Gift Guide: 17 Top Sex Toys for Men

Gift Guide: 17 Top Sex Toys for Men

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Looking for a gift for a special guy in your life? Sex toys for men are the gift that keeps on giving.

Here’s a little secret: Guys love sex. And they love masturbating.

Ok, maybe that’s not much of a secret 😅.

But what many guys don’t know is that their sex lives and solo time can be significantly improved with a sex toy.

For example, cock rings make guys last longer and feel more pleasure during sex.

And masturbation sleeves introduce a new world of sensation to their alone time—from cushy materials to gyrating beads to vibration and warmth. It’s way better than five fingers and some vaseline.

Sex toys for men can open the door to new kinks, better sex, and more intimacy. But most importantly, they make guys happy.

Well, as long as you choose the right one! We’ve compiled a shopping guide below of some of the best-selling and best-reviewed sex toys for men. Choose one of these, and your guy will thank you loads!

The 17 Best Sex Toy Gifts for Men

We’ve got 17 vibrating, pulsating, pleasure-giving sex toy gifts for the guy in your life. To make shopping a bit easier, we’ve separated the list into the following sections:

Masturbation Toys

These toys are made for self-pleasure. But couples can have fun with them too! Don’t forget to add some lube to your gift. These toys require lube to get the job done.

TENGA Spinner Penis Stroker | 'Shell' 03

TENGA Spinner Penis Stroker | 'Shell' 03

$25.99 $34.99

Tenga Spinner "Shell" Reuseable Spiral-Motion Male Masturbator If you're looking for your new best friend, look no further than the Tenga Spinner "Shell" Male Masturbator. The inside of the Shell Masturbator is uniquely fitted with tanned tiles and firm edges for a unique masturbation experience. Amazing… Read More

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The Tenga Spinner is a classic reusable masturbation sleeve is a great starter gift for a man who hasn’t had the pleasure of using a masturbation toy before. It’s really easy to use—just add some lube and start stroking.

The inner chamber spins as you pump, adding rotating stimulation to the up-and-down motion. It feels divine, it’s affordable, and it’s one of the most popular picks at Condomania!

VeDO Hummer 2.0 Rechargeable Vibrating Masturbation Sleeve - Black Pearl

VeDO Hummer 2.0 Rechargeable Vibrating Masturbation Sleeve - Black Pearl

$69.99 $79.99

HUMMER MAX stimulation vibrating sleeve increases the overall experience when using the HUMMER 1.0 or HUMMER 2.0 This uniquely designed, vibrating stroker that has an inner hair-like texture and is 6.5 inches deep, can be used with or without the HUMMER… Read More

Sold out

The VeDO Hummer is a step up from simpler masturbation sleeves like the Tenga Spinner. This battery-powered masturbation sleeve adds vibration to the experience for more intense sensations and powerful orgasms.

It’s rechargeable via USB and compatible with the Hummer 2.0 machine that enables hands-free pleasure.

The Maia Piper is a penis vibrator and masturbator with 15 different functions, allowing him to have a totally unique experience every time he’s in the mood for some solo fun.

The rechargeable device has suction, vibrating, and warming modes with multiple intensities at each setting. It recharges via USB, and it’s waterproof and warranty-protected.

TENGA Aero Silver Ring Air-Pulse Masturbation Sleeve

TENGA Aero Silver Ring Air-Pulse Masturbation Sleeve

$44.10 $49.00

Dial-in the personalized suction for the perfect experience with TENGA's innovative Aero. Innovative Aero Technology allows users to adjust the suction pressure and tightness in the Aero to customize sensations. There are 10 settings on the easy-to-use dial and a… Read More

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If your guy is familiar with sex toys and masturbation sleeves, this one will surprise him. The new Tenga Aero sleeve uses air pulses to simulate suction, tightness, pressure, and a lot more.

There are 10 different settings to choose from, and each is unique and exciting. The interior of the sleeve is removable and easily washable.

Toys for Couples

Some sex toys are made to improve sex with a partner. The following can quickly turn vanilla sex into an adventure he won’t soon forget.

Velv'Or Rooster Jason Adjustable Hard Silicone Cock Ring

Velv'Or Rooster Jason Adjustable Hard Silicone Cock Ring

$18.99 $22.99

Condomania's #1 Adjustable Cock Ring Are you ready to elevate your intimate experience to new heights? 🚀 The Velv'Or Jason Adjustable Cock Ring is here to make sure you're ready for anything! With five different diameter sizes to choose from, you'll be able… Read More

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An adjustable cock ring like the Velv’Or Rooster Jason is an essential sex toy for a man. He can put it above the balls or below. He can use it during sex or masturbation. And it’s easy to adjust based on his size and comfort level.

It makes sex more pleasurable for both partners and it makes his orgasms much more powerful. Every guy should have a cock ring!

LELO Tor 2 Vibrating Waterproof Cock Ring for Couples - Dark Green

LELO Tor 2 Vibrating Waterproof Cock Ring for Couples - Dark Green


Lelo Tor 2 Vibrating Cock Ring Silicone Material (use water-based lube) Dynamic design comfortably fits penises of all sizes 100% waterproof 6 stimulation modes For connoisseurs of sex, TOR™ 2 is the most sophisticated vibrating couples’ ring in the world, offering… Read More

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Level up to a better cock ring with the LELO Tor 2. This vibrating ring adds divine vibrations up and down his shaft, and it stimulates her clit as he grinds during PiV sex.

This cock ring is a bit pricey, but it’s super comfortable, waterproof, and rechargeable. It’s a classy gift he’ll be sure to make a standard part of his sex life.

Fun Factory 'Be One' Rechargeable Waterproof Finger Vibrator for Couples

Fun Factory 'Be One' Rechargeable Waterproof Finger Vibrator for Couples


Be One Finger Vibrator for Couples The Be One delivers effortless vibration with every touch. It has two strong motors that bounce vibration off each other, heightening the couple's every caress. Choose from four speeds and one "randomized" setting that changes every… Read More

Sold out

This exploratory finger vibrator makes foreplay better than the finish. Use the finger vibrator to explore erogenous zones on each other’s bodies.

Then, add extra vibration to hand stuff—it’s equally as effective for him and for her. As a vibrator, it can also be used for masturbation for penis and vulva-havers. It’s washable and rechargeable, too.

Pillo by Dame Firm Wedge Sex Pillow with Removable Cover

Pillo by Dame Firm Wedge Sex Pillow with Removable Cover


Sex Pillow Wedge with Removable Cover Pillo is a soft-yet-firm wedge that supports one in a variety of sex positions, allowing you to find all the perfect angles. This stylish pillow easily blends into the bedroom or office by day and helps you reach… Read More

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It’s amazing how much a wedge pillow can change your sex life.

It’s not just about new sex positions either. Simply changing the position of his hips and groin can create new sensations and different intensities than what he’s used to.

There are hundreds of ways couples can use the Dame Pillo sex pillow to rejuvenate their bedroom activities.

Prostate Massagers and Anal Toys

The back door is a major pleasure center for men. Give him the gift of a prostate massage (waves of continuous orgasms) and he’ll never need to write to Santa again.

VeDO 'Quaker' Anal Vibrator and Prostate Massager

VeDO 'Quaker' Anal Vibrator and Prostate Massager


The Vedo Quaker Anal Vibe will make you shake with pleasure. The gently curved tip and graduated beads of this vibe are ideal for easing your way into solo or couple's anal play. The long bulbous shaft and silky smooth… Read More

Sold out

If he’s into anal play (or just interested in trying it out) the Quaker is a versatile toy that can be used as a vibrator, a butt plug, anal beads, and a prostate massager.

He can start slow with the small beads at the top and work his way to a big finish. This toy has 12 vibration intensities, and it’s also fun to use as a couple.

Le Wand Stainless Hoop Metal G-Spot and Prostate Massager

Le Wand Stainless Hoop Metal G-Spot and Prostate Massager


Le Wand Stainless Hoop Lay back and relish in the depths of pleasure by yourself or with your partner with the Le Wand Hoop. The perfect curvature and ample reach of this stainless steel wand will leave you in awe… Read More

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Prostate massage toys need to have the right curve to hit the P-spot at just the right angle. The Le Wand Hoop has the perfect curvature to accomplish that mission, and he won’t have to contort his arm or shoulder in the process.

The stainless steel massager is a work of art—super durable and beautifully made. But most importantly, it delivers mind-numbing prostate O’s with little effort.

LELO Bruno Vibrating Anal Prostate Massager

LELO Bruno Vibrating Anal Prostate Massager


With two powerful motors, one in the curved tip for accurate prostate stimulation and a second in the base for dual pleasure, the luxurious BRUNO™ is a prostate massager that packs 6 intense vibration patterns into an expertly crafted body… Read More

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The LELO Bruno is an instant prostate orgasm that fits in your hand. Just turn on the vibrations and insert, and it does all the work.

The extra-soft silicone makes for a comfy experience even for those who haven’t done a lot of butt stuff, and there’s no thrusting or movement necessary.

Whether your guy loves prostate O’s or has never had one, the Bruno will not disappoint.

High Tech Toys

Technology has opened up new realms of pleasure for men. These toys allow him to customize his pleasure with various settings, speeds, and intensities.

Others allow him to enjoy some hands-free stimulation via remote control. These toys are more expensive but represent the pinnacle of ease and pleasure.

Fun Factory Manta Rechargeable Vibrating Male Stroker for Men - Black

Fun Factory Manta Rechargeable Vibrating Male Stroker for Men - Black


The Fun Factory Manta: A penis toy for solo and couple play. Wowzer! You've never seen anything like this... Turn your penis into a vibrator with Manta Fits around the shaft for stroking or focused sensation Upgrade your BJ with a vibrating… Read More

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The Fun Factory Manta is the Rolls-Royce of masturbation strokers. He can use it instead of his hand to stroke the shaft all while pressing buttons to add a number of sensations.

The super-soft material hugs him as warm, vibrating sensations mimic the feeling of a deep-throat BJ with incredible accuracy (just don’t forget the lube!). This is the only masturbator he’ll need.

LELO F1S V2X App-Controlled Penis Masturbation Sleeve - Blue

LELO F1S V2X App-Controlled Penis Masturbation Sleeve - Blue


F1S V2 is the next generation of the ultimate pleasure toy, a penis sleeve created for the thrill-seekers who want to explore optimal satisfaction. F1S V2 has double the strength, four uniquely designed program variations, and a softer, more flexible… Read More

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One of the most advanced sex toys ever made, the LELO F1S V2X is an app-controlled masturbation sleeve straight from the future. All he has to do is put it on and its sensors will detect his manhood.

From there, it delivers a rollercoaster of stroking, sucking, gyrating, and warming sensations—all 100% hands-free. He can use the app to adjust the sensations and program the perfect O.

LELO Hugo Premium Vibrating Prostate Massager - Black

LELO Hugo Premium Vibrating Prostate Massager - Black


Hugo is a remote-controlled prostate massager that represents an entirely new way to think of men’s pleasure, whether it is part of coupled or solo play. With the potential to increase the size and intensity of the male climax by… Read More

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The LELO Hugo is a premium version of the LELO Bruno in the section above. For prostate massage, it doesn’t get any better or any easier than this.

It’s got the same easy-to-insert and comfy design as well as the prostate-teasing vibrations of the Bruno. But Hugo comes with remote control, making it easier for him to customize his pleasure and build up to an explosive finish.

Fetish Toys

Does your guy have a particular turn-on? Or maybe he wants to expand his sexual horizons? These toys will do the trick.

Fetish Fantasy Series Spinning Fantasy Swing - Black

Fetish Fantasy Series Spinning Fantasy  Swing - Black

$195.99 $230.00

Difficult sexual positions are no longer exclusive to the athletic and sexually gifted...Now any couple can perform the most difficult most stimulating sexual positions ever imagined - and reap the benefits and pleasures they arouse. Enjoy weightless sex in unlimited… Read More

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Using a sex swing is every guy’s fantasy. But a quality sex swing needs to be sturdy, comfortable, and easy to use. That’s why we recommend the swing by Fetish Fantasy Series Sex Swing.

It rotates 360˚ and easily moves up or down thanks to durable metal carabiners and springs. He can find the right angle for any position regardless of his size or height.

The nylon straps are also comfortable and supportive.

Is a Sex Toy a Good Gift for a Man?

Yes, sex toys make awesome gifts for men! About 1 in 5 men shop for sex toys, and about 50% have used one before. Male sex toys might not be common-knowledge like vibrators and dildos for women, but the truth is that men love sex toys too!

It’s not hard to see why. Sex toys for men are designed to imitate all types of sex, from oral to anal to vaginal. Even basic sex toys are far preferable to using your hand.

If you’re comfortable with a guy friend or sexually active someone who’s into using toys, getting them a masturbator or a couples sex toy as a gift will get you big-time brownie points. No gift is as useful or as pleasurable.

How Do You Go About Gifting a Sex Toy to a Man?

You shouldn’t give a sex toy to just any guy in your life. Including cock rings with your Christmas card this year may not inspire a lot of holiday cheer from friends and family.

Here are a few general rules about giving sex toys to men:

  • Give sex toys to men you’re sexually open with or sexually active with
  • Lay the groundwork by talking about it before you buy
  • Consider his pleasure first
  • Give him the gift when you’re alone or in a place where he feels comfortable

If you’ve got more questions on how to give a sex toy as a gift, you’re in luck. We do a deep-dive on how to give the perfect sex toy gift here. You’ll also find even more sex toy gift recommendations from our experts.

Where is the Best Place to Shop for Male Sex Toys?

There’s only one place to buy sex toys for men online, and that’s Condomania.

Condomania is the first-ever condom retailer in the USA (est. 1991 in New York City), and we’ve been at the forefront of safe and kinky sex toys ever since. Condomania has the largest curated selection of male sex toys on the internet. But it’s not just our unrivaled selection that makes us the best.

Here are a few reasons why America has chosen Condomania as their sex toy retailer for over 30 years:

👉 The Only Curated Selection: Condomania vets every product on our shelves for safety and quality. We only work with top trusted brands, so you never have to worry about cheap knock-offs and gag gifts like those at most adult stores.

👉 The Best Prices: Condomania has been working with sex toy and condom suppliers for decades. That’s how we’re able to offer rock-bottom prices and special offers on hundreds of products. We even give away free condoms!

👉 Safety First: Every sex toy at Condomania is medically tested for your safety. There are no exceptions. If we don’t trust that it’s 100% safe, we won’t sell it. We also include relevant safety info on every product page.

👉 Ready to buy a sex toy for the special guy in your life? Get started now at Condomania.

If you need a bit more info on the ins and outs of sex toys for men (what’s going on inside those masturbation sleeves, anyway?) find out more in our ultimate guide to sex toys for men.

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