The Male G-Spot: A Beginner’s Guide

The Male G-Spot: A Beginner’s Guide

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The male orgasm is pretty straightforward. Just rub and tug a few times, and Old Faithful will deliver that good ol' fashioned feeling. Nothing more to it.

Or is there?

As it turns out, male bodies are capable of more than one type of orgasm. The most common type of O for guys (the kind you get by jerking off) is just a hint of the pleasure you can get from stimulating the hidden male G-spot.

If you've never experienced a g-spot orgasm before, we can describe it like this: A normal male orgasm is like vodka and soda—it makes you feel good, but it's nothing special.

A G-spot orgasm is like an 18-year scotch served neat. It knocks your socks off in the best of ways.

Don't go through life drinking vodka and sodas when there's an exquisite bottle of scotch just sitting on the shelf.

It's time to find your male G-spot, and we'll tell you how below.

But first, let's learn more about this mythical male erogenous zone.

What is the Male G-Spot?

Ok, it's confession time. Men don't actually have "G-spots".

The real name of the male G-spot is the P-spot. Stimulating the P-spot triggers a prostate orgasm.

The P-spot is sometimes called the male G-spot because prostate orgasms are incredibly intense and long-lasting—similar to G-spot orgasms experienced by women.

Most men have never experienced a prostate orgasm, even though it's considered the most potent type of orgasm they can have.

You can achieve a male G-spot orgasm by massaging your prostate (usually with a Prostate Massager), bringing about multiple and/or continuous orgasms, often without ejaculation. It's pretty incredible.

So why isn't every guy diddling his P-spot?

It's probably because the P-spot is hard to locate. Most guys don't even know it exists. Lucky for you, we're going to reveal its secret location.

Where is the Male G-Spot Located?

The male G-spot, which we will now call by its proper name, the P-spot, is located inside your butt. That explains why it's not something you would stumble upon on a rainy day.

You can find the prostate about 2-3 inches inside your butt on the front wall of your anus. It's a walnut-shaped bump that feels good when you rub it (we'll tell you how to do that in a minute).

Your prostate gland is responsible for pushing semen out when you ejaculate and for about 30% of your semen load.

By stimulating the prostate muscles in your anus, you can trigger intense waves of orgasmic pleasure right from the source.

Isn't Prostate Cancer Serious? Should I Be Messing with My Prostate?

Prostate cancer is very serious. In fact, it's the most common type of cancer in men. But prostate massage (a.k.a. P-spot stimulation) doesn't contribute to these problems. It can actually make you healthier.

Prostate massage is often used in medical procedures to reduce cancer-causing enlarged prostates and relieve other medical issues such as prostate inflammation, bladder problems, and erectile dysfunction.

So, sticking a finger up there isn't just a fun way to pass the time. It contributes to better sexual health and a properly functioning dick and testes.

What Does a Prostate Orgasm Feel Like?

If you've never had a prostate orgasm, it can be hard to imagine what it feels like. But it's like a regular orgasm except 10x stronger and way longer-lasting.

Unlike regular orgasms that are reached mainly by stimulation of the penis and culminate in ejaculation, P-spot orgasms are whole-body orgasms.

These orgasms may not result in ejaculation, enabling you to experience them repeatedly—entering a multi-orgasmic state.

With a P-spot orgasm, you will remain erect even after climaxing, so you'll be able to jerk off and ejaculate afterward—that is, if you're not too exhausted from the P-zone play.

But it's more likely that you'll be crumpled up in a blissfully relaxed sex coma.

Have Male G-spot Orgasms Easily with these Toys

If you want to skip the tutorial and go straight to P-spot paradise, these toys can help you do it. They are explicitly designed to hit your P-spot right on target. The Aneros Junior is the most common toy to start with. The Lelo Billy Vibrator is for when you're ready to take things to the next level!

They're also extra comfy and much more sanitary than your fingers. Just remember to apply lots of anal lube!

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How do You Achieve a P-spot Orgasm?

You're probably ready to toss up your legs and start exploring your P-spot cavern. But before you go spelunking into your butt, you need to do a bit of training. Follow these steps to safely have a P-spot orgasm.

On the Hole, You've got to Prepare

Having a P-spot O is not as easy as whipping out your D for a wank. Your dick is on the exterior of your body and doesn't require much cleanliness or care.

But anal play is internal, so you have to be very clean and gentle. You've also got to prepare for the possibility of poop. Here's how to prepare.

👉 Use the Bathroom

Basically, go poop. You should be fine if you've pooped recently and don't feel like you have to go. Poop isn't stored near the anal opening, so you won't get any chocolate surprises.

However, if you've had diarrhea recently, avoid anal play.

👉 Wash up

Sterilize your toys using a sex toy cleaner and wash your hands well (including under your nails). You should also wash your butt before getting started, so taking a shower is the best way to get spankin' clean. If you're super worried about creating a mess, use an anal douche.

👉 Put a towel down

Wherever you plan to masturbate, put a towel down just in case there's any unexpected poop, spooge, or lube drippage.

👉 Lube up

This is the most essential part. Your butt does not self-lubricate, so you need to lube up liberally. Add lube to your fingers or toys and to your anus.

We recommend an anal lube like Boy Butter Oil-Based Lube or Pjur Backdoor Silicone Anal Glide.

Boy Butter Original Lubricant with Coconut Oil

Boy Butter Original Lubricant with Coconut Oil

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👉 Non-Staining

👉 Comes in a tub

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Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Silicone Anal Glide

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👉 SUPER Long-Lasting

👉 Premium Silicone Formula

👉 Compatible with Condoms

Knock at the Backdoor, But don't Go Inside (Yet)

Now you're ready to start, but don't just jam your fingers or sex toy inside your butt. Your anus contains many muscles, some of which you don't have control over.

If you're not used to having something up there, they will automatically tense up to prevent entry. This can be painful if you go too fast.

So, take things slow. Start by massaging the anal opening without going inside. This will get you all loosey-goosey so you can get into the club without any trouble from the bouncer.

Lie back with your knees bent and start with what you know—stimulate your dick to get yourself hard.

When relaxed, slide your finger or toy slowly around the anal entrance. You can move in circular motions, back and forth, or side to side—whatever feels good.

At first, you'll probably feel your anal muscles tense up involuntarily quite a lot. That's ok. After a few minutes, they will become more relaxed.

At this point, you can start pressing into the anus. If you tense up again, pull back and try again once your muscles relax. Continue doing this until your butt lets you inside.

P-Spot Pro Tip: If you're using your fingers, use a finger condom before penetrating your butt. This will protect your insides from bacteria under your nails and add extra lube to make penetration easier.

Begin the Descent

Insert your finger or a toy and slowly move about 2-3 inches inside your butt. You don't need to go all the way at once.

You can remove your finger/toy and insert it again to loosen up further. This should feel good, so just have fun with it. No need to rush!

Once you're comfortably inside, gently rub the front wall of your anus and search for a walnut-sized lump. This is your prostate gland (your P-spot). It should feel somewhat sensitive to the touch.

After locating it, apply a bit of pressure and rub it slowly, making a "come here" motion with your fingers. If you're using a prostate massager, it will already be curved in such a way as to stimulate your P-spot.

As a bonus, you can stroke around your penis, balls, and perineum for more comprehensive pleasure. But don't worry about that during your first few tries.

Continue exploring and enjoying the sensations. If you feel on the verge of orgasm, rub your prostate harder and faster, and let the waves of pleasure begin!

Post-P-spot Care

After you've melted into a puddle of P-spot bliss, give yourself some time to relax and recover. But don't forget that you've just been playing with your butt, and some residual bacteria might be around.

First thing's first: wash up. Immediately wash your hands, your butt, and your sex toy. Toss dirty linens in the wash and put away your lube and toys.

Now, kick back and relax for a bit. Enjoy the calming effect of a powerful P-spot orgasm!

I Couldn't Achieve a P-spot Orgasm 😭

If you didn't manage to have an orgasm—or to even get inside your butt—the first time you tried, don't worry! It's totally normal. It might take three, five, or twenty to have your first prostate orgasm. It's different for every guy.

When it comes to the male G-spot, practice makes perfect. When you normally masturbate, incorporate 10-15 minutes of anal play.

Eventually, your butt will get used to the stimulation, and you'll find it much easier to get inside. The more you practice, the better you'll get.

Soon, you'll be able to have powerful prostate orgasms whenever the moment strikes you.

If you can't manage to have a P-spot O, you might consider asking a partner to help. Prostate play isn't just for masturbation. It can be a lot of fun to do with a partner too.

What's Next?

If you're into prostate play and stimulating the male G-spot, that's just the beginning of the pleasure you can experience around your back door. Simultaneous P-spot and penis stimulation is a next-level pleasure.

There are also a bunch of male erogenous zones around the butt and perineum.

Here, you can learn about some of them in our guide to anal sex and masturbation. Or, explore the vast array of anal toys that can stimulate the P-spot and beyond.

If you want to focus on your dick more than your butt, you can level up your solo game with a sex toy for men.

Hundreds of sex toys for guys bring dozens of new sensations to masturbation.

From ultra-soft strokers to penis vibrators to remote-controlled blowjob machines, there are enough sex toys to deliver a fresh feeling every day of the week.

We cover all of our favorites in this handy sex toy guide for men.

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