like a gift shop, a convenience store, or a vending machine.

👉 Always check the ingredients of your lube to make sure it doesn’t contain potentially harmful stuff like parabens or glucose (sugar).

👉 Flavored lube is safe to use all over your body—and yes, you can eat it. But it’s safer to use it for oral sex than penetrative sex.

👉 When you have penetrative sex (vaginal or anal), switch to a non-flavored lube that’s safe for internal use.

If you use sugar-free flavored lube, it’s very unlikely to cause issues from sex. But just to be safe, it’s best to use it for oral only.

Besides, why would you want to waste those juicy flavors when you can’t even taste them?

Keep a bottle of flavored lube around for foreplay and another standard lube for sex. I recommend silicone lube for sex, as it’s extra slick and long-lasting—perfect for a comfy plow for both partners.

How to Use Flavored Lube

Is flavored lube right for you? If you have any respect for your tastebuds, then the answer should be YES. But flavored lube is not for every sex act.

Here’s how you should and shouldn’t use flavored lube.

How to use flavored lube: 

👉 Oral sex: Flavored lube is best when tasting your partner with your mouth. Go ahead and apply it anywhere you want to lick—including the penis, vulva, and anus.

👉 Foreplay: Take it slow and use your flavored lube on all of your partner’s erogenous zones during foreplay.

Neck, thighs, nipples—get ready to glaze your partner like a donut (with lube, of course).

👉 Kissing: Surprise your partner with a sexy makeout that tastes like strawberry, chocolate, or ice cream. Perfect if you had onions for lunch!

👉 Light BDSM: A little blindfold action, maybe some sexy handcuffs, and a game of name that taste are sure to appetize your partner for the night to come.

See if your partner can identify both the flavor and the body part they lick!

How NOT to use flavored lube: 

👉 Vaginal sex: There is a slight chance that flavored lube (even without sugar) can upset the pH balance of the vagina and cause a yeast infection, so we don’t recommend using it during vaginal sex.

Try a body-safe sex lube for vaginal sex like Pjur Woman Aqua. 

👉 Anal sex: The tissue inside of the butt is extra sensitive, and the additives in flavored lube could cause some irritation. Plus, you don’t have tastebuds in there (thank god).

Instead, use a lube for anal sex like Sliquid Sassy

👉 Masturbation: You technically could use flavored lube to masturbate as long as you use it externally. But there’s not really any point.

You’re better off using a masturbation lube like Gun Oil Stroke 29 (for penis havers) or Pink Natural (for vulva havers). 

👉 As a cooking ingredient: The flavored sex lubricants on this list taste awesome. And yes, you can consume them safely.

But please don’t serve your guests an amuse bouche of blueberry sex lube. They probably won’t come for dinner again.

Can You Use Flavored Lube with Condoms? 

Yes, you can use flavored lube with condoms. All of the flavored sex lubes we recommend in this article are water-based, which means you can use them with all types of condoms.

One of the best times to use flavored lube is when giving oral sex with a condom or dental dam. Condoms don’t taste great, but flavored lube can transform that rubbery latex flavor into a kinky treat.

Want to take your erotic gastronomical adventures to a new level? Use flavored lube with a flavored condom when having oral sex.

Condoms come in dozens of flavors (find the best-tasting flavored condoms here), and you can combine them with flavored lube to create culinary combinations that would make Gordon Ramsey proud.

A chocolate condom with banana-flavored lube? Yep, it’s on the menu. How about a strawberry condom and whipped cream lube? Don’t lie; your tastebuds are tingling. 

Dental dams come in a variety of flavors, too —culinary masterpieces aren’t just for penises!

How Many Calories Are in Flavored Lube?

There are nearly zero calories in sugar-free lube (like the ones featured in this flavored lube guide). If you buy lube made with sugar (which you shouldn’t do), there might be a few hundred calories in a bottle.

But it’s hard to say for sure. Sex lube is not a food product, so the manufacturer doesn’t need to list any nutritional facts on the label.

Still, most lube manufacturers will tell you if their product is calorie-free, sugar-free, or low-calorie. 

While flavored lube is safe to consume, remember that it’s not meant to be eaten, so you should avoid gulping it down.

Consuming small amounts during oral sex is no problem at all, and it won’t interfere with your daily calorie count. 

Where to Buy the Tastiest (and Safest) Flavored Lube

This is important: Some flavored sex lube products contain ingredients that might be harmful, staining, or just plain uncomfortable.

But this isn’t a reason not to use it. Plenty of reputable brands like Durex, Pjur, and Sliquid make fantastic and safe flavored lubes. You’ve just got to know where to shop to find the good ones and avoid the sketchy ones. 

The best place to buy your flavored sex lube is Condomania.

Condomania is America’s first condom shop (opened in 1991 in NYC), and it’s been dedicated to helping you have safe sex with trustworthy condoms, lube, and sex toys for over 30 years.

Condomania has a collection of flavored sex lubes to satisfy all tastes—including fruity flavors like strawberry pomegranate, creamy ones like frosted cupcake, baked treats like blueberry muffin, and some unexpected ones like piña colada.

You’re guaranteed to find a flavored lube that makes your mouth water.

When you buy flavored sex lubricant online at Condomania, you also get FREE shipping on orders over $45, FREE discreet billing and packaging, and FREE sexy surprises with your order.

How sweet is that? Shop flavored lube at Condomania here and elevate your next oral experience.

Sex and Snacks? Sign Me Up!

Who doesn't love combining two great pleasures in life: sex and snacks? When you bring delicious flavors into the bedroom, you don’t just get a little sweet treat between the sheets.

You also get the opportunity to introduce an entirely new sensory experience into your sex play.

Sex is about touching one another, seeing your partner’s body, and sometimes hearing the smooth sounds of Marvin Gaye.

When you introduce taste into the mix with flavored lube, you unlock a new level of pleasure.

So, next time you feel like a midnight snack, don’t get out of bed! Grab the flavored sex lube and show your partner just how hungry you are. 

Want to learn more about sex lube? You can find more flavors, safety tips, lube varieties, and more in our Ultimate Guide to Sexual Lubricant!

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