How to Put On a Condom (Like a Boss)

How to Put On a Condom (Like a Boss)

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Think you know how to put on a condom?

There’s about a 50% chance that you’re doing it WRONG.

That’s right, you heard me. Studies have found that over HALF of men put condoms on the wrong way! Not only is that very unstylish, but it also increases your chances of pregnancy and getting an STI.

And ladies, you get some shade too. Despite female condoms having a 95% effectiveness rate, about 21% of women who use female condoms get pregnant every year.

That’s what happens when you don’t know how to wear a condom. Babies. So many babies.

To avoid a Niagara Falls-worth of babies cascading into your life, it’s worth taking a few seconds to learn how to put on a condom the right way.

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How to put on a condom

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How to put it on... the complete guide

Alright guys, let’s take this step by step. And ladies? You’ll want to know these steps too. Guys can get a little...excited when it comes time to suit up.

1. Check the Wrapper for the Expiration Date and Damage

Condoms are not invincible, and they don’t last forever. Before opening one up, make sure that it isn’t damaged or expired. An expired or damaged condom is not effective, so throw it away!

For example, that condom you’ve had in your wallet for the past 6 months is probably looking a little worse for wear. It may have been torn or punctured, which puts you at risk of baby. Check the edges for rips and feel the packaging to see if it’s no longer air-tight (it means the seal has been broken).

2. Rip that Bad Boy Open

Open your condom with your fingers along the serrated edge of the wrapper. This is the ONLY way you should open a condom. Don’t open it with your teeth and NEVER open it with a sharp object like scissors. You might puncture the condom, which is a great way to end up at Walmart in a year taking family photos with your newborn and that girl you met on Tinder.

3. Make Sure the Condom is Right-Side Up

It’s easy to put a condom on upside-down because it looks the same from both sides. But if you unroll it the wrong way, you’ve got to throw it away and start again.

Here’s the trick to putting it on the right way every time:

When the condom is right-side up, it looks like a hat. You can clearly see the rim of the unrolled condom and the reservoir tip poking upward.

4. Add a Dollop of Lube

Lube and condoms go together like David Bowie and Freddy Mercury in the 1981 hit song Under Pressure. Coincidentally, a lack of lube will have your johnson feeling the pressure too. Lube keeps the condom from bunching or drying up. It makes everything more comfortable and reduces the risk of breaks.

Put a little lube on the head of your penis before putting the condom on. Rolling the condom down will do the rest of the work. Make sure you get the right kind of lube for use with condoms. Water-based lube is the best and safest. Never use an oil-based lube with condoms, as it can cause them to break.

Need some lube? Stock up on water-based lube here.

5. Position the Condom and Pinch the Tip

Once you’ve applied lube, put the condom on the top of your penis like a little hat.

Pink the condom at the top

Make sure the reservoir tip is pointing up. That tip isn’t just for catching your man juice. It’s also how you control the fit and comfort of the condom as you’re rolling it on. Give the tip a pinch and hold on tight until the condom is fully unrolled. This will keep the top of the condom in place and ensure that the tip is roomy enough to do its job.

6. Roll it Down the Shaft

Pinching the tip of the condom, use your other hand to roll it down your shaft. Make sure you roll it down as far as it can go. It should roll down to where the shaft meets the balls. Oh, and by the way, you have to be fully erect to roll a condom on. Don’t do this step until you’re standing at attention.

Roll the condom down the shaft

Once the condom is on, take a look to make sure that it’s smooth and not bunched up. You should also give the tip a security tug to make sure there’s room for your head to breathe in there.

7. Lube up... Again

Add a generous amount of lube to the exterior of the condom and spread it from top to bottom. Condoms come with a bit of lube, but they can get dry and uncomfortable for your partner during sex. Adding lube can also be a sexy part of foreplay.

Try a warming lube or a flavored lube for a spicy twist.

8. Boom! Time to Sex

That’s it! You’re ready to do the deed. If you’ve put your condom on correctly, sex will be a lot more comfortable and pleasurable for you and your partner. But you should still keep an eye on the condom to make sure it stays on securely, and don’t forget to reapply lube regularly.

If your condom still doesn’t feel right, you may be wearing the wrong size.

Learn your condom size in 60 seconds and find a condom with the perfect fit here.

The Aftermath (Male Condom Edition)

Taking off a condom correctly post-sexing is just as important as putting it on. You don’t want that baby batter getting loose and finding a home in an unsuspecting orifice. Here’s how to take a condom off the right way.

1. Take the Condom off Immediately after Ejaculation

As soon as you splooge, your condom effectively becomes a bag of baby ingredients just waiting to leak. And it WILL leak if you’re not careful. You have less than a minute after ejaculating before your dong starts to dwindle. That will loosen the seal of the condom and unleash the floodgates.

The moment the curtain falls on your orgasm, take the condom off while kneeling or standing so the fluids don’t escape. If your partner wants more, go back in with your fingers or your mouth until you’re hard again. Then, get a NEW condom.

Never reuse an old condom. That’s super gross.

2. Dispose of Your Dude Fluid Correctly

Don’t slingshot your used condom across the room or plop it in the trash. Make sure that those fluids won’t leak by wrapping your condom in a tissue and putting it carefully in a covered trash container. Semen attracts bugs and bacteria. You don’t want it getting all over the place.

Oh, and don’t throw condoms into the toilet. They’ll plug your pipes, and you don’t want to have to explain that to your plumber.

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A Few More Tips for Your Tip

Condoms are very reliable during sex IF you put them on correctly. In fact, they are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy and STI transmission. However, there are a few mistakes you can make during sex that could lead to an infection or a condom break. Remember these condom tips to stay safe during the act.

  • Only wear one condom at a time

  • Keep an eye out for breaks during sex

  • Lube up regularly

  • Change condoms before switching from one type of sex (vaginal, anal, oral) to another

How to Put on an Internal (Female) Condom

Ladies, it’s a good idea to know how to put on a female condom even if you don’t use them often. The chances of pregnancy go up significantly when wearing a female condom incorrectly.

1. Check the Packaging

Take a good look at the package to make sure there are no tears or punctures. Check the expiration date too. Never use an expired or damaged condom.

2. Open it Up

Carefully tear the wrapper open with your fingers. Never use your teeth or a sharp edge like a knife or scissors. You might knick the condom, breaking the seal and inadvertently filling your home with diapers.

3. Add some Lube

Apply some lube to the outside of the condom. This will make it easier to insert.

4. Squeeze the Smaller Ring with Your Fingers

The internal condom has an open end and a closed end. On the closed end, there’s a small flexible ring that holds the condom in place against your cervix. To put it in place, you need to squeeze the edges of the ring together so that its opposite sides are touching. This will make it easier for the ring to travel down the vaginal canal on its way to the cervix.

5. Insert the Condom into the Vagina

Put a finger or two into the condom and push the smaller ring into the vagina until you hit the cervix. At this point, the ring should open again, creating a barrier against your cervix. To make it easier to insert the condom, put one leg up on a chair or stool.

Once the condom is in, it should feel comfortable. The inner ring should be deep inside the vagina and the outer ring (the opening of the condom) should be outside of your vagina.

If the condom feels uncomfortable, it may mean that the inner ring isn’t positioned correctly. In this case, you need to remove the condom and throw it away. Get a new one and try again.

6. Secure the Condom and You’re Ready to Go

Congrats! Your condom is in. Before getting to the good part, take a few steps or wiggle your butt a bit. Then, insert a finger into the condom again to make sure there are no twists. A twist can cause your partner to thrust the condom completely into your vagina, which is uncomfortable and unsafe against pregnancy and STIs.

When your partner is ready to penetrate, put a finger on the external ring to hold the condom in place as they enter. If entry is smooth, you’re good to go!

The Aftermath (Female Condom Edition)

It’s VERY important to remove a female condom correctly after your partner has ejaculated. Taking it out incorrectly could result in spillage directly at the source. Luckily, it’s easy if you know what you’re doing.

1. Don’t stand up!

If you stand up after your partner has ejaculated, you risk getting goo all over your pubic area, legs, and bedsheets. Nobody likes that, and it’s also a pregnancy risk. Lie down on your back to remove the condom.

If your partner came while you were on top, you should both roll to the side before they pull out. If they finish during doggy-style sex, roll onto your back carefully, or have your partner remove the condom for you.

2. Twist the External Ring and Remove the Condom

Give the exterior ring of the condom a few twists. This will seal those fluids inside the condom while you take it out. Now, pull the condom out of your vagina gently.

3. Dispose of the Condom Carefully

Wrap the condom in a paper towel or tissue and throw it in a covered trash bin. You don’t want stray sperm dripping on your carpet and attracting bugs. Never throw a condom into the toilet either. They’ll clog your pipes and result in a very uncomfortable conversation with your plumber.

Other Tips for Internal Condom Use

Female condoms are 95% effective against pregnancy and STI transmission IF you use them correctly. But mistakes can be made. Follow these tips to stay healthy and unpregnant.

  • Secure the larger ring during penetration

  • Use a separate internal condom for anal sex

  • If it’s uncomfortable, toss it and try again

  • Lube up before and after inserting the condom

Next Step: The Perfect Fit

There you have it. You now know how to put on a condom like a PRO.

Now that you know how to dress up down there, why not find some sweet duds to improve your game in bed? Yep, I’m talking about condoms. There are loads of different styles, sizes, and sensations to explore. If you’re using any old condom you find at the grocery store, you’re missing out on better sex.

Luckily, Condomania is here to help you find a condom that’s right for your body and your kinks.

Take our 60-second condom quiz to get personalized condom recommendations.

Or, browse the largest curated condom selection on the web right now.

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