Velv'Or Drake Dual-Ring Vibrating Cock Ring

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Unleash the Drake: Your Gateway to Pleasure!

Meet Drake, the maestro of pleasure, ready to transform your intimate moments into an electrifying symphony. This isn't your average cock ring; it's an experience waiting to be had.

Wear It Your Way: Drake is the rockstar of versatility. With its dual loops of soft silicone, this vibrating cock ring invites you to explore endless possibilities. Enring your whole package, slide it behind your scrotum, or embrace a combination that sets your desires on fire. The variations are as wild as your imagination.

Vibrations That Ignite: Embedded with a powerful vibrating bullet, Drake isn't just a ring; it's a celebration of pleasure. Feel the vibrations resonate at the base of your penis or dance behind your scrotum, sending waves of ecstasy through you and your partner. It's not just about support; it's about turning every moment into a symphony of pleasure.

A Symphony for Every Man: Whether you're a beginner, an intermediate enthusiast, or an advanced pleasure-seeker, Drake welcomes all. The stretchy, durable design ensures a snug fit for every size, supporting tense erections and transforming ordinary experiences into extraordinary adventures.

Safety First, Pleasure Always: At Velv'Or, we prioritize your pleasure and safety. Drake's soft platinum silicone and waterproof bullet guarantee comfort and durability. Listen to your body, explore your desires, and let Drake be your trusted companion on the journey to pleasure.

Why Condomaniacs Love Drake:

1. Endless Exploration: Condomaniacs adore Drake for its limitless possibilities. It's not just a ring; it's an invitation to explore, discover, and redefine pleasure according to individual desires. Drake is the key to unlocking a world of intimate exploration.

2. Vibrations of Ecstasy: Drake isn't just about support; it's about elevating pleasure to new heights. Condomaniacs love how the powerful vibrations intensify their intimate moments, turning each encounter into a crescendo of ecstasy.

3. One Ring, All Sizes: The one-size-fits-all design ensures that every Condomaniac, regardless of size or experience level, can enjoy the pleasures of Drake. It's a ring that adapts to you, making pleasure accessible to everyone.

Drake isn't just a ring; it's an experience crafted for those who seek pleasure without limits. Get ready to unleash the, and let the symphony of pleasure begin!


Safety First

VelvOr advises you to listen carefully to your body. How long a man can be enringed varies from person to person. The larger endowed you are the tighter DRAKE will enring you.

Drake's Key features

  • Amazing Vibrating
  • Pleasure for you AND your partner
  • Supports tense erections
  • A great ring for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users
  • Comfortable, stretchy, and durable
  • One size fits all
  • Waterproof Bullet
  • Batteries included



Silicone Bullet: ABS+PU coating

Ring Diameter: 0.98"

Bullet Measurements: 2.28" x 0.71"

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