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Feel Every Sensation with Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms

Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms are 20% thinner than standard latex condoms. Some men don’t like wearing condoms, but these offer increased sensitivity that makes them feel like you’re not wearing anything at all. Super thin natural rubber latex takes your excitement to its peak.


Heightened Pleasure

These Durex condoms are a popular choice for a reason!



The contoured shape and extra lubrication of these sensitive condoms allow for increased sensation for both of you. She will love the comfortable feel of the lubricated condom, which means longer sessions without stopping to grab the lube.


Reliable Protection

These natural rubber latex condoms undergo thorough electronic testing. Durex is the World’s #1 condom brand because they can be trusted to deliver a reliable product. These condoms help protect against pregnancy and STIs without sacrificing pleasure.   


How to use Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms

1. Take one condom from the box of Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms package. The condoms may be connected, so be sure to separate one condom along with the perforated edge.

2. Open the condom wrapper with your fingers by tearing it across the top. Never use your teeth or sharp objects to open a condom wrapper, or you could damage the condom. 

3. Position the rolled-up condom on the tip of the erect penis. Squeeze the tip of the condom and unroll it until it reaches the base of the penis. If the condom doesn’t unroll, it may be backward or defective. Throw the condom away and try a new one. 

4. Enjoy safe sex with Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms. Keep the condom on for the entire session until ejaculation occurs.

5. Remove the condom immediately after ejaculation (while the penis is still erect) by holding the condom at its base and sliding the penis out slowly. 

6. Throw it away. Wrap the condom in some tissue and dispose of it.  


Durex Extra Sensitive specs


Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms FAQ:

Do Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms break easily?  No, Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms are electronically tested to ensure they will not break easily.  
Can I use Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms if I have a latex allergy? No, do not use Durex Extra, Sensitive Condoms if you have a latex allergy.   
Do Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms have a reservoir tip?    Yes, Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms have a reservoir tip.   


Do Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms protect against pregnancy and STDs/STIs?   Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms help protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and infections when used correctly.  
Can I pay for Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms with my FSA or HSA? Yes. Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms are eligible for reimbursement with FSA, HSA, and HRA accounts.          

FAQ Durex Extra Sensitive
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
They are 👍

They are awesome, if not fairly decent for their usage. I could perform better with my gf more than ever did before and we stay right next door to each other, she tells me that there are easy to use in the moment and she is right about 99.9999.5% of the time.

Thin Enough!

The Durex Extra Sensitive ‘Thin’ condoms are strong enough to feel confident, and thin enough to feel almost everything else!

As close to not wearing a condom as you can get!

Fits great, very thin, great feel. Have been using these consistently now for the past 6 months.