Durex Air Transparent Condoms

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Durex Air Condoms

Durex Air is the superhero of condoms. These condoms are lighter than air, stronger than steel, and invisible to the eye. You’ll feel so much of your partner that if you aren’t careful, you’ll finish faster than a speeding bullet 😉 . 


Durex Air Condom Overview


Condomanics LOVE Durex Air Condoms because...

One of the Thinnest Condoms Ever: At .045mm thick, Durex Air are up to 50% thinner than other condoms.

Looks like Nothing’s There: Durex Air are ultra-thin and transparent, so you can feel AND see everything….  

5x Tested for Ultimate protection: Durex Air are 5x tested for strength, guaranteeing maximum protection against STI transmission and pregnancy. 


Durex Air Condoms

Air are the thinnest condoms by Durex and some of the thinnest on the planet. If you’re looking to get close—like, REAL close—to your partner, then this is your next favorite condom. 

Ridiculously Thin 

The average condom is about .06 mm thick, and some condoms are up to .07 mm thick. That might not seem like much, but even a fraction of a millimeter can make a huge difference in sensation, especially on your most sensitive parts. Durex Air are just .045 mm thick—you won’t believe how much more you feel when wearing these condoms. 


Durex Air Thickness


Active Cloaking

You know you like to peek down there while you’re enjoying a romp between the sheets. And your partner does too! Durex Air are transparent, so you can see more of the action—as if there was no condom at all. See more… feel more—what more could you want?

Strong as Steel  

Durex Air might be thin, but they are still as strong as any other Durex condom. That means you get 98% protection against pregnancy and STIs for maximum confidence in bed. Durex is one of the world’s most trusted condom brands thanks to their 5x testing policy, which guarantees each condom has superhero strength. 

Durex Air Condoms FAQ:

What kind of lubrication does Durex Air have?
Durex Air are lubricated with a premium water-based lubricant. The lube is not spermicidal and is non-toxic.
Can I use Durex Air if I have a latex allergy? No, Durex Air are made from latex and are not safe for those with latex allergies.
Do Durex Air break easily?  No, Durex Air are 5x tested for strength and approved by the FDA for safe sex.
Do Durex Air protect against pregnancy and STDs/STIs? Yes, Durex Air are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy and STD/STI transmission.
Can I pay for Durex Air with my FSA or HSA? Yes. Durex Air are eligible for reimbursement with FSA, HSA, and HRA accounts.

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