Kimono Condoms: Everything You Need to Know

Kimono Condoms: Everything You Need to Know

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Kimono Condoms might be the best condoms you’ve never heard of.

These condoms hail from Japan, and while they’ve been popular in America for over 35 years, you’re not likely to find them on the shelf at your local pharmacy.

Why is that?

Because Kimono condoms are premium rubbers, baby. These aren’t the run-of-the-mill condoms you buy for $8 a pack.

Kimono condoms represent the best in quality, comfort, safety, and, most importantly, uber-thinness for a more sensational sexual experience.

Basically, Kimono Condoms are for people who know their condoms and want the very best.

The good news is they only cost a couple of bucks more than a standard box of condoms. And you get a much closer and more confident fit.

In our opinion, they are 100% worth the price.

At Condomania, we’ve been selling Kimono Condoms for over 30 years, and we’ve noticed that people who try a box of Kimonos almost always come back for more.

Recently, we sat down with the founder of Kimono Condoms to chat about how the brand has found so much success under the radar.

Below, we’ll summarize key details of the interview and tell you which Kimono condom to try now.

Kimono Condoms

Kimono Condoms: TLDR

In a rush? Here’s a bite-sized look at Kimono Condoms.

👉 Kimono is a brand of latex condoms.

👉 Kimono specializes in ultra-thin condoms that maximize sensation for both partners.

👉 Kimono Condoms are made in Japan and have been popular in America for over 35 years.

👉 Kimono Condoms undergo more intense safety testing than other major condom brands.

👉 Kimono Condoms are approved by the FDA to prevent pregnancy and STI transmission (98% effective)

👉 Kimono makes some of the best-reviewed condoms, with scores averaging 4.5/5 stars around the web.

👉 You won’t find Kimono Condoms at most stores. The best place to buy them is Condomania.

Top Kimono Condoms to Try Now

If you don’t need to hear all the juicy details about wrapping your log in a Kimono condom, snag one of our top picks below and enjoy a high-end sesh in the sack.

👉 The Original: Kimono MicroThin

Kimono MicroThin Condoms

Kimono MicroThin Condoms


Kimono MicroThin Condoms Kimono MicroThin condoms are in the ULTRA-thin category of condoms. They’re thinner than the thinnest Trojan condoms. They’re thinner than the thinnest Durex condoms. In fact, they’re just about the thinnest latex condoms you can buy.  … Read More

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👉 The Thinnest: Kimono MicroThin Plus Aqua Lube 

Kimono Microthin Plus Aqua Lube Condoms

Kimono Microthin Plus Aqua Lube Condoms


Kimono MicroThin Plus Aqua Lube Kimono MicroThin Plus Aqua Lube Condoms combine Kimono's popular MicroThin style with their water-based Aqua Lube lubricant. The resulting product is excellent for those looking for a more sensitive and natural condom.     The… Read More

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👉 For Bigger Guys: Kimono MicroThin XL

Kimono MicroThin XL Condoms

Kimono MicroThin XL Condoms


Kimono MicroThin Extra Large Condoms America's Thinnest LARGE Size Condom means you can enjoy more comfort without sacrificing safety. The Kimono MicroThin XL condom is sure to prove that Size and Sensation matter!     Condomaniacs LOVE Kimono MicroThin XL… Read More

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👉 For Sensational Sex: Kimono MicroThin Ribbed and Sensi-Dots

Kimono MicroThin Ribbed + Sensi-Dots Condoms

Kimono MicroThin Ribbed + Sensi-Dots Condoms


Kimono Textured Condoms (Ribbed & Studded) Kimono MicroThin Ribbed + Sensi-Dots Condoms combine a pleasing shape with ribs and studs, resulting in a more pleasurable experience for both partners.     Made with premium natural latex while also being paraben and… Read More

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Everything You Need to Know about Kimono Condoms

You’ve got questions about Kimono Condoms, so we went straight to the source for the answers. W

e recently chatted with the founder of Kimono about what goes into a Kimono condom and why they’re so popular. We also drew from our own personal experiences as Kimono condom fans.

Here’s everything you need to know about Kimono condoms...

What kind of condoms are Kimono Condoms?

Kimono condoms are latex condoms, but you’ll probably notice that they feel a bit different—and better than the standard Trojan or LifeStyles condoms you’re used to.

That’s because Kimono condoms are premium condoms. They’re made with proprietary natural latex that feels softer and more comfortable than other condoms.

Kimono is also able to produce a super comfy condom without the common condom ingredient, casein, which is an animal product.

That means Kimono condoms are vegan.

You can also expect long-lasting and silkier lube on Kimono condoms. That can make all the difference—especially to your partner—at the critical moment of penetration.

How many types of Kimono Condoms are there?

Kimono makes seven different ultra-thin condoms in a range of sizes and thinness options.

They also make a variety pack containing four different condoms so you can test the waters and find your favorite Kimono.

You can browse all of Kimono’s condoms and check out the variety pack here.

If you’ve never tried a Kimono condom before, we recommend starting with the Kimono Sheer Variety Pack. You'll get to try several different Kimono condoms without having to buy an individual pack of each.

Kimono Sheer Variety Pack Condoms

Kimono Sheer Variety Pack Condoms


Try 4 Different Kimono Condoms with the Sheer Variety Pack All of your Kimono Microthin's now come in the same box! The Kimono MicroThin Sheer Condom Variety Pack comes with four different Kimono MicroThin lubricated condoms! What you get in… Read More

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If you’re a bigger guy, start with the Kimono MicroThin XL. It’s got a wider base and head for guys packing a little extra heft. And it’s MUCH thinner than most other large-size condoms.

Kimono MicroThin XL Condoms

Kimono MicroThin XL Condoms


Kimono MicroThin Extra Large Condoms America's Thinnest LARGE Size Condom means you can enjoy more comfort without sacrificing safety. The Kimono MicroThin XL condom is sure to prove that Size and Sensation matter!     Condomaniacs LOVE Kimono MicroThin XL… Read More

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What’s the most popular Kimono Condom?

The best-selling Kimono condoms are Kimono MicroThin and Kimono MicroThin XL. These are Kimono’s flagship ultra-thin condoms in standard and large sizes.

They combine premium latex and lube with an ultra-thin condom barrier for a “barely there” feel.

Kimono MicroThin Plus Aqua Lube is also very popular. It’s Kimono’s thinnest condom and one of the thinnest condoms you can get from any condom brand.

If you’re looking for a truly close encounter with incredible strength and safety, try Kimono MicroThin Plus Aqua Lube.

What’s so special about Kimono Condoms?

The factor that sets Kimono Condoms apart from the other guys is that they are REALLY thin.

Kimono only makes ultra-thin condoms, so no matter which one you choose, you’re going to feel more of your partner—and they’ll feel more of you.

We’re talking more heat, moisture, and friction—you know, all the sensations that make sex feel good.

But how thin are Kimono condoms, really? After all, every condom brand claims they have the thinnest condoms.

In the case of Kimono, they really do make the thinnest latex condoms you can buy. Let’s take a look at how Kimono condoms compare to other popular thin condoms.

Condom Brand/Model Thickness
LifeStyles Ultra Thin 👉 .06mm
Durex Extra Sensitive 👉 .055mm
Trojan Ultra Thin 👉 .052mm

Pretty thin, right? Now let's see how Kimono measures up...

Condom Brand/Model Thickness
Kimono Microthin 👉 .045mm
Kimono Microthin Plus Aqua Lube 👉 .044mm

Now you know what Kimono means when they claim they are 20% thinner than the average THIN condom.

They don’t just offer a closer experience compared to normal condoms. They’re MUCH thinner than other thin condoms.

Kimono condoms deliver maximum sensation and safety at a pretty darn good price. Once you try one, you’ll realize why so many people have become Kimono loyalists over the past 35 years.

What are Kimono Condoms made of?

All Kimono condoms are made of natural latex. So, if you have a latex allergy, you’re out of luck (if you are allergic, we recommend you try a non-latex condom by Unique, as they are also ridiculously thin).

Just as important as what Kimono condoms are made of is what they AREN’T made of. Most latex condoms contain an animal product called casein.

This makes most condoms a no-go for vegans.

Kimono condoms are casein-free and vegan-friendly, freeing up vegans to enjoy an extra-close and cruelty-free plow.

Who should use Kimono Condoms?

Kimono condoms are a great choice for most people thanks to their comfort, safety, and ultra-thin design.

Here’s how to know if you’ll love a Kimono condom.

👉 You want to feel more sensation: Kimono condoms are really, really thin. That means you’ll feel more of your partner’s natural heat, friction, and moisture than you would in a standard condom.

👉 You’re a vegan: Kimono condoms are vegan-friendly, and they feel even better than standard condoms made with animal products.

👉 You’re looking for a premium experience: Let’s be clear; Kimonos are better than most other condoms. If you want more comfort, slicker lubrication, and a barely-there feel in your sex life, Kimono will be your new favorite condom.

👉 You are concerned about safety: Kimono condoms are tested 5 times for pressure and strength. That’s more than Trojan, which only tests three times. You can be confident in your Kimono.

Is there anyone who shouldn't use Kimono condoms?

Because all Kimono condoms are VERY thin, they are not ideal for guys who want to gain more control over when they bust. If you want to last longer in bed, a Kimono might not be right for you.

Instead, try a climax-control condom.

Kimono also doesn’t make smaller-size condoms. If you’re looking for a snugger-fitting condom that’s still crazy thin, try Unique Secure-Fit condoms.

Are Kimono Condoms safe?

Yes, Kimono condoms are safe. They are approved by the FDA for safe sex, meaning they provide maximum protection against STI transmission and pregnancy (98% effective).

In fact, Kimono condoms might be even safer than other condom brands.

These condoms are made in Japan, and the Japanese don’t f*ck around when it comes to quality.

Kimono Condoms-1

Kimono performs some of the most comprehensive safety testings of any condom brand. Kimono tests each condom batch 5x for strength and reliability.

That’s more comprehensive testing than Trojan performs.

When you’re using an extra-thin condom, it’s important to know that your dude juice isn’t going anywhere it isn’t supposed to.

You might barely feel the condom, but you can still feel confident that breaks and tears are extremely unlikely.

Are Kimono Condoms good?

YES. Kimono condoms are some of the best condoms in the world. They’ve been top-rated condoms in the US since the 1980s, and they enjoy a healthy following around the globe.

Kimono condoms are premium condoms made with BETTER materials for greater comfort and a THINNER barrier for a barely-there feel.

And they’re tested rigorously for safety, so you can feel extra confident every time you roll one on.

If you’re currently using a standard condom (like the ones you find at the grocery store or pharmacy), upgrading to a Kimono condom will be a game-changer, guaranteed. And not just for you.

Your partner will also be able to feel more of you with every thrust, enjoying more pleasure from your performance.

A thin condom, like Kimono, will leave your partner daydreaming about your dong at work.

And Kimonos only cost a couple of bucks more than regular condoms. For better sex, more confidence, and iron-clad safety, these condoms are worth the price.

What do Kimono Condom reviews say?

We love Kimono condoms, but you don’t have to take our word for it. We’ve only been reviewing condoms for like 30 years….

Kimono has racked up thousands of positive reviews around the web from satisfied customers, and it’s appeared in countless publications over the decades.

Kimono has even got a literary shout-out that no other condom brand can compete with. In the great John Irving’s novel, Until I Find You, the main character mentions that his favorite condom is a Kimono MicroThin!

If you haven’t read the book, that’s ok. We’ve got some non-fiction reviews from real customers below.

On Kimono MicroThin:

“I have preferred these condoms (as someone on the receiving end of penetration) for years. I feel like I can feel more of my partner.” -C.W.

On Kimono MicroThin XL:

“Kimono microthin XL were a great choice. They are much roomier than a standard fit condom. The Kimonos are thin, conduct heat, and very strong. I’m a fan!” -A.

On Kimono MicroThin Sheer Variety Pack:

“Me and my partner had a blast trying out the different styles this variety pack had to offer. And it wasn't kidding about it feeling like nothing was there. My partner was so turned on by the AQUA lube. Definitely buying more ASAP.” -D.S.

What was the first Kimono Condom?

The first Kimono condom was Kimono Thin, a form-fitting latex condom that was thinner than other condoms at the time. It hit the shelves in 1987.

Kimono Thin is still available today, but it’s not quite as popular as Kimono’s later innovations that took thinness to entirely new levels: Kimono MicroThin and Kimono MicroThin Plus Aqua Lube.

Where is the best place to buy Kimono Condoms?

If you want the freshest Kimono condoms direct from the source, you’ve got to go to Japan.

Just kidding.

But in all seriousness, Kimono condoms are not very easy to find. They are premium condoms, so they’re only carried by specific retailers. You won’t find these at your local convenience store.

The best place to buy Kimono condoms online is Condomania. Condomania is America’s first-ever condom shop (est. 1991 in NYC!).º

We’ve been selling Kimono condoms for over 30 years, and we’re proud to offer great prices on all of Kimono’s ridiculously thin, barely-there condoms.

By shopping for Kimono condoms at Condomania, you can save up to 28% off.

That means you can get Kimonos for about the same price as standard condoms. That’s what we call a no-brainer.

Kimono condoms are Japanese-engineered condoms that make sex better.

There’s no excuse to keep using those sh*tty rubbers from the corner store. Your dick is worth more than that.

Buy Kimono condoms from Condomania now and find out what you’ve been missing. Sayonara!

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